NM AG Torrez joins other Dem states in attempt to nuke First Amendment rights

In a major legal battle that has drawn national attention, 23 Democrat states, along with the District of Columbia, have filed amicus briefs in favor of the Biden regime in the Supreme Court case Murthy, et al v. Missouri, et al. Some have termed this case as the “most important free speech case in a generation,” and it is set to be heard by the Supreme Court soon.

The states supporting the administration assert their interest in collaborating with tech companies to promote responsible public behavior and counter alleged “disinformation” and online predatory activities, which attempt to gut First Amendment rights. Their stance suggests a belief in the government’s authority to regulate and potentially censor certain forms of speech.

New Mexico’s Attorney General Raúl Torrez and other far-left attorneys general and solicitor generals have signed the brief.

The other states advocating for this anti-First Amendment stance include New York, Colorado, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Vermont, Washington, D.C., Wisconsin, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, and Nevada.

On the other side of the debate, 16 states, including Montana, Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Tennessee, Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, and the Arizona Legislature, have filed a brief in support of free speech and the respondents in the case.

This legal confrontation stems from allegations against the Biden administration for purported First Amendment violations, particularly directing social media platforms to censor or remove content deemed objectionable by the government. The case involves several plaintiffs, including three doctors, a news website, a healthcare activist, and two states, who claim their content was unfairly targeted and suppressed by these directives.


14 thoughts on “NM AG Torrez joins other Dem states in attempt to nuke First Amendment rights”

  1. This is a frightening suit. Everyone should be fearful of what this will become. The primary place this change to free speech will happen is in court.
    The judge will throw out evidence, hard evidence and eye witness statements because the judge will state it is against the “law”. He can say it is a half truth because, place his justification here, and he will say it is not admissible.
    And only those in positions of authority will be able to tell lies and submit eye witnesses to support the lies and the judge will accept it knowing fully it is a lie.
    The court system will become more unjust if the Marxist’s states win. Everyone who is not someone will feel the removal of free speech.
    I can only say that we are a nation in decline because we were not vigilant in our Republic’s small government path and there is only one way out…. Fear keeps too many from practicing their God given rights and retaining our sovereign status.

  2. This is all about censoring “Conservative Speech” or any one that disagrees with progressives/communists. It stems from the fake Covid pandemic and the MRNA crap they were sticking in peoples veins. It will apply to everything they deem a “false statement”. This is dangerous.

    1. No question about it. Any governement control of any speach is a violation of the First Amendment. Either all speach is free, or no speach is.

  3. This all started when that Kenyan poser was installed as president. Through executive order he overturned the law preventing media from the dissemination of propaganda.
    I know hindsight is 20/20 but that was the time Patriots should have stepped up to right that wrong.

    Is it too late?

  4. First MLG attempts removing the Second Amendment now her lackey attempts removal of the First Amendment. The socialist party aka dempocrate, don’t want anyone but themselves to have any freedoms.

  5. One man’s freedom fighter is another’s terrorist. Remember they pushed the shot that was safe and if you objected to the safety of the shot you were pushing lies. Who is the judge of what is a lie, surely not the government. Just ask a Native American if there for fathers were told the truth or not!!

  6. The current regime using Biden as their cutout was installed by a Coup d’état back in 2020 and therefore illegitimate. Whether it’s the amicus brief justifying censorship for “public health and safety” or MLG’s little safety EO, these actions support the regime and need to be considered additional attempts to usurp the Constitution.

  7. “NM AG Torres joins other Dem states in attempt to nuke First Amendment rights”. Exactly right. And yet, Torres and the other leftist AGs and the Biden administration are going to claim, if not their already doing, is “protecting freedom of speech” and the First Amendment. Let me ask you this. We’re the Left “protecting the First Amendment” during the COVID-19 pandemic? We’re the Left trying to protect the First Amendment during the pandemic when they were silencing anyone who disagreed, who spoke out against the COVID-19 vaccine of which overall didn’t prevent you from transmitting the virus, which has been proven by actual scientific data? Were they protecting the First Amendment when they decided, for no reason at all other than that they hate and fear President Trump because he actually represents and stands for the true American values of the United States of America like freedom of speech and freedom of religion and parental rights and supporting Israel, etc and that they know that he is against their radical leftist policies of abortion up to and including birth and after birth and so on, to ban Trump from Twitter and Facebook for him promoting and supporting the First Amendment like a true American is supposed to do, regardless of whether you are a conservative or a liberal? Just to name a few? The answer to those questions is unfortunately a no. The Left and today’s Democratic Party, including Mr. Torres are not protecting freedom of speech, in the United States or across the globe. They only care about silencing freedom of speech or the First Amendment, in other words, silencing and censoring you and me, because they view the traditional American values like parental rights and freedom of speech, etc as “dangerous” or “racist” or “extremism” or “fascism” or whatever words they want to use. They did this during the pandemic when they were silencing or censoring anyone who spoke out against the COVID-19 vaccine and did so against anyone who exposed the truth about the COVID-19 vaccine, the fact that it didn’t work against the transmission of the virus. I should know this. I was one of the victims of this. I was censored, or should I say fact-checked, on Facebook for “misleading information” about the vaccine not working against the transmission of the virus. The point of this, in my opinion, is for the Left and today’s Democratic Party to try and prevent President Trump from running for President again, or even winning the presidency in November of this year, because he’s actually against their radical leftist policies that are destroying this country, or even the globe, and that he actually represents the true American values and beliefs including freedom of speech and parental rights and supporting Israel, etc. But, as President Trump has said time and time again, “Their not after me. Their after you. I’m just in the way!”. And you know what…….. he’s exactly right! It seems as the Left and today’s Democratic Party are after Trump, and unfortunately, they are. It seems like he is the prime target of the Left and today’s Democratic Party’s quest to fundamentally change the United States of America, and the globe, but mainly the United States in this case, for the worse. But in the long-run and in the end, we, the true Americans that support the traditional American values of the United States like freedom of speech and freedom of religion and parental rights and supporting Israel, etc, which doesn’t have to mean that we are conservative, we are the prime targets of the Left and today’s Democratic Party’s quest to fundamentally change the United States for the worse. It’s just the fact, as President Trump, again, has said so eloquently, “Their not after me. Their after you. I’m just in their way!” And again, he’s right. He’s right about basically everything or the vast majority of things he’s said. And it’s no different in this case.

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