Report: GOP legislator aided Louis after DWI arrest

According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, a Republican legislator aided state Rep. Georgene Louis (D-Bernalillo) following her February 14 arrest for aggravated DWI, among other charges.

TheNew Mexican reports that first-term GOP state Rep. T. Ryan Lane of Aztec, a lawyer, assisted his “friend” Louis after the incident, although he claims he does not represent the embattled politician.

According to the report:

[Louis] was booked in the Santa Fe County jail early Monday and released hours later.

State Rep. T. Ryan Lane, an Aztec Republican who works as an attorney, said in a statement he arrived at the police station Monday morning in response to a call from Louis.

“I drove to the station and spoke with the arresting officer, who let me know that they were no longer questioning her, and I did not think my services were needed,” he said in the statement. “I responded to Georgene’s call for the purposes of possible limited legal representation, and also as a friend. I do not represent Georgene Louis in this case.”

It is unclear if this will complicate Lane’s race in 2022, but Republicans have until March 8 to get enough signatures to challenge the first-term incumbent who aided the far-left Democrat legislator during her drunk driving episode that happened in the final weeks of the Legislative Session.

Lane was one of the handful of Republicans who voted for the Democrats’ $8.5 billion budget that included funds for taxpayer-funded college, over $10 million for enviro-Marxism, and over $300,000 to hire an anti-gun activist to promote gun control in the state.

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