USA pulled out all the stops for the 1980 ‘Miracle;’ will NM Republicans do the same?

To the candidates

Thank you all for running for office. It was exhausting work, knocking on doors, writing letters, and making calls; thank you. Thank you for donating your money to run for office without expecting it back. You risked your reputation to run for office; thank you.

To the County Party Officials

Thank you for your efforts. Organizing and energizing volunteers is demanding work.

To the State Party Officials

I still cannot find the words for how I feel.

To the Political Consultants

Your strategy got your candidates through the primary election.

To the Media Up and Down the Rio Grande Valley

You magnified the Republican failures while ignoring the Democrat failures. Your efforts tainted those elected you helped and diminished your profession even further.

To the Future

In the forty years I have owned my construction company, we experienced our greatest successes after our biggest failures. That is a common experience in many companies.  

Based on the failures of the past few election cycles, we should have great election successes ahead. However, we cannot keep doing what we are doing or hundred-eighty degrees from what we have done, nor depend on those who derive their power or money from us.

Santa Fe Democrats continue to rack up election successes despite keeping New Mexico at the bottom of all the states. Once the voters realize the Santa Fe Democrats sacrificed their children for gold and power, the Santa Fe Democrats are done. This is what makes the Santa Fe Democrats such a ruthless adversary.

In the 1980 Winter Olympics, the seasoned Russian professional hockey team was expected to win the sixth straight gold medal. The young American amateur hockey team was expected to lose early. Somehow the young Americans began to win. The young Americans faced the Russians in the semi-finals and won “The Miracle On Ice.” In the next game, they won the Gold Medal. No one in the stands or press box knew the dedication and determination of those young men. But their coach knew, believed in them, and coached them to victory.

Democrats will not let go of the power without a brutal fight. It is incredible Republicans stepped up to run knowing what was ahead for them. But they stepped up because they knew what was at stake: their and your children. 

New Mexico Republican Party is holding its convention on December 3 in Las Cruces. The Republican Delegates at the convention will be choosing new Republican State officers. Could you please sign up and attend the convention? Listen to the candidate’s speeches to ensure their words match their past actions. Will they coach and lead our candidates to victory in 2024? Do they care about all our children? Do they believe New Mexico can be the best state in the Union?

Host, “To the Point with Mick Rich.” 2018 Republican nominee for U.S. Senate (NM). Founder & CEO, Mick Rich Contractors. Husband, father, grandfather. Read more from Mick rich at


2 thoughts on “USA pulled out all the stops for the 1980 ‘Miracle;’ will NM Republicans do the same?”

  1. Unless we get better leadership we will not. The RPNM has become complacent with what they have and will back moderates rather than push actual conservatives. Karen Bedonie was right, Ronchetti wasn’t going to fight for the election, he conceded 34 minutes in. We need to stop attacking America/New Mexico First candidates and actually start helping them. Either we as a party need to completely start fresh or we as a state need to disregard party.

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