State Sen. Mark Moores wins GOP nomination to replace Deb Haaland in Congress

On Saturday, the Republican Party of New Mexico State Central Committee met to consider the candidates running to replace former U.S. Congresswoman Deb Haaland in the First Congressional District, which encompasses most of Albuquerque and a large swath of Torrance County. 

Haaland, a far-left extremist member of Congress who repeatedly lied to constituents about countless issues, will now carry out Joe Biden’s assault on the energy industry in her new role as Department of the Interior under the allegedly fraudulent administration.

After some discussion and the final vote, moderate state Sen. Mark Moores, who was endorsed by many of his fellow moderate legislators, including Rep. Kelly Fajardo (R-Valencia), Sen. Ron Griggs (R-Doña Ana, Eddy, and Otero), and Sen. Greg Baca (R-Bernalillo & Valencia), won with 49 votes to the closest competitor garnering 34 votes.

Moores said during the meeting that he has already raised over $225,000 and is ready to get television advertisements in the works by tomorrow. He also claimed to have support from the Right to Life Committee of New Mexico and the National Rifle Association. 

Sen. Moores will now face off against the Democrats’ nominee, who will be picked on March 30, 2021. Candidates on the Democrat side include former UNM Law professor and state Sen. Antoinette Sedillo-Lopez, Reps. Georgene Louis, Melanie Stansbury, and Patricia Roybal Caballero, as well as former Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham staffer Victor Reyes, lawyer Randi McGinn, activist Selinda Guerrero, and Francisco Fernández. 

The apparent favorite on the Democrat side by the far-left Working Families Party is Sen. Sedillo-Lopez, followed by Rep. Stansbury. The Democrats will hold a candidate forum on Sunday ahead of their vote. The special election will be held on June 1, 2021.


8 thoughts on “State Sen. Mark Moores wins GOP nomination to replace Deb Haaland in Congress”

  1. As a life long Republican, now an independent, If I can’t vote for Eddie Aragon, I will vote for one of the Democrat’s…..I will not vote for RINO’s any longer! The Republican’s in NM are just stupid and they will never win anything!

    1. Same as you, an independent. However I’m not giving Democrats any votes. That’s exactly like the people who voted for Biden simply because they didn’t like Trump. Now look at the situation we’re in.

      1. Anyone and anything is better than some of the Dems. running, especially Lopez-Sedillo. She would be worse than Haaland.

  2. So what this tells me is the NM GOP is a total joke and uninterested in winning. Relying on a select committee rather than opening it up for all registered Republican input. I know I had no voice in it and I guess I don’t have the secret handshake to join. They just gave CD1 to the Dems again. A vote for Moores is no different than voting for the Dem.

    And the GOP wonders why I don’t give them any money? Decisions like this cement that stance. Guess I will be voting for Dunn in June.

  3. its downright disheartening that the republican party cant field better candidates. Sen. Moore voted for all the demonrat bills in this legislative session that were of importance to conservatives. at least the demonrats dont lie to us , they tell us just how much they like the destructive policies of their party . the weasel rinos hide behind the curtain of conservative ideology but always disappoint.

  4. Anyone and anything is better than some of the Dems. running, especially Lopez-Sedillo. She would be worse than Haaland.

  5. How many decades of stupidity do we have to have in the Republican Party?
    WHEN has trying to ride the fence and be a moderate EVER worked???
    The days of compromise and reaching a consensus are LONG gone!
    They, and I mean ALL of them, Democrat and Republican leaders want us to keep thinking we will win in the next election while the decades go by.
    What’s that old saying? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results! I agree with one of the other comments, at least the Democrats tell you who they really are. But what the Republicans don’t understand is that we got their number quite a while back. What it shows how stupid they think their constituents are.

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