SOS Toulouse Oliver wants to remove Otero Commissioners, throw them in jail

On Wednesday, far-left Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver appeared on at least two programs on CNN and MSNBC to discuss her legal actions taken against the Otero County Commission, which refused to certify the June 7, 2022, Primary Election.

While speaking with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Toulouse Oliver disclosed that she will be making a referral to the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office recommending the removal and prosecution of the three members who unanimously voted against certification.

Toulouse Oliver said, “We’re going to be making that referral shortly, and quite frankly, criminal prosecution is on the list, as well as removal from office for these commissioners who are violating the law.” 

Although the three commissioners did not list a specific instance of potential fraud, they did claim that they had concerns regarding voters being incorrectly registered and potential issues with Dominion tabulator machines.

On Wednesday, the state Supreme Court ordered them to certify the election results by Friday. It is unlikely that will happen since the Commission’s chairwoman, Vickie Marquardt, said she would be in Santa Fe at a meeting, while Commissioner Gerald Matherly would be out of town, and Commissioner Couy Griffin has already left the state for Washington, D.C. to attend sentencing hearings of fellow January 6 defendants.


9 thoughts on “SOS Toulouse Oliver wants to remove Otero Commissioners, throw them in jail”

  1. So if you have some concerns over the integrity of an election you are put in prison?
    This is something straight out of the Soviet system. New Mexico has become a Communist state. What are the “Conservative” counties going to do to back up Otero County?

  2. What’s the point if the Commissioners do Not have any disgression..???
    Soros SOS….!!!!!
    Soros judges..!!!!!

  3. You guys better fight this now, or they will take over with new left winger commissioners.
    Hold a new election fast with paper ballots and lie detector tested volunteers. Keep the county clerk and other crooks under 24/7 surveillance.
    Full chain of custody signatures from both Dems and Republicans.
    Do it right and do it now!

  4. Investigation for this crooked SOS!
    She is demanding the commissioners falsely certify an uncertifiable election.
    She is trying to hide the fraud with unlawful threats of criminal charges for being honest.
    What a crook!

    1. We are trying to get the Sandoval County Commissioners to not certify the election votes. TOOOOOO bad girl!! Madcow won’t give balanced approach and contact the “other side” to understand the problems with dominion machines.

      1. The mere fact that Oliver was so happy to be on Madcow’s show, was evidence enough that she is a fraud lover.
        The fake news queen who still hasn’t apologized to her audience for 5 years of falsely pushing the Russian collusion narrative, will never admit she’s a shill for the corruption of our elections.

  5. This SOS has to get out of NM, she is a criminal on a high level and she needs to be put in jail for all she has contributed too.

  6. This is the same Supreme Court which kept the COVID mandates going for the Governor. The corruption is out of control!

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