This is not the first time illegals were found hiding in NM middle school

Last week, Santa Teresa Middle School in Doña Ana County was placed on lockdown following the discovery of illegal immigrants hiding within its premises. Situated near the U.S. Southern border with Mexico, this incident is not an isolated occurrence, as migrants have been found hiding there previously.

“Being that those schools are so close to the border, the proximity of the border, these types of events happen weekly,” stated Refugio Socorro, a spokesperson with U.S. Border Patrol.

“A lot of people in that area that try to evade arrest from our apprehensions do have a criminal history or have immigration issues. So that’s the reason why they just take off running and go through locations they’re not even familiar with,” Socorro added.

According to reports from KOAT, migrants likely entered the U.S. border through “The Anarpa Gap,” an opening in the border wall approximately five miles from the school. Concerns about safety have been voiced by parents, with one mother expressing her worry for her child’s safety amidst such incidents.

“At first, I was scared with every notification from the school that they’re on lockdown. As a parent, you’re going to get worried,” she remarked.

Gadsden Independent School District (GISD) extended gratitude to the U.S. Border Patrol for their efforts in ensuring the safety of children. In a statement, GISD thanked both the U.S. Border Patrol agents and the officers of the Sunland Park Police Department for their prompt and professional response to the situation.

Meanwhile, recent developments elsewhere, such as a pair of murders in Michigan allegedly perpetrated by migrants, have sparked discussions about potential political ramifications. Strategic National CEO John Yob, known for accurate polling in 2016, suggests that these events may influence public opinion, possibly impacting future elections.


3 thoughts on “This is not the first time illegals were found hiding in NM middle school”

  1. I’m sure the “newcomers” will be given a phone, debit card, and a court date and then put on a bus to ABQ.

  2. Until we get rid of Sleepy Joe Biden, Moochie Loserjan, and any other believer of “Sanctuary State” nonsense, CLOSE the border and hold those people accountable for the destruction of America’s integrity we will see more ILLEGALS breaking laws and threatening our safety!

  3. Not only do illegals bring in drugs,crime AND human trafficking. They are having babies here claiming them as “American”. And that’s putting a strain on our housing,medical, and food supplies. Most Americans can’t even afford any of those needs meanwhile they come illegal, entitled attitudes and live off our backs!! Disgusting. They should all be deported. Americans first for f*cks sake! They disrespect OUR country and OUR people and I’m sick of it!!! No one even speaks a lick English anymore and they don’t even bother to try.

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