Timeline revealed for Biden’s 2024 announcement

Joe Biden’s 2024 announcement for the presidency is expected as early as Tuesday, according to a report from the New York Times

“Biden is nearing a final decision to formally enter the 2024 presidential race as early as Tuesday, with a video to announce his run already in production, according to four people with knowledge of the plans,” the outlet wrote.

Biden said during his trip to Ireland last week that his announcement for the White House would come “relatively soon.”

However, Biden “has not yet given final approval to the announcement plan, according to one person with knowledge of the discussions,” the Times notes. 

At 80, Biden is the oldest person ever to occupy the White House, and if elected in 2024, he would finish that term at the age of 86. 

“Mr. Biden has already summoned donors to Washington next week, inviting those who have given at least $1 million to a two-day gathering starting on Friday. The event, which is not a fund-raiser, is intended to rally his army of bundlers and donors ahead of a 2024 campaign that is likely to top more than $1 billion, including super PAC spending,” the report concluded.

Biden faces two opponents so far in the Democrat primary, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the nephew of President John F. Kennedy, and author Marianne Williamson, who ran unsuccessfully in 2020 for the White House. 


2 thoughts on “Timeline revealed for Biden’s 2024 announcement”

  1. Biden will easily trounce Trump in 2024, given Trump’s declared plans for America.

    “Trump touts authoritarian vision for second term: ‘I am your justice’ / The former president is proposing deploying the military domestically, purging the federal workforce and building futuristic cities from scratch”:

    Mandatory stop-and-frisk. Deploying the military to fight street crime, break up gangs and deport immigrants. Purging the federal workforce and charging leakers.
    Former president Donald Trump has steadily begun outlining his vision for a second-term agenda, focusing on unfinished business from his time in the White House and an expansive vision for how he would wield federal power. In online videos and stump speeches, Trump is pledging to pick up where his first term left off and push even further. […]

    ‘Freedom Cities’
    The new cities proposal consists of a national contest to charter up to 10 D.C.-sized metropolises on undeveloped federal land. Administration officials discussed the concept toward the end of Trump’s term, but he did not campaign on it in 2020. […]

    ‘Patriotic education’
    Similarly, Trump has suggested a stronger federal role in education, a matter that conservatives have traditionally advocated keeping under local control. […]

    ‘Shatter the deep state’
    In another form of enforcing loyalty and suppressing dissent, Trump has proposed making it easier to fire federal workers […]

    ‘Military resources’
    Trump drew widespread criticism as president, especially during the demonstrations against the murder of George Floyd in 2020, for advocating harsh treatment of protesters, clearing peaceful demonstrators outside the White House, and deploying unmarked federal agents in Washington and Portland, Ore. Since leaving office, Trump has said he regrets not going even further to deploy military power domestically and wouldn’t hesitate to do so if he returns to the White House. […]

    1. Biden will be the first sitting US President to lose in a primary election.
      He will not face Trump in the general election.

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