Suspect still on the lam after killing NM State Police Officer Justin Hare

On Friday morning, New Mexico when State Police Officer Justin Hare, 35, was fatally shot in eastern New Mexico. The incident occurred along Interstate 40, near mile marker 320, not far from Tucumcari. 

Officer Hare was conducting a welfare check related to a vehicle stopped on the highway’s shoulder when the situation escalated, leading to the suspect commandeering the police vehicle, which subsequently crashed.

Authorities are actively searching for the suspect, who was last spotted wearing a brown hoodie and jacket. The New Mexico State Police have released an image of the suspect and are urging anyone with information regarding his whereabouts to come forward.

The suspected murderer has been identified as Jeremy Smith of Marion, South Carolina, per the New Mexico State Police.

The area where the suspect was last seen is between Montoya and Newkirk, New Mexico, near mile marker 304 on Interstate 40. The search for the suspect is ongoing, with multiple law enforcement agencies involved.

This heartbreaking event marks the second loss of a New Mexico State Police officer in the line of duty within the past four years, following the death of Officer Darian Jarrott in 2021.

In 2023, Alamogordo Police Officer Anthony Ferguson was murdered by a felon who was released despite pending charges of brandishing a firearm on another law enforcement officer. 


18 thoughts on “Suspect still on the lam after killing NM State Police Officer Justin Hare”

  1. F-ing spooks. Let’s see if our brilliant judicial system releases this guy because “eeee social justice”. There’s an 8 cent solution to specimens like that.

  2. We should mourn this officer’s murder and not use racial slurs against the suspect. How sad that another State Police officer has been killed just trying to do their jobs.

  3. Im so glad I got the hell out of NM in 2018. It’s a shithole, full of scumbags like this piece of trash that killed this officer, as well as the previous NMSP officer who was murdered. MLG and her liberal social justice judges will release this scumbag without bail if another NMSP officer doesn’t kill him first.

  4. another good guy dead because of the idiotic policies of the wannabe hitler in santa fe !! close the border & go after the criminals !!!!

    1. While these initiatives to hold criminals responsible, there needs to be a real effort to hold the command structure of a department to a standard. They allow bad cops to continue to work and then make excuses for their behavior. Mayors and councils need to be held to account for their lack of concern for bad policing. In addition, state legislatures need to do their jobs by passing laws that deal with the real problems of the behaviors of bad cops. At the moment citizens are at a disadvantage when cops misbehave since courts tend to believe the cops. But the bottom line is a simple one. Cops who do not respect the public will reap disrespect from citizens.
      The commanders and supervisors can help stop the bad attitudes they see from citizens. They need to tell those in their departments that citizen abuse, bad arrests and outright thuggery will not be tolerated and those who practice such will be terminated. The public will respond with goodwill in time.

      Every day is an IQ test for NewMexico.

      Hey how about police start walking the beat and get out of your cars more?

  5. After the way the NMSP clicked their heels and followed MLG’s blatantly unconstitutional orders during the coof, I’m having a hard time feeling concerned for any of them when they get put down.

    1. Actually, many of them took steps to ensure that they didn’t have to truly follow her orders. They delayed responses and took an approach of issuing warnings as much as possible.

  6. The suspect is from South Carolina. Has an American-sounding name. The only decent photo I have seen is of him smirking for the camera in an orange outfit. Maybe he has a record.

    1. He not only has a record a decade long but the car he was driving was stolen & belongs to a paramedic who they just found her body in South Carolina so apparently he is wanted for two murders now.

  7. I do not care what his race is, there is good and bad in all races. I just want to know why he has not been imprisoned for life. It would not surprise me to find out he has done many things evil. Killing an individual for evil reasons should be an automatic death sentence.

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