Dow ad hits Ronchetti over 2019 climate change, anti-Trump comments

On Tuesday, state Rep. Rebecca Dow released a new advertisement showing fellow Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Ronchetti’s ties to George Soros-funded groups, first reported by the Piñon Post in 2020. Ronchetti addressed a “climate change” event in 2019 at the University of New Mexico, where he pledged to work with climate activists 

As we previously reported:

The radical group Ronchetti partnered with, Climate 350, is currently funding a campaign called “Vote Climate” that plans to use people in the media to help “educate” the public, namely REPUBLICAN VOTERS who they believe do not acknowledge the “science of climate change.”

Dow’s campaign wrote about the ad in an email to supporters, “Not only are we battling Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and their liberal crony MLG – but we’re fighting a two-front war against a well-funded fake Republican using DC establishment money to sell the fairy tale that he is still a Republican.”

“Even though he ADMITTED he wasn’t a Republican anymore, because of ‘the orange one’… Three guesses who he’s insulting,” referring to Ronchetti’s jab at President Donald J. Trump. 

“That’s right. He’s not only a Never Trumper, but a Soros-backed climate activist and a PRETENDER to the Republican nomination,” added Dow’s team. 

Watch the ad, which is titled “Pretender,” below:

31 thoughts on “Dow ad hits Ronchetti over 2019 climate change, anti-Trump comments”

  1. So, the weatherman believes in climate change. We all know that he is a Never-Trumoer, as well. Looks like Ronchetti’s prospects are getting cloudier and cloudier.

    1. What was Ronchetti doing with climate activists anyway? I thought he was a Republican. Guess I was wrong. No, Wrongchetti was wrong.

  2. Ronchetti is beginning to feel the heat after the truth come out about where he stands on Trump and climate change.

  3. Funny, we weren’t supposed to bring any of this up when Ronchetti ran for Senate in 2020. We were just supposed to suck it up and vote R no matter what. And if Ronchetti does win the gubernatorial primary (after all he’s got the “name recognition” and the $$$), will we again be muzzled about these disturbing realities? Political parties need to be abolished. Period. We need true patriots and conservatives who truly put America first to be able to get past the establishment GOP screening that goes on behind closed doors. Corruption is killing NM.

  4. So, Dow exposed Ronchetti because she knows that he is her fiercest competitor. I don’t think that Dow is the right person for governor either. Everyone needs to get serious about researching the other candidates who are running for governor. I’m backing Jay Block, but it’s because I have done my research. Block is a 21-year veteran-a true patriot. His values mirror my own and I feel confident that he won’t back down when it comes to fighting for New Mexico. It is extremely important for everyone to vote for the right person in June. New Mexicans cannot afford for Grisham to retain her throne. She stands for everything I am against! We need to do our part if we want to see positive change in New Mexico! Get out there an campaign for the right person and vote in June!

  5. I’m sorry Block has no money. He should drop out and help the cause to take out mlg. But he is going down with the ship. Even if he wins he will get destroyed by the left. His own kids don’t like him.

    1. Sadly, Ronchetti admitted, “I’m not somebody with a deep understanding of what’s failing you.” That statement alone should disqualify him.

  6. Ronchetti is buying those polls using his deep pockets. Ronchettii —- deep pockets and deep state.

  7. How does Wrongchetti explain his comment” I’m not somebody with a deep knowledge of what is failing us?” Was that a joke too?

  8. If Ronchetti is willing to use sleazy, slanderous campaign ads now, just think how low he’ll go as governor. Vote for someone with integrity; vote for Jay Block.

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