ABQ City Council triumphs after Dems flip votes, override Keller’s vetoes

In a surprising turn of events, Albuquerque City Council suspended the ongoing environmental justice rule hearing just one day into what was anticipated to be a weeklong discussion. 

The halt coincided with the council’s move to override Mayor Tim Keller’s recent vetoes concerning legislation aimed at reshaping the Air Quality Control Board, the very entity considering the environmental justice rule. 

A bill aimed to postpone the Air Quality Control Board’s consideration of an environmental justice regulation until February. Despite passing with a 5-4 vote on Nov. 8, falling short of a veto-proof majority, councilors later voted 7-2 to reinstate the moratorium.

Councilors Tammy Fiebelkorn and Isaac Benton dissented. However, a pivotal moment occurred when Democrat Councilors Klarissa Peña and Pat Davis changed their votes, resulting in a 6-3 decision to override the veto. This decision allowed for the removal of board members, with Fiebelkorn, Benton, and Davis opposing the move and Peña once again altering her vote.

The proposed legislation, sponsored by Councilor Dan Lewis, aimed to replace current board members and postpone hearings on environmental justice regulations until February.

The board, comprised of seven members, was in the midst of a $49,000 contract for the hearing at the Albuquerque Convention Center. 

The contentious rule faced opposition from defense contractors, developers, and major employers like Kirtland Air Force Base, the University of New Mexico, and Sandia National Laboratories. 

Critics argued that the regulation was overly burdensome, potentially quadrupling permitting times, threatening economic development, and even impacting national security.

While some supported the need for “environmental justice” regulations, opponents criticized the proposed rule’s drafting process, claiming inadequate stakeholder involvement. The sudden suspension of the hearing raised concerns about its impact on ongoing discussions and decision-making processes.


10 thoughts on “ABQ City Council triumphs after Dems flip votes, override Keller’s vetoes”

  1. Outstanding! To see an elected board actually do their job and ban a bunch of eco-woke unelected libtards control environmental issues with their Green New Deal BS is refreshing! Let me say that Dan Lewis is my friend, my former Pastor, and a good man! They stopped this unelected move to control at least this fraction of their attack on our country.

    1. Everyone that wants environmental changes isn’t woke or liptard. I don’t give a s*** whether Dan is your pastor or not, only that he does his job. So stop your name calling and finger pointing and don’t paint everyone with the same brush. It’s not very Christian.

  2. I think it’s reasonable for counselors to reconsider. Unfortunately commenters on this site see everything in black and white and further see no need for environmental improvements. Luckily for us the stakeholders involved in this issue aren’t so blind and just want more balanced regulations.

  3. Good news for once. Most NMs are for good environmental Stewardship. But most folks do not want an over regulated government. Kind of like our new state requirements to cut the sales of gas cars in 2027, while most electric cars sit on the lots as NMs do not want them. Electric cars are too costly, do not have the range, nor the charging capabilities to support its citizens, nor is our electric grid ready to support this fiscal. I hate to say this, but some folks in ALB are not as stupid as I thought and maybe should talk to the dems in Santa Fe.

    1. When you make a blanket comment about all Democrats it’s unbelievably stupid. Don’t fall for the right wing b******* that we’re all EcoMarxist baby killers. That’s what stupid, not pushing for a clean environment.

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