Sen. Luján hints at higher ambitions while promoting Hispanic Dems

On Friday, the Washington Post published an article claiming New Mexico is “a model” for Democrats to win elections, pointing to the Hispanic Democrats elected statewide and in the composition of the state Legislature.

First-term Sen. Ben Ray Luján, who was elected on the coattails of his father, former state representative and Speaker of the New Mexico House Ben Luján, claimed Democrats “showed up in places that Republicans usually don’t have to worry about showing up.” He claimed, “It’s how I was raised. It’s how dad did it. It was part of our strategy when we were successful before — you need to go talk to folks.”

The senator, who was previously the assistant House speaker, never showed up in New Mexico during most of his congressional tenure. Instead, in election years such as 2018, he wasn’t even spotted on Election Day in the state, opting to be in Washington, D.C., with Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

In the article, Democrats tried to paint New Mexico as the model for other states to elect Democrats, with state Rep. Javier Martínez (D-Bernalillo) claiming the recent tenure of Republican Gov. Susana Martinez from 2011 to 2019 was a fluke. He said Martinez was able to “break through the ranks and able to appeal to a wider range of voters.” He said now that Republicans’ “nominees have been candidates that do not relate to large enough numbers of voters.”

Luján hinted in the article at his own ambitions to run for Senate leadership, taking after former Sen. Dennis Chavez. 

The Washington Post article noted, “The first Hispanic senator, Octaviano Ambrosio Larrazolo, a Republican, was elected in 1928. The second was Dennis Chavez, a Democrat, who Luján said he tries to emulate, a sign that his goal is moving into Democratic leadership. Chavez was the fourth ranking Democrat when he died in office in 1962.” 

Others claim Republicans running in New Mexico are “extremists,” and that is how they have not been able to win in recent years, despite recent nominees, such as Mark Ronchetti for governor, being moderate. 


16 thoughts on “Sen. Luján hints at higher ambitions while promoting Hispanic Dems”

  1. Bennie boy. Remember you let the small towns die. They are all boarded up because of you. You did nothing to improve our small communities!! Nothing!!
    You lined your pockets is all.

    Qué vergüenza

  2. Yeah, liberal big mouth creeps. Teach others how to cheat and win. You call conservatives extremists? We all should have fought much harder and louder like the big mouths in office. How about calling us what we are. Honest, God-fearing, concerned citizens who do not believe in murdering of babies or socialism. Put the gerrymandering lines back where they were and see if the libtards win again in the small communities. God bless New Mexico and the USA…we are in trouble. Merry and Blessed Christmas

    1. I am with you 100%.
      May we remember the extraordinary gift given us by God and celebrated on Christmas…I pray that we remain steadfast and strong in the knowledge that God sees all and that, as Dickens wrote in “A Christmas Carol,” ‘Truth Lives.’ May each of us find peace in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
      I wish all of you a Merry Christmas!

  3. 80 years of liberal leadership has left this state with the same problems. We are last in everything and first in crime and poverty. If you think it’s about the people of NM you are part of the problem. They want the people to be sheep and will continue to pull the wool over their eyes.

  4. Sounds racist, I thought NMs judged by a persons character not what they looked like. Most of NMs are conservatives wether they believe it or not. We do not believe in killing babies, we believe in hard work, a hand up not a hand out, we believe in the family and the parents decide what is right for their children not the state, and we believe in a small government. NMs need to wake up if they voted democrat, the republican party needs to get rid of the Rinos or we will all leave and NM will turn into a total S show.

  5. They say if you can’t say anything nice, best to not say anything at all. I think he would be better suited to work on the farm rather than politics. But he did like to follow N Pelosi!

    1. She Nancy, was hung Tuesday @ gitmo according to real raw news. They Said Trump was there watching. Her husband is happy he won’t have to deal with her abuse.

  6. Dumocrats “showed up in places Republicans didn’t need to worry about showing up”…because they gerrymandered districts. Yvette Harrell only lost because she was redistricted to include parts of Albuquerque or Bernalillo County.

    As to emulating this state, have at it if you want to be last in the best & 1st in the worst!

  7. The democrat’s “model state” : uneducated (where is NM in that list again?) and divided in as many ways possible (race is always a classic go-to for them).
    What is that old saying? Divide and conquer?
    It’s easier to turn ignorant people against each other; and remember, that hyper focus on DIVersity? Well, it DIVides.

  8. We have the most unqualified representatives in all of the country (except for maybe, Fetterman, Waters, AOC, Omar…) Ok – so we are tied with other states, but normally their entire delegation isn’t as bad as ours.

    They are all prime examples of the Peter Principal and an uninformed/ignorant electorate. As a whole, we deserve the misery these fools bring – after all they somehow keep getting elected.

  9. Doesn’t surprise me one bit. After following in his father’s footsteps and learning how to screw people from Nancy Pelosi and now Chucky Shumer we have someone who will reach his goal especially if all these dumb people keep voting for him and the Republican party keeps putting up people like RINO Steve Pearce. Also, with MLG and the party working on the elections it is possible.

  10. It’s time–well past time to end the Loserjan regime!! Little Benny turned his back on New Mexicans a LONG time ago and learned the game of corruption from his father.

  11. The only reason democrats win is that they own the media and just pound into ignorant people’s heads the conservatives are “extremists” day in and day out through left leaning newscasts that never tell the truth or sell opinions as truth.

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