Pres. Trump shares Torrance Co. 2022 Primary audit findings: ‘Out of control’

Recently, Torrance County performed an audit of its 2022 Primary Election result, which was reported by The Gateway Pundit to have shown differences between hand-counted ballots and those run through machines.

The audit, which was done by the New Mexico Audit Force led by David Clements, was reported by CD Media to have shown “a stunning 25% difference between machine and hand count results.” 

On Clements’ Telegram page, he wrote, “All 24 of the Dominion tabulator SD cards from the 2022 Primary have been entered into evidence with the Sheriff’s office.” 

In another post, he noted regarding the audit, “Torrance County 83 voters were no longer on the rolls one month after the primary. They may never have been there in the first place. Only 1,600 votes in this county – i.e. they’re missing 5% of their voters. 44 addresses could not be found by the County’s assessor’s office. Oops.”

He noted how it appeared Democrat primary votes were “pretty close,” but issues ran into those of Republican candidates.

“Democrat votes were pretty close. Republican votes were way off. All of the ballots were processed on the same tabulators. These party-specific errors happened on all the tabulators across the county regardless of whether the voter voted absentee, early or on election day. I’d call that machine manipulation, wouldn’t you?”

The story appeared to strike a nerve, with even President Donald J. Trump posting about it via his Truth Social account. He wrote, “New Mexico was out of control in 2020!”

As Election Day rolls around, Republicans are expected to make sweeping gains across the country and in New Mexico, with the governorship and many other races looking good for the GOP. Election Day is November 8th, and early voting has already begun, ending on November 5th.


18 thoughts on “Pres. Trump shares Torrance Co. 2022 Primary audit findings: ‘Out of control’”

  1. Thank you to David Clements, a Christian Warrior. We know who really won. the office of the President and so does the current occupant of the WH who took the oath knowing the truth.

  2. All of this IS great…but what’s going to be DONE about it? Jeremy Gay is way ahead in the polls, so I’m hopeful we will get an ethical AG. Audrey Trujillo wants to crack down hard on all of this, but the party hasn’t done a lot to support her (Pierce: Retire already!) and she’s trying like hell to get ahead. Grassroots local money can’t easily compete with Maggie’s unlimited dark money. I’m hoping voters see through Maggie’s bullsh*t and lack of ethics and vote wisely.

  3. N.M. forever last. Thank you democraps

    Sad to say, but our state has become a crap show. We never have a positive spotlight on us. We are always worse at everything. I pray something will be done about the voting fraud in our state and all over the country. But it won’t our state secretary is a far left, woke, Psycho. Just like our evil govenor. The once religious state of New Mexico is under demonic control. Where are our religious leaders? Why do they not stand up for our state?

  4. It should be painfully obvious everyone that this state has a demonic spirit over us, hence the continual, pervasive poor statistics. This is the state of lethargy, procrastination, colossal, unchallenged corruption, blame, and apathy (hence, the “land of enchantment” [read: demonic spells and influence). A good part of t of this is the result of the same ‘everyone’ just cowering in a dark corner and doing nothing. Its astounding to comprehend how the population of this state simply goes about their lives as if all is well. And yes, I am equally to blame ! We are members of a church that I believe is only one of very few that is NOT afraid to stand up and challenge the “leadership” of NM and its perpetual corruption. Its not enough folks !

  5. Speaking of demonic spirits, how about the symbols of idolatry all over the state. Overcoming the demonic spirits begins at home. Time to clean house and get rid of the idols, the Zia symbol and Kokopelli for starters.

    1. kokopelli is not the problem. the problem is the toxic hispanic culture of abuse and co dependency. this is why nm is always last. this is why these sociopaths continue to be put in office and supported by the useful idiots,. they are abusive as well and condone this disgraceful behavior. want to stop abortion culture? stop the abusive culture. everyone needs to look in the mirror and vow to stop being an enabler and/or an abuser now. evil is committed under darkness, and the light must be shone on this or nothing will change. communism is popular here for this very reason.

  6. OMGosh! But the “big-wigs” from Dominion software has told us that the counting machines “can’t be changed”! We can’t trust the Dominion machines! We need to start over again and come up with a BETTER voting method!

    1. everyone needs to ask the republicans why they refused to get rid of the dominion software? controlled opposition? i think so. until the people hold their public servants accountable and decide to take response ability nothing will change.

  7. Just goes to show the fraud, corruption and collusion by the demonrats. In my life experience, proof of no wrongdoing should be offered if innocent and those who are insulted and object to providing proof have something to hide.

  8. To stop the voter fraud in this state is to vote in person.. if a mail in ballot is used it needs to be presented in person to the county clerk. Do not rely on the mail service. We need to get rid of the current Secretary of State because she is corrupt and manipulates the votes. The Democrat party is the party of pure evil.

  9. Karen Bedonie has been pointing out this corruption for the last two years! Mark Ronchetti says that the 2020 election was on the up and up and that Trump legitimately lost…..enough said. Vote for Karen Bedonie for governor is you want this mess cleaned up! She won’t back down and she won’t back up! Also, she can’t be bought!

    1. Save the baby humans

      Although I would be content to have Bedoni as Governor and am not totally satisfied w Ronchetti, the reality is she will not win. A vote for her is a vote for MLG. Think about it.

  10. Hell, no I am voting for Ronchetti. Bedonie is as sick as the rest of them. A vote for her is a vote for the witch in office. She even said she is running so Mark does not win. How much do you think she cares about this state? Obviously, this state needs prayers as does the country. He says she says is nauseating to say the least. Vote for those who value family life, work ethics, and God-fearing folks who want to take back our state and country and restore our freedom.

  11. Georgi Soros and his minions are funding the mlg and Bedoni campaigns – the latter to divide the conservative vote and the former to keep The Littlest Nazi, NOT MY GOVERNESS – mlg in office. Why? To keep a 179.5 mile wide door open for every Thomas, Ricardo and Hamid to waltz into our Republic.
    WHY? To destroy the United States !
    As long as those “tamper proof” Dominion machines are allowed in the elections we will never have a free and fair election.

    In person voting on election day, Voter ID, paper ballots and open, monitored counts are the only way to break the back of the corrupt elites and the Santa Fe Ring.

  12. So which count was correct? No one knows.

    Given that this “audit” was performed by the grifting lying Clements who has misinterpreted so much data, and has a team of “auditors” with an agenda to prove his claims, my bet is with the machines.

    Hand counting has always been shown to have more errors.

    If you want to truly unseat MLG,
    Vote Ronchetti and vote now!

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