Toulouse Oliver spreads election lies with so-called ‘Rumor vs. Reality’ site

On Tuesday, it was reported that far-left Democrat Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver was launching a new so-called “Rumor vs. Reality” page on the official Secretary of State website claiming to debunk falsehoods regarding elections.

Toulouse Oliver erroneously tries to falsely claim that the Dinesh D’Souza film, 2000 Mules, incorrectly describes ballot trafficking across the country. She claims, “The movie uses flawed assumptions and faulty data to try to prove its point about the 2020 election.”

She uses the false talking point that the 2020 election, which the 2000 Mules movie and multiple other data sources have debunked, “was the ‘most secure in history.” 

The Democrat Secretary of State also claimed that New Mexico’s voter rolls are “clean and up-to-date,” which is also a false statement. Despite the audit of the 2020 election in Otero County proving that 40% of ballots cast in 2020 had anomalies, she claims she has faith in Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC). She claims the platform “uses information from motor vehicle departments, Social Security Administration records, and other databases to compare voters across all member states and securely shares this information with member states.”

ERIC was founded by the leftist Pew Charitable Trusts. 

Another false claim Toulouse Oliver makes is that vote tabulators are not connected to the internet, despite Otero County audit findings showing that is false. Toulouse Oliver claimed, “vote tabulators are prevented by law and process from being joined to a computer network or the Internet.”

Despite her claims, all three major vote tabulator manufacturers “have acknowledged they all put modems in some of their tabulators and scanners,” according to NBC News

Toulouse Oliver claimed that election results cannot be changed, citing so-called “safeguards,” such as risk-limiting audits that do not truly audit findings from an election. Also, since each individual absentee ballot, once separated from its enclosing envelope, is undetectable as a unique ballot tied to a specific voter. Therefore there is no way to claim with such certainty, as Toulouse Oliver does, that “safeguards” keep elections from being stolen.

There are other various claims the Secretary of State makes which are blatantly false. She appears to be using the official Secretary of State’s Office website for political gain by lying about 2000 Mules and other truths proving election fraud exists — especially in the state of New Mexico.

15 thoughts on “Toulouse Oliver spreads election lies with so-called ‘Rumor vs. Reality’ site”

    1. But if you don’t vote, your vote will be appropriated. That is one thing 2000 Mules uncovered: Democrat votes were cast for deceased and inactive voters. That is what “they” want. Don’t give it to them!

      You’ll “vote” one way or the other. At least take an active role in the process.

          1. Except for Dipso Rudy and Ditzy Sidney, all the President’s men (and one dubious woman) have blown out those claims out of the water — including numerous judges whom Trump himself appointed.

  1. Poor, poor Maggie. The cover up is worse than the crime and digging her heals in will only makes things worse for her. Hope she likes the color orange. And for the rest of you far leaning leftists who believe government is your friend, wake the hell up!

    1. It’s MTO’s enemies who are lying, then lying some more to cover up their own lies, because they want to steal elections they lost.

    2. Just wait till after Tuesday’s primary. If John Block wins, Piñon Post will proclaim it a fair election. If he loses, he’ll be declaring it was stolen. I.e., “Heads I win, tails you lose.”

  2. Congrats on the win. Please keep in touch with your articles and Pinon Post. Be well, stay strong and never give up. -iccos

  3. I personally KNOW that machines were connected to the internet as confirmed by the manager at the polling stating Alameda /Coors …. Machines need to go. 2000 Mules is correct… CISA finally put out some truths. Professor Clements thank you for fighting . If we do not get a new Governor I am moving , can’t live in communism and a state that murders babies and a state that does not have fair elections and sanctuary cities.

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