Toulouse Oliver claims ‘conspiracists and extremists’ are ‘coming for our elections’

On Tuesday, the final day to raise cash in the fundraising quarter, far-left Democrat Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver sent out a paranoid-sounding email claiming, “[c]onspiracy theorists are coming for our elections.”

“Extremists who believe the Big Lie that the 2020 election was rigged and stolen are not just posting on Facebook or ranting at the dinner table. They are running for office. And they are coming straight for the seats that control our elections,” claimed Toulouse Oliver, alluding to her Republican challenger Audrey Trujillo.

Trujillo believes in election integrity and securing New Mexico’s elections after widespread voter fraud has been proven in multiple states in 2020 — enough to swing the election in President Trump’s favor. According to analysis from the movie “2000 Mules” by Dinesh D’Souza, even by conservative estimates, illicit ballot trafficking alone contributed far more fraudulent votes than needed to overturn the election.

“It is my job to preserve the sanctity of each and every vote in New Mexico. And I take that job very seriously,” claimed Toulouse Oliver, despite her repeated attempts to weaken New Mexico’s election laws by killing protections to voter integrity. These include trying to push for policies allowing ballots to be counted even if they arrive the Friday following an election, widespread ballot harvesting, and “drop-boxes,” which are used to traffick contraband ballots.

“Let’s be clear, Big Lie believers are running for Secretary of State to disintegrate our democracy from within. It’s up to us to protect it,” the Secretary of State continued. 

“New Mexico continues to be a leader in pro-democracy practices — even while states across the country and our national democracy are being threatened by conspiracists and extremists who simply don’t like the results of our free and fair elections.”

Toulouse Oliver plainly ignores the fraud in New Mexico elections, which has been well-documented by the Piñon Post, and instead bashes anyone who disagrees with her assessment that her election system is “pro-democracy” or “free and fair” as “conspiracists and extremists.”

6 thoughts on “Toulouse Oliver claims ‘conspiracists and extremists’ are ‘coming for our elections’”

  1. The liars and people subverting the vote are the communists in office. Trying to pass laws to allow them to harvest ballots even after the election has passed is unconscionable and should certainly be illegal. The demo commies know that their only hope for remaining in power is voter fraud and intimidation. They have managed to make this state the poorest and most mismanaged state in the Union that’s why given fair elections, they would be tossed out of office and they know it. Election fraud has already been proven, where’s the commie proof that it didn’t happen except for name calling and denial?

  2. “widespread voter fraud has been proven in multiple states in 2020 — enough to swing the election in President Trump’s favor.” – this is a ridiculous lie. There has been no evidence, much less proof, of wide spread viewer fraud, and the few individual instances of voter fraud have been overwhelmingly republican.

    1. 2000 Mules
      Geo tracking. Same evidence used against Jan 6 trespassers who are BTW after 1 yr
      still locked up without charges
      I’d call that tyranny Soviet style

  3. 2000 Mules!! 2000Mules .com

    Zip it MAGS. We know, you know we know, and now the whole world knows!


    TICK TOCK Mags. There’s a reckoning coming.

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