Lujan Grisham’s eco-leftist crusade pushes extreme mandate forward

New Mexico continues its crusade against gas vehicles in the attempt to force electric vehicles (EVs) on its roads, as state regulators recently dismissed a bid to pause the enactment of new regulations aimed at increasing EV availability despite ongoing legal disputes. 

With a 4-1 vote, the state’s leftist Environmental Improvement Board decided against the New Mexico Automotive Dealers Association’s request to halt the implementation of these EV mandates amidst the association’s legal challenge in the state Court of Appeals.

Far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has pushed the shift towards electric vehicles to perpetuate the “climate change” theory. This approach has led to severe vehicle emission standards and mandates for zero-emission vehicle inventories.

However, this move has raised concerns among local auto dealers and figures like Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren. They argue that such mandates will disproportionately affect rural areas, where EV charging stations are scarce. Affordability also remains a significant concern, particularly for consumers in economically challenged regions like the Navajo Nation.

Not everyone is on board with Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s EV agenda. Critics, including Republicans in the state legislature, have labeled it as unrealistic. They point out the vast distances many New Mexicans need to travel in the country’s fifth-largest yet thinly populated state, raising questions about the practicality of relying solely on electric vehicles.

Under the new rules set to take effect in 2026, 43 percent of all new passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks delivered to New Mexico dealerships by manufacturers must be zero-emission. This requirement escalates to 80 percent for passenger cars by 2032.

Carlos Garcia of Garcia Automotive Group highlighted the challenges in the EV market, referencing major manufacturers like Toyota and Ford reducing their EV production forecasts. He expressed concerns about the broader social and economic ramifications of the EV mandates on New Mexicans, beyond just the automotive industry.

The Rio Grande Foundation wrote on its website, Errors of Enchantment, “In a move that was hardly surprising, New Mexico’s unelected Environmental Improvement Board and the even more radical (also unelected) ABQ/Bernalillo County Air Quality Board chose to move forward with the EV mandates they adopted back in November. Those mandates are for 43% of new vehicles sold in New Mexico to be electric starting in the summer of 2026 (just over 2 years from now).”

“Those mandates are widely seen as unattainable by auto industry insiders and car dealers alike as interest in EV’s wanes among consumers. But, Gov. Lujan Grisham and her cadre of radical environmentalists and left-wing advocates remain dedicated to pushing forward no matter what it costs consumers, taxpayers, or how many job losses are inflicted on auto dealers. According to the most recent information available EV sales in New Mexico now account for 4.82 percent of all vehicles sold in the state. That means a nearly ten-fold increase in EV sales must occur over the next two years,” the group wrote


39 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham’s eco-leftist crusade pushes extreme mandate forward”

  1. Our “little dictator” is just following the national Biden EV mandates. There are articles about tire “pollution” being worse than exhaust pollution from gas powered vehicles. Tires wear out much faster on EVs because of their weight and torque. An acquaintance who has a Tesla said he went through 3 sets of tires with 58,000 miles on his car. And he loves his Tesla. EVs are just another false “solution” to “climate change”. The actions and mandates are being pushed by the Sierra Club.

    1. She’s in so much violation of constitutional rights plus all of her stupidity that there is climate change. Of course there’s climate change. God changes the climate all the time it’s spring, summer, fall, and winter!
      I hope people wake up and stop buying into the scam of climate change. So stupid just so irritating.

      1. And no one can explain why the great Montana ice damn melted 25,000 years ago which created the Columbia Gorge and river that runs between Idaho and Washington State.

    1. What she is, is evil! Anyone who says it’s OK to murder. A baby in the womb up to birth is pure evil.
      Why people voted her in a second term Is beyond my comprehension.

      1. SheriffJoshuaJames

        Nobody voted these crackpots into office. Our elections are 100% rigged. None have NO Bonded Oath of office. They are ALL impersonating their offices.
        Remember Statutes are NOT law. Legislature passes unconstitutional everything.

        1. Correct. They are working for the US corporation via the Organic act of 1871. US corp is listed on Dunn and Bradstreet. This is how they created their democracy and rule us using admiralty/ maritime law vs common law as our forefathers intended. This is fraud and treason. The Peoples Operation Restoration on rumble is using our original Constitution to get rid of them with sucess.

      2. The fakes and flakes of Placitas and Santa Fe voted for
        MLG or Mean Large Gnome.
        Then there are the proud 3rd and 4th generation New Mexicans who babble
        about their ancestors always voting democrat and they just have to do the same.
        The Indians vote Demo
        Then don’t forget the diehard liberals who sat on their rears in the armed services vote Democrat, these sheep take the covid shots because they’re obedient to the democrats and they want their $ rewards from this country. These make
        Believe vets call themselves vets since they sat safe stateside and in Europe, and yes suhh they vote demo.
        Now the Vets who Truly Served vote Republican. People who
        moved here from a Red State did not vote for the Messy Large Gnome.

  2. All this will do is kill the in-state auto dealerships. Those who want a gas powered vehicle will just buy theirs out of state. I know that I will…..

  3. There are going to be a lot of unsold EV’s on dealers lot starting in 2026. I’ll be traveling to Texas to buy my new vehicles.

  4. I just bought my third diesel powered vehicle (Jeep Gladiator EcoDiesel). I went out of state to buy it. I will continue to go out of state to buy diesel powered vehicles. New Mexico dealerships are going to take a hit on these radical policies.

    1. I have 4 SUVs and trucks. I also have a good mechanic to keep them running. I feel sorry for the car dealers in NM who will bear the brunt of this fiasco.

