Soros dark money groups demand investigation into Sen. Ivey-Soto

After Democrats failed to epic proportions in their attempt at ramming through their pro-voter fraud measures, S.B. 8 and S.B. 144 during the 2022 Legislative Session, dark money George Soros-funded groups dredged up a seven-year-old allegation against state Sen. Daniel Ivey-Soto, who they claim helped kill their attempt to steal future New Mexico elections through fraud.

The usual suspects whined and moaned on Twitter and across the internet, manufacturing outrage to a left-wing lobbyist’s accusation that the senator grabbed her buttocks. The activist who came forward with the accusation just so happened to previously dredge up a false allegation about other politicians, including Democrat Jeff Apodaca who unsuccessfully ran for governor in 2018. 

The accuser, Marianna Anaya, is a former staffer of then-U.S. Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D-NM-01). Anaya hired the same lawyer, Levi Monagle, who participated in the slander of former state Rep. Carl Trujillo (D-Santa Fe), which led to Trujillo losing his seat in 2018. Trujillo’s case happened in tandem with Planned Parenthood lobbyist Juliana Koob, whose dark money organization she represents spread the false accusations against Trujillo.

The allegations from Anaya reek of “political hit-job,” where there could be a potential for this to harm Ivey-Soto in 2024 or annoy him so much that he decides not to run for reelection — both wins for the far-left.

The groups that manufactured outrage include George Soros-funded dark money Equality New Mexico, Common Cause New Mexico, the Center for Civic Policy, Progress Now New Mexico, Olé, Girls Inc., and Animal Protection New Mexico. 

“When one person is denied an investigation, all survivors are denied an investigation,” the dark money groups whined in a statement calling for an inquisition. 

But these same groups not only ignored Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham paying off a sexual accuser over $150,000 for claims she groped his crotch, but they actively encourage to this very day Lujan Grisham’s activities as governor, despite the disgraced leader’s hush money settlements to alleged victims.


2 thoughts on “Soros dark money groups demand investigation into Sen. Ivey-Soto”

  1. George Soros has flooded New Mexico with money to change the way we live. He has funded financially most if not all socialist organizations in our state like Progressive New Mexico and others. He wants to see our oil and gas industry fail which funds most of our education in New Mexico. He doesn’t care about our children, only his agenda.
    How about our Governor, she can grope someone and sweep the accusations under the table with a pay off. What a piece of work.
    People, we need to vote these Democrats out of office this fall before we become the next Kalifornia or Venezuela.

  2. Progressive Now New Mexico at work with George Soros money. If you are a Democrat and not a radical left socialist Democrat there are coming for you. Look at Sen. Danny Ivey-Soto who the radical Democrats are trying to black mail because of S.B.8 and S.B.144.

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