Gabe Vasquez doubles down on shameless lie about Yvette Herrell

In another act of desperation, far-left Democrat U.S. Rep. Gabe Vasquez once again attacked Republican former Congresswoman Yvette Herrell, who is running to reclaim the seat she previously held. Vasquez is doubling down in a blatant lie about Herrell’s views on in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Vasquez wrote in the melodramatic X post last week, “Extremist Yvette Herrell is in lockstep with Alabama’s Supreme Court. Republicans are taking away women’s reproductive healthcare rights & now they’re taking away the opportunity for loving couples to start a family. This is shameful & Herrell’s voting record is clear. Enough.” 

Then in a recent fundraising email ironically titled “Hypocrites,” Vasquez’s team lied again, writing, “The Alabama Supreme Court just ruled on restricting access to in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. Gabe’s extremist opponent, Yvette Herrell, has a voting record that proves she would support measures just like this one and MORE at the national level.”

“MAGA Republicans know they’re completely out of touch with the American people. Not only did they push policy to ban IVF treatments, but they voted against policy that would’ve protected it. Now, national Republicans are scrambling to get their candidates to flip-flop,” he wrote — another total lie.

However, Congresswoman Herrell is not against IVF. National Republican Congressional Committee spokeswoman Delanie Bomar posted that “this is a blatant lie,” sharing an article from Axios that noted the former congresswoman’s position.

“Former Reps. Mayra Flores (R-Texas) and Yvette Herrell (R-N.M.), who are running for their old seats, said in statements to Axios that they support access to IVF,” read the article.

But despite the truth, which is so easily fact-checkable, Vasquez’s team continues to spew vicious and blatant lies. Vasquez is a supporter of abortion up-to-birth without exceptions — a true “extremist” and “radical” position for anyone, much less Vasquez, who is desperate to claim to be an “independent leader.”

Even more hilariously, Vasquez’s team wrote, “Just like her MAGA Republican counterparts, Yvette continues to parrot the national Republican playbook rather than actually campaigning on the priorities of the New Mexicans she’s supposedly running to represent. And Republicans continue to shamelessly try (and fail!) to reverse their extremist agenda.” 

In reality, Vasquez is clinging to the latest national Democrat talking points to attack Herrell in an attempt to hold onto his seat that he narrowly won in 2022 by the slimmest of margins. Herrell, a former state lawmaker and former U.S. House sub-committee chairwoman, is giving Vasquez a run for his money in one of the most hotly contested races of the 2024 election cycle. 


14 thoughts on “Gabe Vasquez doubles down on shameless lie about Yvette Herrell”

  1. I think Gabe should focus on fixing the southern border fence like a real man would and keep his opinion out of women’s issues.

    To be fair, Herrell needs to spend time North of Socorro. A lot more time….

  2. Marcello T Hinojosa

    Do you know Vasquez? Well if you don’t, understand he is a liar and fraud. Don’t believe anything this man says until you Fact Check Him.


  4. Screw you. What a joke being against women who actually want to have babies. He supports the killing of babies.Anyone who thinks that obviously doesn’t care about life.His parents should have aborted him. There is one Judge who condones killing innocent babies and that’s God and Jesus Christ.No matter what religion you are

  5. Vasquez is a communist that’s why he’s lying in his district we know what and who he is much worse than a liar. Like all far left delusional people he doesn’t mind lying or corruption. He and Most of his cohearts in NM are cartel bought and paid for

  6. Not a big fan of Yvette but will vote for her, I think she is a republican but not a MAGA nor a real conservative but sometimes you have to go with what you got. Gabe is a fraud, if you have to cover your face he is not who he thinks he is. I do believe he is a liar, I do not think Yvette is, Gabe is most likely a Marxist, Yvette is defiantly not. Please stand for Yvette, let your neighbors know she will do right by most conservatives, and she will learn to be more MAGA as she goes. If not we can voter her out on the next election.

  7. Yvette forms her opinions depending on the direction of the wind.
    Look at the two years she “served”. Nothing of any significance has her name on it and all she did was follow the Mccarthy marching band.
    And she’s MAGAt through and through. But, once again, that counts as a positive amongst the braintrust reading this …whatever it is.

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