National pro-abortion pundits fear Eunice, NM’s lawsuit ‘may very well work’

This week, the City of Eunice announced its lawsuit against New Mexico Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and Democrat state Attorney General Raúl Torrez regarding the city’s ordinance mandating the state follow the federal Comstock Law, which protects from the transport of “abortion pills” or “abortion-related paraphernalia.”

The Eunice lawsuit is necessary after Lujan Grisham signed H.B. 7 from the 2023 Legislative Session, which aims to outlaw local pro-life ordinances. The new court filing seeks to stop the law on grounds it violates federal provisions.

Immediately following the revelation of the eastern New Mexico city’s lawsuit, pro-abortion pundits began freaking out, attacking pro-life attorney Jonathan Mitchell, who is one of the attorneys assisting with the case.

Pro-abortion “journalist and activist” Andrea Grimes took particular exception to Mitchell’s involvement since he was one of the architects of Texas’ successful law that effectively outlawed abortion in the state before Roe v. Wade’s fall in 2022. 

Grimes, in a piece for MSNBC, wrote, “It’s precisely because of New Mexicans’ support for abortion rights that Mitchell has chosen the town of Eunice as the stage for his latest anti-abortion stunt,” referring to the pro-abortion laws in the state that allow abortions up to birth with no protections for women, babies, or medical providers.

The Eunice case comes as another similar one in Texas regarding access to abortion pills was just appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, and the court is set to act on it Friday. 

In a melodramatic rant, Grimes writes, “But Mitchell and his allies are not gunning for wins. They’re gunning for losses, because losing means getting Comstock’s abortion prohibitions in front of the GOP’s bought-and-paid-for anti-abortion Supreme Court majority — the ultimate goal of America’s right-wing lawyering confederacy.” 

“I use the term confederacy deliberately. Mitchell is engineering a sort of civil war via the court system that flips historic left-versus-right roles on “states’ rights” in the service of implementing a nationwide abortion ban.” 

She concludes, “Mitchell’s strategy allows the GOP to rely on courts to shore up their project of forced pregnancy, and it may very well work…. If he does not succeed in New Mexico, be assured he’ll find another venue in which to challenge the democratic rule of law. If there’s anywhere Jonathan Mitchell wants to be, it’s wherever he can do the most harm.” 

The pro-abortion side of the argument is clearly fearful of the lawsuit’s success, as it is not protected by New Mexico’s pro-abortion state laws but rather federal provisions that preempt any state actions taken. 


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    1. Well, the mandates, the experimental profit vaccines and being soft on crime do minorities kill each other didn’t bring up the death count, so they need something else. Get that population down to controllable numbers and use useful idiots to push the agenda…

  1. The more we & the Republican Party call it what it is, is MURDER the point will be driven home. We use one of their tactics. Their nonsense of calling it “Reproductive Healthcare” when it clearly is NO such thing.

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