Survey uncovers voters’ stance on GOP’s potential immigration focus

A recent poll conducted by News Nation/Decision Desk HQ News reveals that nearly one-third of voters feel that securing the border and addressing illegal immigration should be a top priority if Republicans win the White House and both chambers of Congress in the upcoming election. The survey found that 32 percent of respondents prioritize immigration, with 30 percent leaning towards prioritizing spending to combat inflation.

Within the Republican voter base, support for increased attention at the U.S.-Mexico border is even more pronounced, with 52 percent of Republican respondents indicating that border security should be a primary concern for GOP lawmakers post-election. This issue is exacerbated in border states, including New Mexico.

The survey delves into opinions on the effectiveness of building a wall along the southern border. Only 25 percent of respondents, regardless of party affiliation, believe that constructing a wall would help address the country’s border security issues if Republicans achieve a federal trifecta next year.

Regarding funding to address migrant-related problems, 53 percent of respondents support the federal government increasing funding to state and local governments. Notably, more Democratic voters (73 percent) support this funding compared to Republicans (38 percent).

Title: A dry wash in the high country to the east of Guadalupe Mountains National Park, which is split between Hudspeth and Culberson counties in Texas, along the New Mexico border. Library of Congress via Wiki Commons.

The poll also highlights a divergence in views on government spending. A majority of respondents, both Democrats and Republicans, believe that government spending is currently out of control. The survey indicates that 55 percent of respondents feel that Congress must take action to bring down government spending, even if it involves shutting down the government.

When it comes to supporting a government shutdown to lower federal spending, 70 percent of Republicans are in favor, while 39 percent of Democrats share the same perspective.

The survey, conducted from November 26 to 27 among 3,200 registered voters, has a margin of error of two percentage points.


6 thoughts on “Survey uncovers voters’ stance on GOP’s potential immigration focus”

  1. I’m not a Republican and News Nation isn’t a right wing outlet. I’m an independent and think it’s disgraceful what is happening with immigration and border security. But we should stop the finger pointing and push both parties into agreeing on a comprehensive new immigration bill so that neither side can exploit the situation any longer.

  2. We have immigration laws in place. They need to be enforced by those who choose to ignore them. A past President did enforce the immigration rules and the Rule of Law was respected. The Rule of Law was rescinded when the present leader took the oath of office to defend the Constitution. It’s been a joke of laws to present time. So sad until We the People wake up to this lunacy and say enough is enough, regardless of party affiliations. God help us.

  3. Our current immigration laws are not being enforced and our federal government is undermining the will of the people who see illegal immigration as a serious problem to the sovereignty of the nation and security of our communities. A completed wall is a great deterrent such as in So California. Firm enforcement of current laws would be also discourage illegal trespassers. There was material and dollars set aside in the last administration for completion of the wall – and it has not be spent. I don’t believe additional funding is required – but I do believe that if it costs 10 million dollars to complete the wall it would be a sight better than the 1 trillion dollars the Govt Accounting Office is reporting illegal immigration is costing the country now.

  4. As of 2023 the DEA has reported confiscating 72,300,000 + of Fentanyl pills and 11,428 lbs of fentanyl powder in the USA. That’s 397 million deadly doses. 2mg can be potentially fatal. To put it into perspective Fentanyl is 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine.Its predicted that 150 people die a day from overdoses. In 2021 New Mexico had 574 deaths due to Fentanyl and 488 to Meth. These aren’t manufactured in the U.S.A. Drug cartels send drug mules through open borders and they have so many that if a couple get caught and a few make its a win for them. Some smugglers travel on planes and ingest drugs mostly cocaine. I’ve seen them turn it in liquid and there’s many other ways they try to smuggle into the USA.

  5. No money to foreign countries until our border is secure. If we can send billions (which I am sure we do not have), then we can pay for the wall, and in the meantime, start sending all who are here illegally back to where they came from. Even though corrupt Biden (really the deep state) who is calling the shots, the house and congress need to side step him and put back into place “stay in Mexico.” Secure the Rio Grande and do not let people cross over. Put the National Guard in place if we do not have enough Border Patrol… Stop the invasion. Who knows how many terrorists have crossed already.
    Praying for Gods mercy.

  6. I am sadly not surprised that NM is that far left that over 75% of NMs want to secure the boarder. Who did they call the Marist in Santa Fe, Alb, and Las Cruces. NM is a red state that has allowed our schools to brain wash our children and teach them that they are democrats. The sad thing is, the school system is so bad, folks do not realize how misinformed they actually are.

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