Bernie Sanders applauds MLG’s socialist ‘free’ college program

This week, socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) applauded Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and the Democrats’ free (taxpayer-funded) college proposal that will waste $75 million annually on socialist college programs.

“New Mexico has led the way in making its public colleges and universities tuition-free regardless of income or immigration status. I sincerely hope that the rest of the country follows their lead,” wrote Sanders while posting a video applauding the socialist program.

“The government of New Mexico has made their public colleges and universities tuition-free. I congratulate them. The New Mexico Legislature passed the New Mexico Opportunity Scholarship Act. This will let New Mexicans pursue a higher education for free. 

“I hope that other states will be following them,” said Sanders.

Ten House Republicans joined Democrats to vote for Lujan Grisham’s 2022 budget that funded these radical programs when they didn’t even have to. They included Reps. Gail Armstrong (Magdalena), Brian Baca (Valencia), Rachel Black (Alamogordo), Jack Chatfield (Tucumcari), Kelly Fajardo (Tome-Adelino), Joshua Hernandez (Rio Rancho), T. Ryan Lane (Aztec), Bill Rehm (Albuquerque), Luis Terrazas (Bayard), and Jane Powdrell-Culbert (Corrales). 

Now, New Mexico taxpayers will be forced to perpetually fund free college because of Lujan Grisham and the Democrats’ legislation. 

7 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders applauds MLG’s socialist ‘free’ college program”

  1. Here’s a though, if college is going to be “free” why don’t we do away with the College/University power structure and just make the professors state employees.

  2. Bernie’s shocked expression mirrored mine when I heard about Grisham’s “ free” college tuition. There’s no free lunch, let alone free college.

  3. It doesn’t take a college degree to see that “free” college is just more of Grisham pandering in an election year..

  4. I guess it takes a Marxist to give accolades to another fellow Marxist. I agree there’s no such thing as a free lunch , it’s only “free “ to the recipient. Saddling taxpayers in the poorest state in the Union with this added burden is unconscionable but typically communist.

  5. Funny, employees at state universities just got a 7% raise. Doesn’t sound “free” to me. Of course, under Bidenflation it still amounts to a pay cut.

  6. Who Cares about Bernie

    This old fart needs to shut up already. He is so damn old he is like FJB, only nonsense comes out of his mouth. Who cares what he says. That is the problem with our country we have too many senile old farts that should be forced into retirement, not trying to run a country.

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