ABQ Public Schools official admits to sneaking in woke gender policies

A recent undercover video from Project Veritas revealed that Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) officials are admitting to instituting woke gender ideology in the state’s largest school district.

Angela Ruiz, an employee of APS’ Student Health and Life Skills, said school employees are “required to use the name and pronouns” requested by the student without parental consultation.

“If we don’t have family input, we call it a conversation,” Ruiz said in the newly released video. She told teachers, “If you’re intentionally using the wrong pronoun, that can be a Title IX violation,” and, “How they identify at school determines which restroom they choose to use.”

Following the release of the video, New Mexico Alliance for Life executive director Elisa Martinez wrote, “These bills, combined with the revelations from Project Veritas, prove that radical leftist lawmakers are trying to make New Mexico the next California.” She added, “In an effort to profit off of the exploitation of our youth, New Mexico Lawmakers are ignoring the safety of our children. These bills are setting up New Mexico to become the premier abortion and gender-affirming destination by targeting vulnerable children in schools and circumventing parental rights.”

Currently, New Mexico’s legislature is considering a radical bill, H.B. 7, which would force public bodies to facilitate abortions and “gender-affirming care.”

Rep. Ryan Lane (R-Aztec) asked the sponsors in House Judiciary Committee, “Does this bill apply to an 8-year-old?” The bill’s sponsor admitted, “Yes.” This bill applies to an 8-year-old without parents being consulted or informed whatsoever. 

The Senate Health and Public Affairs Committee will consider the extreme bill on Wednesday, March 1, 2023, at 1:30 p.m. 

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10 thoughts on “ABQ Public Schools official admits to sneaking in woke gender policies”

  1. APS can’t even teach the three “R’s” yet they want to devolve into this gender nonsense. How about we go back to they are paid to teach and nothing else if they want to be social workers get a job doing that. I am so sick and tired of the losers who call themselves “educators.”

  2. Don’t schools still need a permission slip from parents to give kids a Tylenol? If they do how is it they can speak of gender issues and still teach CRT?

    1. My special needs son was put through 3 days of Sex Ed without my wife and myself even being told much less giving permission! APS needs to be shutdown for sexual assault, sounds outrageous? What if your employer decided to do training on sexual practices for 3 days. Thank you Brenda great point.

  3. Schools need to get back to teaching useful subject matter and quit this BS of “gender” identity! There are MALES and FEMALES and your DNA is one or the other. If you are a male and want to play female do NOT think you have permissions given by NORMAL parents of NORMAL children to do so at a school. A teacher pushing this crap and waving a LGTBQ flag on school grounds is subject to have charges of child abuse! If I see a male trying to get access to a females bathroom ESPECIALLY in a grade school setting that male’s problems will be resolved!

    1. Simple not true Tom… Their are a minor of individuals who are born that have traits or neither or both sexes. Google intersex. It is less than 1% of the population but all people deserve basic human respect- does not mean we have to turn our system on it head to do so. So glad you have a concrete definition of normal and such an eagle eye for spotting abuse.

  4. Leave it to the left to promote brainwashing children into their NPC groupthink.

    Everything the left does is aimed at destroying America and American culture. Everything.

  5. APS a constant failure to NM children

    The commifornians and their radical left ideas need to stay in California. All these woke people moved here from California, and other woke lefty states. Go home and take your sick ideas with you. Parents need to take their children away from APS who constantly fail Albuquerques children. No more taxpayers money until they stop indoctrinating our children. They are evil!

  6. Eddie Aragon should have been talking about disassociating North Albuquerque Acres from APS, instead of talking about the annexation of North Albuquerque Acres.

  7. This is what happens when very busy parents trying to earn enough money to live on have trust in the educational system. Children are taught to respect the adults, so if a teacher says it, they don’t even question it. My 11 year old grandson was told by his health teacher that he had very pretty curly blond hair and he really is a girl inside. He was devastated and believed the teacher. He didn’t tell my daughter until boys started teasing him for looking like a girl (he didn’t but turns out this teacher was teaching him how to walk and talk like a girl). My daughter sat down with him and he confessed what was happening. When she confronted the teacher her response was “you are just the parent, I can tell that this is what your son needs better than you, you are too busy to see what is going on. DISGUSTING DEMORALIZING DAMAGING Thank you for bringing this to light in New Mexico. BTW this happened in a Long Island, New York school district. It is all over the country.

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