The ABQ bums have got to go — and I don’t mean the homeless

New Mexicans are compassionate people and were behind former Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry’s “A Better Way” initiative to address homelessness in the City of Albuquerque. The idea was that if the City provided the needs of the homeless, they would not be on the streets. Those elected officials did not understand what every business owner knows: your customers will increase when you provide what they need at a fair price. The Mayor and City Council Members did not end homelessness; they increased homelessness.

I assume Santa Fe Democrats did not pass a “Three Strikes and You’re Out” law because it was too harsh to those with two felonies. A few years ago, I gave a ride to an individual catching a train to VAMC treatment center in St. Louis. On the way, we stopped for his belongings (stashed behind a bush, he was homeless). I bought him breakfast and lunch to go. As we ate, I asked him where he was from and what brought him to New Mexico. He was from California and had two felonies and could not handle the stress of not getting a third felony. New Mexico is welcoming to those with multiple felonies.

Santa Fe Democrats Banned Qualified Immunity for our police two years ago. My buddy, Susan B, in Los Angels, related to me; her friend witnessed a person looting two stores and then proceeded to the city bus. She flagged down a police officer and pointed out the thief and the store he looted. The police officer responded that since she would not file charges, he would not arrest that individual who would most likely resist arrest and sue him. That is why APD arrives after the dust settles to take a report.

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Dollar General Store NW Albuquerque Photo by KQRE

I spoke with a retail clerk of a dollar-type store two years ago. She told me their new manager had ended the policy of allowing the neighborhood homeless people to shoplift. After implementing the new policy, homeless person or persons started a fire in the store. Essentially the homeless are running an old fashion protection racket. It reminds me of watching a shakedown racket on the “Sopranos.” And like in “Sopranos,” the police and politicians look the other way.

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Image and video from Natalie Wadas posted 07.03.2023 on the KQRE website and broadcast.

The Mayor and City Council have, until recently, been passively involved in the homeless shake-down racket. But now they provide the means for the homeless to take their shake-down rack across the city. People are observing the homeless waiting for the Albuquerque bus to return them safely to their neighborhood with their stolen goods—the video of four individuals stealing liquor and then calmly walking to the Albuquerque Bus Stop.

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Image and video from Natalie Wadas posted 07.03.2023 on the KQRE website and broadcast.

We hear the official responses so often that we can almost recite them from memory. This is scary for the business owners. It is frightening for the shoppers. This is unacceptable. We are currently investigating. We cannot comment because of the ongoing investigation. We are hopeful our new program will make a difference. Important crime victims to file a police report. We get the City of Albuquerque Public Relation spiel, “Acknowledged the feelings (it is scary), Tomorrow will be better (hope), Blame the victim (they don’t file a police report).

Individuals and businesses have given up on the Albuquerque Mayor and Council providing for our basic needs, Safety. Businesses and individuals are contracting with private armed security forces to ensure their and their customers’ safety and protect their belongings. Businesses have given up filing police reports because the police will not track down the perpetrators, and if the perpetrator is arrested, the district attorney will not prosecute. Now we have stopped reporting the loss to our insurance company.

I believe the reason for the increase in homicides is that the Mayor and Council have created an environment where law-abiding citizens and criminals have become desensitized, which leads to escalation. How? Violent crimes are reduced to lower charges, or no charges are filed. I have now heard of businesses not reporting armed robberies because they do not want to be shut down for being a criminal nuisance. Property crimes are not reported because businesses have given up. But in Murder, there is no hiding the body or the statistics.

Our Mayor, Council, and business leaders continue to believe that if we “Brag It, Not Bag It,” our city will have a bright future. Now, even London residents know.

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By Will Potter for Published 07.07.2023

How can we regain control of our neighborhoods? 1) What my good buddy did. A homeless person walked into the store he was in and told him, “You’re buying me lunch.” His response was no. The homeless person pointed to the young woman behind the cash register and said, “She will” The homeless man walked away when my Good Buddy told him, “Not while I am standing here.” 2) Throw the bums out and I don’t mean the homeless.

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13 thoughts on “The ABQ bums have got to go — and I don’t mean the homeless”

  1. Albuquerque & most of the state have no one to blame but themselves for mindlessly voting & revoting in these malevolent mental midgets from Wuhan-Grisham all the way down

  2. George Titsworth

    I went to Walgreens on San Pedro and Menaul in Albuquerque yesterday to pick up my wife’s prescription. First, I saw a grubby red headed heroin addict stuffing I’ve cream into his backpack from the cooler, then I saw an older man toss majeup into a bag and I asked the clerk if she saw them. She was elderly and said she didn’t see it. Then I saw a manager with anther employee and I told them and while I did, two Navajo dudes walked out with 12 packs of sodas and backpacks of stuff they stole. The manager yelled, “You gonna pay for that?” And the lady dude just looked at her and me and walked out. I followed them out and yelled for them to take that stuff back but they kept walking. I called 911 andvrported them and their description. In fact I followed them west on Menaul as they were walking. The 911 operator seemed disinterested and said she’d send police to the Walgreens to make sure the employees were safe but nothing about arresting those scumbags! I’m still mad at what I witnessed! This crap is out of hand! The cost of theft gets passed on to those of us who, as good citizens, pay for our goods. Put that scum in jail!

  3. I believe the dems are fully aware of the effects their policies are having on our communities and people who own businesses; their goal is to make it worse and worse. It fits with their Destroy America from Within agenda.
    Socialists want all policing powers granted to an all powerful central government. How to achieve this? Generate a problem, then provide the solution.
    1. Weaken local law enforcement – “defund the police” and remove legal protections.
    2. Allow crime to grow rampant and beyond out of control – look at big dem cities.
    — for socialists, the ends always justify the means; it doesn’t matter how many victims are left in the wake.
    Up next- claim local enforcement is in-effective and racist (that’s still their “go to” after all)
    Finally, they will call for a strong centralized, federalized police force — KGB style.
    The murder and enslavement of political dissenters will follow shortly thereafter.

    1. Agreed. Except you missed one. The massive amounts of money going into their pockets while they pretend to care and pretend to help.

  4. Agree with J. Solution: save what’s left of your sanity and tax dollars and move out of this corrupt state asap. It’s only going to get worse, especially when Hindlick steals the gubernatorial election. He will make Wujan-Lujan appear as St. Mother Teresa.

  5. I agree with J, this is an orchestrated plot, to have our once great America crumble into their greedy hands!

  6. There’s a town in Washington State where the mayor has a great policy. When a new vagrant/homeless/one-person crime wave appears, he gives them the option of 1) drug rehab or mental health care, or 2) jail, or 3) a bus ticket out of town. I understand it works quite well.

    The problem with NM is the infrastructure itself is corrupt. The results of the 2022 election make it pretty glaring. I don’t understand how people who are basically conservative keep voting for dems! Voting D “because they always have” is a poor excuse.

    There is a referendum in the works for six of the laws passed this year. Probably won’t do any good but it will make people aware just what those slimebags in Santa Fe vote for.

  7. Move out of the cities. Elect Sheriffs and hire police that will enforce the law. Then defend yourself and your business. The homeless and other crooks can be arrested, removed or imprisoned. Once Albq. gets so unlivable maybe they will do something. If not, let them live in chaos.

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