Study finds Albuquerque near top of national list for homicides

According to a new study by Wallethub, Albuquerque ranks near the top of the national for homicides, ranking 15th among the entire country.

“Alarmingly, homicide rates have risen by an average of 17% in 50 of the most populated U.S. cities between Q1 2020 and Q1 2022, and are still rising,” wrote the group.

Albuquerque ranks only below the leftist-run cities of Chicago, IL, Durham, NC, Washington, DC, Las Vegas, NV, Dallas, TX, Detroit, MI, Norfolk, VA, Louisville, KY, Milwaukee, WI, Memphis, TN, Baltimore, MD, Atlanta, GA, Cincinnati, OH, and the most homicide-ridden city of New Orleans, LA.

Albuquerque had worse homicide rates than cities such as Minneapolis, MN, which was the starting place of the violent George Floyd riots which resulted in around $500 million in damages to the heavily populated city. It also beat out large cities such as Philadelphia, PA, and Los Angeles, CA, which have been notorious for being crime-ridden.

The City of Albuquerque had 4.85 homicides per capita in 2022 so far, an increase of 1.04 since 2020.

In 2022, Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham instructed the Legislature to focus on crime during the 30-day legislative session but unsuccessfully passed meaningful reforms to assist with the crime problem plaguing many localities in New Mexico with Albuquerque leading the pack.

The news spurred a statement from the New Mexico House Republicans, which wrote on Twitter, “ABQ ranks 15th highest in nation for homicides. We are expecting that @NMHouseDems will convene another “crime meeting” to discuss this continued violent crime that they refused to address during the 2022 legislative session.”

Lujan Grisham, who was accused and later settled at least $150,000 over groping claims by a former staffer, is up for a tough reelection campaign, with Republicans aiming to dethrone her in November. She has often supported anti-police radicals, even ones that bucked her pandemic mandates.

As we previously reported:

However, that’s a complete shift from her previous position, where she applauded and praised the “thousands of New Mexicans who peacefully protested in Albuquerque” in late May after the death of George Floyd sparked protests and riots nationwide. She went on to announce that “The state of New Mexico will stand ready to assist local governments in facilitating peaceful protests.”

She also acknowledged that these protests were a violation of her strict mass gatherings policy, but said they were fine she was going to “take a leap of faith” in protecting the protesters blatantly violating her rules.

She said, “This is a violation of the mass gatherings, no doubt, but we’re just going to take a leap of faith in protecting protesters who have no other way, quite frankly. Right? There’s no other way to be seen, to be heard, to be respected, and to be clear about your message.”

4 thoughts on “Study finds Albuquerque near top of national list for homicides”

  1. So called leaders in Albuquerque have been coddling criminals for a long time. Two things in common with all the other cities mentioned are ; DOJ interference in high crime cities, and Soros appointed DA’s of which Albuquerque is both .these combine to demonize police and give every advantage to criminals and ignore victims of these horrendous communist policies. The citizens of NM need to realize that without public safety everything else is meaningless. Bought mayors and DA’s have got to be replaced.

  2. ABQ Another City Ruined by Democraps

    ABQ voted idiot Keller back as Mayor. Those who voted for him, you are getting what you paid for. Not sorry for you, only sorry for the people who wanted him out.

  3. Did we really have a fair election?? Keller and his cabal :
    There are two proposals currently before the City Council that amend the City zoning codes to allow government sanctioned homeless tent encampments throughout the city. One proposal would allow almost an unlimited amount of tent encampments called “Living Spaces” in every council district with almost no regulations. Another would propose up to 45 so called “Safe Outdoor Spaces” throughout the city with at least 5 tent encampments in every council district.
    The proposals are supported by Mayor Keller and it looks like a majority of the City Council. If passed, Albuquerque is on its way to looking like Seattle and other large cities where tent encampments are allowed in public and private city spaces, parking lots, commercial properties, near businesses, schools, offices and homes. What’s more concerning is that the councilors who are sponsoring these proposals are introducing amendments that prohibit these tent encampments from large portions of their own council districts, pushing them to develop more tent encampments in entire districts such as Northwest Albuquerque’s district 5.

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