  5. I’ll stick to my diesel guzzling Ram that I can depend on — AND not make payments on! The sooner we remove the squatting piglet from the roundhouse the better off we will be!!

  6. When will New Mexicans finally wake up and throw the leftist Bums out of state offices and appointed positions?

    I shall try to keep a couple of older 4wd vehicles going and a brand new ICE awd to get me past this upheaval.

  7. The real crime is that Democrats want the tax payers to pay for the installation of EV charging stations. In all my years, I have never had to pay for the installation of a gasoline station.

  8. EVs are not a good vehicle for most NMs. Our constitution states “we the people”, so we the people will decide if and when we get an EV. Now if the governor wants to put businesses out of business she can do that, but she will lose on the taxes. NMs will go out of state for their vehicle purchases. I personally do not believe in global warming other than the normal cycle of the earth. I might buy an electric vehicle when I can afford one that can tow at least 7000lbs for 350 miles and I can charge it in five minutes to drive another 350 miles. If an Ev can’t do it, call me when it can and if I can afford it I am all in. Until then, read the top of the constitution !

    1. You are all right. It is about control. Our weather, in case you haven’t noticed by looking up, is also being controlled. Geoengineering is not cloud seeding. In NM it is cloud creation. It’s happening all over the world to the detriment of farms and ranches, and, thus, to food production. Yet Chatfield from Roosevelt County introduced a “cloud seeding” bill during the last session. It passed the house under the guise of creating rain for the farmers and ranchers. It died on the floor, but it’ll be back. The stuff that’s in the sprays that are used to create clouds is toxic. It’s aluminum and plastic nano particles, with barium and strontium and who knows what else.

      1. I wonder when people will start paying attention to what’s being spewed all over our skies at three to four times a week.

  9. I forgot the other theft from taxpayers. When someone buys an EV, we taxpayers get to help them with their down payment. EV buyers get a several thousand dollar tax break (refund). I don’t seem to remember voting on that give-away.

    A long time ago, PJ O’rouke made the observation that, “Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.” The results are equally disastrous.

  10. I would like to know how many of the NM legislatures own EV’s since they seem to be for getting rid of gas powered vehicles. Also would like to know when MLB is going to get rid of the big SUV’s and start using EV’s for her transportation needs. Anyway you view it she is a hypocrite.
    Most of the folks in the legislature seem not to be able to think for themselves. For if they did we would not be in this mess.

    1. We are being Sierra Clubbed to death in NM. I am a recovered liberal/progressive/dem so I still get all the propaganda from these folks. I went to the legislature to oppose “cloud seeding”. The Sierra Club meetings were something to behold. They have a friend in the legislature who seems to be influential. Almost everything they wanted, they got. EV rebates paid by us, for example.

  11. She probably got kickbacks from communist China for wind and EVs because most of the manufacturing done, is in China ,for these environment killing monster EVs, also considering the child slave labor to mine cobalt in Africa. We already know the co2 climate crisis of fake as hell. She’ll be gone soon and hopefully New Mexicans will vote in a competent conservative to drill baby, drill!

  12. Stephanie McKenzie

    Climate change is a hoax. I’m all for taking care of my land, trees, water, etc. But if you research the giant windmills that kill birds and can’t be recycled, the solar panels that take up so much land just to produce a small portion of the power we need those do nothing to help the environment, in fact cause more damage than benefit. There are enough brilliant people in this world to come up with much better ways to provide energy than the solar and wind options that are forced upon us because they are subsidized by the government. MLG is simply an evil witch who willing kills babies, shuts down small businesses, and is willing to illegally force products upon us so she has a great resume to get her a job in DC. She is a liar, cheat, and murderer and I pray the damage she has caused to New Mexicans and our economy will fall back on her.

    1. I agree with most of what you say. However, I have a personal solar array that works pretty well. The cost to install was high, but not compared with the money I was saving before the Jemez Electric Coop decided to charge those of us with personal solar arrays whether we were delivering electricity back to them or using it. Again, control. I still save a lot of money compared with friends who don’t have solar. Also before they started the campaign to seriously dim the sun, the solar panels worked better. I am against the large solar arrays that use up farmland and are still completely controlled by the electric companies.

  13. Our grid system is outdated and overloaded especially now in the spike with EV’s on the road. Should there be an attack on US soil, the grid system is the first to go.
    MLG wants to be first in clean energy, first in open borders, first in leading all states in abortion clinics up to nine months, first in human trafficking, first in fentanyl deaths, first in crime. I could go on and on. She’s is shameful and clueless. I see no redeeming qualities in her as a leader and as a woman with integrity, honor and a soul.

  14. Back in the 1990’s al gore was pushing the idea that is now the 15 minute city, bring all rural people to a prison town, easier to control and watch ,and to “preserve nature”. Restricting mobility will force this .

    1. That’s a good movie. Unfortunately, they don’t talk about climate manipulation, which is a real and on-going assault on us and nature. There are and have been extreme weather events. They are largely caused by geoengineering. Honestly, what do folks think all those stripes in the sky are. I don’t know about down South but in Northern NM, our formerly very blue skies are now gray haze most of the time. You can look directly at the sun without sunglasses most days. I haven’t seen it yet, but I understand Frankenskies is a good source of information.

  15. Once again Loserjan shows how out of touch she is with reality! EV ‘s have to be recharged somehow and currently there isn’t enough electricity available — just look back at 2023 when states were having “brown outs” and power companies requesting users cut back.. My bet is that the oil and gas companies had some morals and refused to sell shares to Loserjan at a cut rate and it pissed her off..

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