Tim Keller’s Albuquerque breaks highest annual homicide record ever recorded

According to an August 8, 2021 report from the Albuquerque Journal, Democrat Mayor Tim Keller’s Albuquerque ​​“has had 81 suspected homicides – matching the highest annual total ever recorded in the city.” 

A City of Albuquerque crime report from August 9, 2021 shows that there was one more homicide investigation on that day, breaking the city’s annual record with an incident off of Yale Boulevard Southeast. 

That same report said that there were three homicides that occurred in the past seven days, with one case from late July being changed to “justifiable homicide.”

“If you just looked at national data, you would still see that murders in total, were higher in the early ’90s than they are now,” Paul Guerin, the director of the University of New Mexico’s Center for Applied Research and Analysis said. “What we’re seeing in Albuquerque is we’re actually seeing a higher number now than we saw in the ’90s.”

The trend in Tim Keller’s Albuquerque follows other Democrat-run cities. According to Charlie Kirk, Albuquerque saw an 81% increase in “murders” since 2020, Austin’s rose 96%, Houston’s 25%, Indianapolis’ 30%, Las Vegas’ 52%, Louisville’s 46%, Los Angeles County’s 82%, Oakland’s 58%, and Portland’s 327%.

The deadly trend in Democrat-run cities shows a troubling spike since the 1990’s, with the Journal report noting “The murder rate in 1996 – when the city had 100,000 fewer residents – was the highest ever recorded, at 16.64 per 100,000 people. In 2021, the rate is 14.41 per 100,000 people, but with 96 killings, or 15 more, Albuquerque would surpass the 1996 rate and reach a rate of 17 homicides per 100,000.” 

The homicide rate spike comes as Keller has embraced anti-police sentiments adopted by radical groups, including Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, which have advocated for “defunding the police.” 

Keller has supported these cries to defund law enforcement, with steps to cripple peace officers’ abilities to respond to calls. In June 2020, in the heat of the George Floyd riots, it was reported that Keller would be sending social workers instead of police to respond to certain 911 calls, calling it a “civilian public safety branch.”

Keller denounced police officers, claiming they were not “trained professionals” regarding cases involving child abuse and other issues, saying, “We should have trained professionals do this, instead of folks with a gun and a badge.”


Keller also stood behind radicals in the City Council who passed a resolution aiming at taking away donated tools from the Military to help the Albuquerque Police Department. 

He said, “Under our administration, APD has not received military-style equipment or weapons from this program. Their use is also out of step with our values around community safety. We fully support a formal end to Albuquerque’s participation.”

Councilor Lan Sena, who co-sponsored the resolution, claimed, “These equipments (sic) have been on the battlefields and they don’t belong on our streets.” However, Albuquerque now appears to look more and more like a warzone, as homicides and other violent crimes skyrocket.

3 thoughts on “Tim Keller’s Albuquerque breaks highest annual homicide record ever recorded”

  1. 🙄 Finally, an elected official who actually exceeds the standards that were set by his predecessors.
    Hey Mr. Mayor, you have your ass before the cart!

  2. Mayor Keller doesn’t just “embrace the sentiments” of the radical left, he gives them taxpayer money and city jobs.

    Thanks to ABQ voters (and all glory to God), we’ll finally have a conservative Republican on the ballot to push back against the radical leftists who’ve taken over City Hall…. but more signatures are needed to guarantee his ballot placement!

    Please go to saveabq.com to nominate Eddy Aragon, the ONLY Republican running for ABQ Mayor, or as he calls it, “City Manager.”

    As for Eddy’s other opponent, Sheriff Manny…..he’s just another Democrat, and as such, embraces the Democrat Party Platform, including socialism, race and class warfare, gun confiscation, and late-term abortion; Manny likes to say he’s a Democrat because its a family tradition, but “tradition” is no excuse for supporting evil policies.

    Manny can’t even do his OWN job: crime has not decreased since he’s been sheriff; why reward lukewarm performance, and bad Democrat policies, with the Keys to the City?

    Go to saveabq.com and put conservative Republican Eddy Aragon on the ballot for ABQ Mayor, before the deadline of 5pm today!

    1. I second your comments Ann. This criminal, Harvey 2-face Keller has to be voted out. If people want this crap to stop, then go to 1abq.com and write in Eddy Aragon for republican nominee for the mayor’s race. Otherwise we’ll be left with a choice between Harvey 2-face Keller and manny Gonzales…..

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