New Mexico NPR station quitting Twitter amid Elon Musk spat

Last week, the government-subsidized left-wing “news” conglomerate NPR quit Twitter after it was labeled “Government-funded Media” by the social media platform. 

“NPR is stepping away from Twitter, and this includes this NPR Politics feed. Please read the thread to find other ways to find our work,” it wrote. 

“We are not putting our journalism on platforms that have demonstrated an interest in undermining our credibility and the public’s understanding of our editorial independence,” said NPR CEO John Lansing in a statement to staff.

NPR’s decision to leave Twitter includes its 52 associated feeds on the platform representing its various news desks and shows.

Twitter users were quick to point out how the publicly funded outlet has refused to cover newsworthy stories that would shed an unflattering light on Democrats, such as Hunter Biden’s laptop story, which NPR’s editorial board ignored.

At the time the story broke in 2020, the board wrote, “We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions.”

Now, the Albuquerque-based National Public Radio affiliate KUNM-FM said it would “cease sharing its work on Twitter due to both the label and decreased engagement in recent months,” according to one report.

“I’m very worried about the steps (Twitter) took around NPR and labeling of that. Apparently, there were talks with (Elon) Musk and he sort of said, ‘well, maybe I’ll switch it to this and it’s unclear.’ You can’t go around being branded with the same labels like they use for literally government-funded outlets… even the government-funded media is misleading,” KUNM’s news director Megan Kamerick told the New Mexico Political Report.

“Click-through rates have fallen over the last six months as have stand engagement such as likes, comments and retweets, Kamerick said. KRWG, the NPR/PBS station out of New Mexico State University in Las Cruces plans to remain on Twitter for now,” according to the report.

New Mexico PBS will also be continuing its presence on Twitter but is continuing “to monitor, and our stance/use may change accordingly.”

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10 thoughts on “New Mexico NPR station quitting Twitter amid Elon Musk spat”

  1. I am in southern NM, I am guessing KUNM-FM would not exist without tax dollars. Funding for NPR should be stopped. The are a mouth piece for the dems, the marxists, the NWO folks. I believe in the survival of the fittest. If they cannot live on their own let them die. Even Fox that is fighting itself to stay relevant is having issues because their bosses want to take the marxist side. Serfs of the world unite, fight against mouth pieces of the government. if needed donate to news organizations that tell the truth regardless of whose feelings get hurt. Long live the Pinion Post.

  2. Just quit taking government funds. Sucks a naturalized American, Elon Musk, needs to continue to point out the growing socialism in the US.

  3. NPR claims to not receive public funding. That’s a lie. They receive plenty of funding because the member stations, most of them at universities, receive funding from the government ear-marked for NPR.

    NPR might not be getting direct funding, but its indirect funding amounts to practically its entire budget. Musk is exactly right, as usual.

  4. The bias on display within radio shows like “all things considered” and ” democracy now” is insulting to any audience that is subjected to them. But everyone has to just kind of shrug and say “well they’re controlled and scripted, what can you do…”

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