NM Dems waste no time politicizing tragedy in Farmington

On Monday, a shooter opened fire in Farmington, armed with what appears to be a Glock pistol, and killed at least four while injuring two police officers.

“Farmington Police Department, San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, and the New Mexico State Police are on scene investigating an incident involving an active shooter in Farmington. At this time, the details we have are that multiple officers from the Farmington Police Department were involved in an officer involved shooting. One suspect was confronted and killed on scene. The suspect’s identity is unknown and there are no other known threats at this time. Two officers were shot, one from the Farmington Police Department and one from New Mexico State Police, both currently at San Juan Regional Medical Center being treated for their injuries and in stable condition. There are multiple civilian victims with at least 3 deceased,” the Farmington Police Department wrote.

One video by someone who says he was shot at appears to show the shooter in action outside of First Church of Christ, Scientist, on North Dustin Avenue in Farmington. (CAUTION — Explicit language): 

Despite no clear details available, Democrats almost immediately resoundingly politicized the tragedy and demanded more anti-gun laws.

Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham wrote in a statement posted on Twitter, “I am deeply upset by the tragic violence that unfolded today in Farmington. I am praying for the families of the victims, the wounded and the entire community of Farmington following this horrific tragedy. I’m also grateful for the quick response by law enforcement. My administration will not stop fighting the epidemic of gun violence from every angle possible.”

New Mexico’s entirely Democrat U.S. congressional delegation released a joint statement demanding gun grabs. 

“Although Congress took major action to combat gun violence last year through the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, today is a painful reminder that we must do more. We are committed to fighting for sensible gun safety measures that will keep New Mexicans safe,” wrote the Democrats. 

The Democrat Party of New Mexico wrote, “Yet again, we see how the pervasiveness of gun violence threatens every community. As Democrats, we will continue working toward commonsense gun safety reform that confronts our nation’s gun violence epidemic to make neighborhoods safer in New Mexico and across the country.” 

In contrast, Republicans focused on the families of those slain and thanked the law officers who put themselves in the line of duty to help eliminate the threat.

The New Mexico House Republican Caucus wrote, “House Republicans are closely monitoring the tragedy out of Farmington. Senseless violence has become a norm for many New Mexico communities and we continue to call on the Legislature to seriously address out of control crime with common sense reforms, mental health support, and supporting law enforcement in New Mexico. We share our condolences and grief with the victims of this tragedy and all law enforcement involved.”


17 thoughts on “NM Dems waste no time politicizing tragedy in Farmington”

  1. Once again the idiots in the roundhouse prove how out of touch with reality they are! And the media doesn’t help- every story they put out is headlined as “GUN VIOLENCE”.. It’s not the gun that is at fault. America needs to wake up and put the blame in the correct place. MENTAL ILLNESS!!! Holding the quacks that let the mental cases run free INSTEAD of actual treatment need held accountable!

    1. Once again.
      On a Monday.

      It’s the sons with guns.

      And dems get the memo at candidate school trainings. ” Pass this around to push our agenda.”
      Stansbury gotta go Vasquez probably never even went to a gun range .just a betcha and prove me wrong..

      ********* the DEMOCRAT Marxists talking points memo’ buzz words =*******

      Yet again, we see how the pervasiveness of gun violence threatens every community. As Democrats, we will continue working toward commonsense gun safety reform that confronts our nation’s gun violence epidemic to make neighborhoods safer in New Mexico and across the country.

      — Democratic Party of New Mexico (@NMDEMS) May 15, 2023

  2. Our NM male teens need help and support. They are abandoned by fathers, targeted with pornography, facing loneliness, and their own government tells them their masculinity is shameful and toxic.

    Instead of admitting our society has become deeply antagonistic toward young men and set them up with little hope of a future, they start exploiting tragedies.

    Santa Fe is a sickening hub of wicked demon-posessed politicians who push to kill babies. They have no moral authority to speak from.

  3. This focus on “GUN VIOLENCE” is foolish. We saw the video. It was not a gun walking around waiting to shoot at someone, it was a human being carrying a gun who shot multiple people and eventually was shot down by the police carrying guns. Efforts to grab guns only leaves the police and criminals with weapons, while the populace then becomes unarmed victims.

    Perhaps if our schools were to teach the “Golden Rule” again. Or if we were allowed to teach that unrepentent murderers go to Hell, we might have a lot fewer people taking this chance with their immortal souls.

  4. Nobody (politicians, new, etc.) ever ask “Why?”. I learned the best way to identify a problem is to ask “:Why?” five times, with each answer leading to another “Why?”.
    Why would a kid think this would be OK? Why are so many afflicted with mental illness?
    Instead of jumping to the standard talking points, they need to ask “Why?”

    1. HKR you are absolutely right. And even if the 5th or 6th why does not give you complete answers then ask why until it does!!

  5. It’s not gun violence it is human violence. We let people who are in need of mental health care go with no services to help them and protect them from themselves. Our so called leaders in Santa Fe and DC refuse to address the cause of the illness and only want to chain everyone else in the name of public safety. A sick mind will always find a way to inflict harm. Cure the sick mind and you can start to stop the Human Violence. On another point, the left wants to take away our rights by taking away our guns because they can be used in crime. Cars, cell phones, computers and the internet are also used in many more crimes than guns are. Why are they net set on taking those away as well?

  6. There is someone killed in NM every night. No plan on fixing that. Politicians promote a criminal lifestyle here, “Why?”. Gun reform only affects law abiding citizens. This is part of a bigger plan by politicians “Why?”.
    I agree with all of the previous comments. Mental Illness, crime and take away citizens ability to protect themselves. Our politicians are destroying New Mexicans way of life while they get rich. We need to make a political change before we lose our state.

  7. Liberals have spent 60+ years destroying American society, morals and culture. This is the result. There have always been a lot of guns in America. No one 70 years ago would think of doing what is going on today. And the democrats only solution is more of the same. It is not about governing; It’s about control.

  8. She actually went on social media. Why didn’t she go on social media when a baby was thrown in a dumpster or when a baby was thrown in the hospital trash. Shows how biased her and the dumbocrats are. Knowing the baby killer disciple of satan she probably got off on that. She could have at least expressed remorse like she did with the victims families.

  9. We all saw the video of that horrible GUN walking around, shooting at whoever it wanted to. That GUN, a little brother to that ALMIGHTY GUN, THE AR-15 (aWESOME

    I apologize to those who lost loved ones in this senseless tragedy, but it makes no sense to blame the tool used by the madman who did this crime.

    A look around our nation yesterday will total many more who were killed by cars, where is the outcry by dimmoKKKraps to ban cars?

    A look around our nation yesterday will total many more who were killed by fentanyl, where is the outcry by dimmoKKKraps to seal the border to stop the flood of drugs?

    A look around our nation yesterday will total many more who were killed by booze – either by alcohol poisoning or drunk driving or disease brought on by alcohol. Where is dimmoKKKraps outrage to this alcohol fueled slaughter?

    The dimmoKKKraps only want to disarm We the People so they can keep up their program for the destruction of America.

    BAN dimmoKKKraps!
    BAN the enemedia!

  10. These horrific shootings across the country remind me of scene clips from the various ‘Night of the Living Dead’ movies.

    Its like these shooters think they’re killing otherworldly corpses and not soulful, living, breathing, enterprising fellow humans. Its like humanity has been sucked out of these shooters’ lives.

    Terrible & very troubling for America’s youth…PJS

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