Senate committee shoots down extreme anti-gun bill

On Monday, the New Mexico Senate Judiciary Committee tabled 6-3 an extreme anti-gun bill, S.B. 171, by Sen. William Soules (D-Doña Ana). 

According to the bill’s fiscal impact report, it would have prohibited “the manufacture, sale, barter, trade, gift, transfer or acquisition of… Assault pistols; Automatic firearms; Rifles with barrel lengths less than 16 inches; Shotguns with barrel lengths less than 18 inches; Mufflers, silencers, or devices for deadening or muffling the sound of discharged firearms; Any type of ammunition or any projectile component thereof coated with Teflon or any other similar coating designed primarily to enhance its capabilities to penetrate metal or pierce protective armor; and Any type of ammunition or any projectile component thereof designed or intended to explode or segment upon impact with its target.” 

The panel’s chairman Sen. Joseph Cervantes (D-Doña Ana), joined all Republicans and Sens. Bill O’Neill and Daniel Ivey-Soto (D-Albuquerque) in tabling the bill.

After the bill was defeated, Senate Republican Leader Sen. Greg Baca wrote in a press release, “Like most of the gun bills being considered this Session, Senate Bill 171 needlessly targets law-abiding citizens and threatens them with a felony for exercising their Second Amendment right.”

The committee’s overwhelming rejection of the extreme ant-gun bill could be a sign that another extreme attack on the Second Amendment, H.B. 101 by Rep. Andrea Romero (D-Santa Fe), could die. The bill would make most New Mexican gun owners felons by banning nearly all firearms over ten rounds.

H.B. 101 previously passed the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee on a party-line vote and awaits a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee. If it survives that committee, it would then need to pass the entire House and the Senate, where it is likely to die in Senate Judiciary Committee. 

Also on Monday, the House Government, Elections, and Indian Affairs Committee advanced a bill along party lines to ban firearms within 100 feet of polling places. This would include ballot drop boxes and ban concealed carry at the polls.


13 thoughts on “Senate committee shoots down extreme anti-gun bill”

  1. Finally…a thread, albeit minuscule, of common sense for the law abiding citizen? ..and…and…and… from a vote Democrat or dead politician…? WTH is going on at the tolite seat in the roundie house…? Someone got laid…is that what happened? Popped a nut and the pressure got released so quickly that the brain started getting fluid on a regular basis?

  2. We have a victory, not sure folks understand that if NM takes citizens 2nd Amendment rights away, folks move out of state. I and many are thankful for those who killed this bill. It was pretty complicated and many would not even know if they were legal or not. The big thing is all of the gun bills violate both the NM and US constitutions. For those fighters, keep up the good work, because I really do not want to move.

    1. Mike, you have already lost your freedom. Everyone here has. The Dems embrace it. We conservatives think we are fighting it but go to a state like Texas or Idaho and you will quickly realize that we live in Fear here vs Freedom in the “red” states. It’s hard to explain, but you’ll know it when you experience it.

    2. I would be one who would move. I’m tired of our political arena feeling they can take my rights away. Thank for the real action to protect our rights.

  3. All these seated, not elected ‘representatives’ who sponsor or vote for these Bills are violating their Oath of office they took. We need to take action to get them all to have to step down, if not do prison time for criminal acts.

  4. The ones making up these bills were never voted into office they were illegally installed there….whether or not anyone wants to believe I surely do not care that is what happened….for those that continue to fight for the constitution of the people….I humbly applaud you all….these bills should never be up for debate period….the belong in the trash just like the ones who wrote them up….

    1. I agree with you 1000%. There is a lot of “installation” that goes on in New Mexico. Some call it “misinformation” but it’s fact. When you have a Secretary of State that oversees her own election and the audit of said election, refused to hand over data to the president when requested (most states did when asked and the ones that did not are Democrat-run and known for problems), who threatened Commissioners with jail time when they refused to certify election results they rightfully questioned and who felt she had to issue a “Reality vs Falsehood” campaign to try to cover her butt on the state website….yeah, there’s a whole lotta bulllll sheeeeet going on.

  5. I can tell by the wordings those desk pushing politicians have NO clue about gun types, or bullets, or common sense. They are in a panic mode and it’s a “let’s make the sheltered idiots feel like we’re going to save them” feel good measure. I seriously doubt any POS bad guy trying to rob me or break in to my house is going to wait whilst I go to my gun safe in the other bedroom and open the safe,unlock my gun and retrieve my safely stored bullets in another room. Not gonna happen and I’m not gonna waste any time confronting the POS..

  6. One small step for most states but for NM, it’s a giant step. Thank you to the representatives that voted to uphold our constitution. Thank you for being brave enough to stand your ground amongst the crooked politicians that make the laws in NM. Lord, stay with these patriots and watch over them as they continue to work for the people of NM.

  7. The Dem fraud box where I live IS LOCATED RIGHT OUTSIDE THE POLLING PLACE! They also have to drive right by another polling place to get to the fraud box! If those “absentee” voters can go to a polling place to drop their (and their dead and illegal alien friends’) votes, they can sure as Hell go inside and vote in person, can’t they?

  8. SB171 is a ‘lost leader’. Keep your eye on the ball John. HB101 is the one they want and if it passes everything in SB171 will take affect without actually having to pass it.

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