Ronchetti outraises Luján in 3rd Quarter

On Friday, Republican U.S. Senate nominee Mark Ronchetti announced that his campaign had outraised Democrat nominee Ben Ray Luján in the third fundraising quarter.

Ronchetti’s campaign said in a presser that the Albuquerque Republican “raised more money in the 3rd Quarter than Ben Ray Lujan’s out-of-state funded campaign. Ronchetti’s campaign raised 85% of their Q3 funds from New Mexico, while Ben Ray only raised 25% of his Q3 funds from New Mexico. Despite their out-of-state money flow, the Lujan campaign raised less money than the Ronchetti campaign in Q3.” 

“I’m proud of our campaign focusing on New Mexico and humbled by the support that has poured in from across our state,” said Ronchetti. “I’m running to put New Mexico first, not special interests from D.C. and California.”

“Mark outraising 12-year Congressman Lujan and his out-of-state money [show] the power of the people of New Mexico. Mark is continuing to put the people of New Mexico over the politics of D.C., with 85% of campaign donations coming from New Mexican donors,” said Ronchetti’s Campaign Manager, Jeff Glassburner. 

“Meanwhile, only 25% of Ben Ray Lujan’s money in the third quarter came from New Mexico. Mark is running a grassroots campaign on the issues important to the people of New Mexico, while Ben Ray’s campaign is funded by out-of-state liberals and continues to rake in special interest D.C. PAC money.”

According to the filings on the Federal Election Commission (FEC) website, Ronchetti raised $1.8 million and Luján raised $1.59 million in Q3.

Ronchetti’s fundraising numbers were bolstered by $44,000 in conduit contributions from the National Republican Senatorial Committee, $4,950 from the pro-gun National Rifle Association of America Political Victory Fund, $5,000 from former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s “Huck PAC,” and other issue-based groups. 

Luján’s contributors include the pro-abortion groups NARAL and Washington Women for Choice, who gave $250 and $5,000 respectively, the pro-“Green New Deal” League of Conservation Voters with $3,650, and billionaire Tom Steyer with $2,800.

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  1. I sense Ronchetti is going to win this election. How sweet that would be. NM voters are tired of Lujan’s holding so much power in our state. It’s time for a change!

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