Sandoval County Commissioner Jay Block announces state Senate run

On Tuesday, Republican Sandoval County Commissioner Jay Block announced his candidacy for New Mexico state Senate in District 12, currently represented by state Sen. Gerald Ortiz y Pino, a Democrat, who is retiring after his current term.

Ortiz y Pino has served in the seat since 2005, and this will be the first time the seat is up for election since the redistricting process. According to the Princeton Gerrymandering Project, the seat is composed of a 51.4 percent Democrat and 48.6 percent Republican vote share — a winnable seat for the GOP.

Block, a former 2022 gubernatorial candidate, wrote in a press release, “Since the end of the 2022 election, many of you have asked what my future would look like in our fight to save New Mexico. The answer to this question wasn’t immediately clear, but after many months of prayer, discussions with my family, and encouragement from you, I have some news to share.” 

“I will be launching my campaign as the Republican candidate to represent the incredible people of New Mexico’s Senate District 12. This decision was solidified after it became clear during the 2023 legislative session that the woke left would rather pass policies that help them virtue signal to their small base rather than help hard working New Mexicans.”

He continued, “New Mexicans want and need a fighter in Santa Fe that will stand up for our values of God, family, and freedom. If you know anything about me, then you know I’m not here to make friends—I’ll go head-to-head with the woke left and spineless politicians in the Roundhouse.”

“I will address the fentanyl crisis and drug addiction by using state resources to secure our southern border. I will protect New Mexico’s Second Amendment Rights. I will work to reform our failing education system, INSTEAD of teaching our children taboo gender ideology. I will cut wasteful spending, fight inflation, fight for bail reform to keep criminals off the streets, back our law enforcement by fighting to get their qualified immunity back, support pro jobs and business policies to stop the bleeding of jobs and businesses from New Mexico, introduce voter ID and other election security protocols to ensure election integrity, and reduce taxes to put more money back in your pocket.”


17 thoughts on “Sandoval County Commissioner Jay Block announces state Senate run”

  1. I am so happy to hear that Jay has decided to continue the fight in Santa Fe. Thank you for prayerfully considering this move. You have my full support as you did in 2022. I’m glad you are not done!


  2. I’ve always been a supporter of Jay’s. I also want to remind everyone that during the elections, he was one of only two Sandoval commissioners who refused to certify. He had solid reasons for not wanting to do so (not the least of which, he is well aware of the cheating that is enabled by the machines and mail-in voting). Maggie Screwloose Oliver threatened to arrest him and the other commissioner – Jay wouldn’t back down. And he wouldn’t back down because he was asking for an honest resolution and acknowledged that certifying results he knew were dirty was not doing the job he was elected to do. He also supported the requirement of voter ID to vote in Sandoval County. Anyone who can LEGALLY vote, should. That right away tells you something about him. He has zero fear, does what he was elected to do, respects the Constitution and the laws in place and cannot be intimidated by woke bullies. That is the kind of person you want representing your interests.

  3. Jay Block is a far right republican who is against the lgbtqi community, is pro gun which will kill more Americans and against a women’s reproductive rights. He blames the woke agenda which means he’s against Americans who are against white supremacists

    1. How much are your handlers paying you to post this bullshit? You’re spouting narrative and clearly know nothing about Jay, his platform or his stance on the “issues” you’re calling out. Go troll somewhere else.

      1. I couldn’t agree with you more~Jay is controlled opposition~the ignorant masses need to wake up~this man will just join with the other shills~

    2. What is the basis for your statements? Cite reputable sources. Be advised, just because someone is running for political office doesn’t give you license to libel and defame them. Individuals running for office are NOT public persons until such time that they are nominated or elected to office. As for what you call womens’ “reproductive rights”- Our Constitution does not confer any such rights. Birth control is readily and cheaply available for women that don’t wish to become pregnant. As far as guns are concerned, Jay Block follows and supports our Constitution, I strongly suggest you read it. Your statements are indicative that your knowledge of Jay Block is as limited as your knowledge of our Constitution. Your statement also leads me to believe you would not know a “white supremacist” if you met one. You allude that you support the “woke agenda”. Please, do tell what that “agenda entails.

  4. Go Jay! I am looking forward to our New Mexico Republican Party leadership getting behind Jay and other Republican candidates. We see the leadership in Albuquerque from power houses like Sarah Jane Allen but we need strong, engaged leadership across the state to get awesome candidates like Jay elected.

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