Tim Keller’s ABQ: Four APD officers injured, one in ‘critical’ condition, during robbery

On Thursday, the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) confirmed during a briefing that four officers were injured during a robbery at the Dutch Bros near Mountain and Juan Tabo.

According to KRQE 13, “APD says one officer is in critical condition after taking a bullet to the chest above his vest. The second officer was shot in the arm and is currently in surgery. The third officer was shot in the center of his bulletproof vest. The fourth officer was injured with shrapnel/glass.” 

APD now has two possible offenders in custody, according to the Department, which wrote, “APD detectives have the second offender in custody. We do not believe there are other outstanding offenders at this point.” 

At around 10:30 a.m., Kennedy Middle School, Jackson Middle School, Chelwood Elementary School, Tomasita Elementary School, McCollum Elementary School, and Manzano High School were in a shelter in place. KRQE noted that at 12:27 p.m., the shelter in place was lifted.

KOB 4 reported, “APD will not be responding to non-emergency calls while the investigation is ongoing. Police have launched an evidence portal for any submissions the public may have.” 

During Mayor Tim Keller’s reign, Albuquerque has seen the largest increase in the number of annual homicides in history. His anti-police sentiments and policies appear to have contributed to the rampant crime in the city.

Keller also stood behind radicals in the City Council who passed a resolution aiming at taking away donated tools from the Military to help the Albuquerque Police Department. He also participated in the George Floyd protests in 2020, where he stood shoulder-to-shoulder with

He said, “Under our administration, APD has not received military-style equipment or weapons from this program. Their use is also out of step with our values around community safety. We fully support a formal end to Albuquerque’s participation.”

Following the shooting that injured the four officers, the Republican Party of New Mexico’s executive director Kim Skaggs wrote, “Our hearts go out to these officers and their families, and we hope they fully recover from their wounds.” She added, “We cannot tolerate this violence any longer. We need a conservative mayor who will crack down on this crisis and actually do something to stop this infestation. Democrat-led leaders at the local and state level have refused to take meaningful action or pass laws that punish criminals and keep them off our streets. The next mayor has to move Albuquerque into a new direction—one that protects police and our citizens.”

The officers injured by the shooter include James Eichel Jr., Sgt. Sean Kenny, Officer Harry Gunderson, and Officer Mario Verbeck. Verbeck remains in critical condition, while Kenney has been released from the hospital, according to reports.

Update from a press conference held at UNM Hospital:

The injuries of the officers were released as follows: 

One officer was shot at the base of the neck above his bulletproof vest, but was brought into the operating room and was stabilized. He is currently in critical condition.

The Second officer was shot in the chest but protected by a bullet proof vest.

Another officer was shot in forearm and brought to operating room. The officer is stabilized and in stable condition.

The fourth officer had a shrapnel injury to the eye in stable condition.

8 thoughts on “Tim Keller’s ABQ: Four APD officers injured, one in ‘critical’ condition, during robbery”

  1. NM is a Woke Joke

    The Republican party of New Mexico is a joke. They do nothing to help our people. The psycho evil Democrats would not be allowing this to happen without the support of the Rhino Republicans. It is time to rise up New Mexico. Our officers, are in danger becuase of the Dems radical policies. And SO ARE WE!. We the people need to rise up, it is time. NO masks mandates, NO more injured or killed officers, NO more democratic crap for New Mexico!

    1. Just heard the medical spokesman talk…he mentioned each policemen and their injuries…then jumped to covid news….political??

  2. I live about a mile northeast of the shooting and happened to work from home today. I heard the sirens and saw all of the helicopters and a small airplane flying over my house and around the area. I texted a friend wondering what was going on and was told at the time two cops shot and suspect on the loose.

    I went and grabbed my 1911 and kept it near me as I worked. That is the first time in my life that I ever did that. I even walked out gun in hand to patrol my yard to make sure there was nobody around. I knew this city was awful, but never thought I would need to keep a gun that close to me.

  3. Just watched KRQE “news” where they trotted out a Dr from UNMH who seemed to spin the attack on APD officers into generic “gun violence “.! Wringing his hands he pondered about solutions for that phenomena known to lefties as “ gun violence “. How about punishing criminals instead of coddling them , how about electing people who care about the public’s safety and support the brave police who risk their lives daily. Keller’s commie policies like all other demo-commie led cities have been a total disaster. Time for the public to wake up and work to elect people who care about humanity and the US constitution instead of politicians concerned with hurting the feelings of criminals.

  4. It’s time for Harvey two face keller to go. He’s responsible for this disaster today and for the 88 unsolved murders in Albuquerque for the year 2021. He has encouraged and promoted a criminal environment that came to the forefront with that disaster last year when he had the police officers stand down while he marched with Antifa.. Manny Gonzales is not an option either as he’s too damn dumb for the job. Eddy Aragon is running as the sole Republican without the support of that worthless rpnm and the incompetent Steve Pearce. Unless we can get him elected as the next mayor of Albuquerque, then it’s only going to get worse with either of those two democrap pendejos as Mayor.

  5. Do the police have enough portal bandwidth for all the crimes we are to help them with? Who can keep all the murders and atrocities straight these days? “The latest shooting”. Sorry, you’re going to have to be more specific.

  6. Democrats destroy everything that they touch. Keller’s biggest mission is banning reusable grocery bags every other month while crime rages.

  7. They will never blame the bad economic conditions they created as the reason crime is at all time highs. highest inflation and taxes in history.

    highest Taxes in State history! internet sales taxes. all implemented recently. on everything. And they still want to raise them more!
    literally taking thousands of extra dollars out of families budgets every year now.
    But they wanna hire even more gov workers. in a state already economically dominated by the gov. Why don’t we let the gov cover all the taxes in the state? There is less economic opportunities in the private sector because of this. They stifled our economic development for decades. Gov workers are also cowed politically and won’t speak up or get involved, another reason our state is getting steamrolled by bad politics.

    Over a year ago the state had a 1 BILLION DOALLR budget surplus, an EXTRA BILLION DOLLARS, and still raised our taxes to the highest levels in state history!! is this real? They could have distributed that money all residents in New Mexico and I guarantee you would be seeing the crime you’re seeing since…
    But they say your rights are what’s causing crime, not the piss poor economic conditions they created through high taxes, and piss poor economic policies and decisions.

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