SOS Toulouse Oliver raising campaign cash off of lawsuit against Otero County

On Wednesday, following a lawsuit filed in the New Mexico Supreme Court to force Otero County to certify the 2022 Primary Election despite concerns, Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver appeared on multiple left-wing cable news channels to attempt to make an example out of the County.

She even threatened the possibility of a criminal referral to the state Attorney General demanding prosecution and removal of the three Republican county commissioners who did not certify the election. The Court ruled the same day that the County Commission must certify the election.

On Thursday, however, Toulouse Oliver showed a likely hidden agenda in the media stunt. She sent out an email to her campaign supporters asking for money following her lawsuit against Otero County.

She wrote in the email, “This week, all three Otero County Commissioners refused to certify the results of our Primary Election because they don’t ‘feel in their heart’ that the results are correct.

“If these votes aren’t certified, all votes in the county would be thrown out. They would disenfranchise every single voter in Otero – a county that went 62% to Trump – because they don’t feel the voting machines are accurate.”

She then added, “Not on my watch…. I’m suing the Otero County Commissioners to demand they follow the law and certify the election.”

Toulouse Oliver then asked for money from supporters since she claims she’s “fight[ing] against the conspiracy theories and lawlessness trying to dismantle our democracy.”

“I like to think that the county commissioners who have sworn an oath to the Constitution will do the right thing. But I’m concerned that this idea could set a precedent and spread not only in NM, but across the country,” she added.

However, in state statute, the commissioners are not mandated to certify the results if they find a discrepancy. The Otero County Commission is meeting on Friday at 4:00 p.m. to discuss the canvassing of the election.


9 thoughts on “SOS Toulouse Oliver raising campaign cash off of lawsuit against Otero County”

    1. Bob, you should stick to writing and playing music.. you obviously have your head in the sand when it comes to politicians and what they are doing to destroy New Mexico.

  1. So, this SOS cannot separate conducting business of the office with blatant campaign fund raising.

    Smells of ethics violations to me.

  2. The Otero county commissioner’s are trying to follow the law as prescribed. People in their own counties have a right to self determine their election process as long as the constitution is followed which seems to be the case. When everything is centralized either through Santa Fe or Washington it’s called communism, something this current group of “elected “ officials have readily embraced. God help the citizenry.!

  3. NM GOP should follow TX GOP lead re 2,000 Mules and declare Biden’s “presidency” illegitimate. NM GOP should also demand the resignation of every county commissioner who certified 2022 primary results. Not enough spines in the party for that tho. SMH

  4. I don’t understand how the Supreme Court can ‘order’ the commissioners to certify any election. The people of the county elected these people to stand up for them and protect their constitutional rights. The SOS should be the one everybody is upset with as she too, is supposed to be working for the people. If registered voters are questioning the equipment used for OUR elections and there really isn’t anything to hide isn’t it HER responsibility to PROVE there’s nothing to hide? When this went to the supreme court, was there ever any question what the decision was going to be…too many questions, not 1 good answer. NM needs to ‘clean house’

    1. You are absolutely right.. and truthfully New Mexicans are getting fed up with the dictatorship in this state. Most are waking up, I live here and the people I talk to don’t believe the results of 2020 or 2022. We want trustworthy elections not selections, the fraud must end.

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