75% of Xochitl Torres Small’s 3rd Quarter campaign funds came from out-of-state, $544k from DC alone

On Friday, initial Federal Election Commission numbers for Quarter Three (Q3) were published, and Rep. Xochitl Torres Small from New Mexico’s Second Congressional District raised approximately $2.4 million, with a vast majority of contributions coming from out-of-state. mostly out-of-state donations. 

Out-of-state contributions made up 75.65% of Torres Small’s Q3, with  $1,833,143.25, and in-state contributions only made up $590,109.60 or 24.35%. $380,761.27 came from California, $184,266.58 from New York, and $544,441.03 from Washington, D.C., and $73,195.27 from Illinois. 

PAC donations made up $644,285.69 of Torres Small’s Q3 war chest. Approximately $45,000 came from professors and university staff, including over $2,500 from Yale University professors, $1,200 from Harvard University professors, $500 from Stanford University staff, and $250 from Cornell University staff. Attorneys made up $117,240.59 of Torres Small’s Q3 donations, while those with the title of “consultant” made up $47,738.32.

The “Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee” gave Torres Small  $7,700 in Q3 contributions, pro-abortion group Planned Parenthood topped off their previous donations, adding $578.46, pro-abortion group NARAL donated  $4,559.56 and EMILY’s List pro-abortion group gave $72,364.49. Radical pro-abortion groups Environmental Defense Fund and League of Conservation Voters donated $2,000 and $1,500 respectively. 

Support from other Democrats’ congressional funds also poured into Torres Small’s campaign account. 

During Torres Small’s campaign, she has stressed in her multiple advertisements her “New Mexico Values,” but her campaign contributions paint another picture, with mainly elite out-of-state donors funding her campaign, many of them being D.C. lawyers, Harvard and Yale professors, and dark money groups, such as EMILY’s List, which has dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars in Torres Small’s coffers.

In contrast, Torres Small’s opponent, Republican Yvette Herrell, raised $1,066,205.32 according to initial Q3 filings, with $451,093, or 42.3% of donations originating in the state, nearly double that of Torres Small. Herrell got help from conservative Republican Texas U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, whose victory committee gave her $73,200, the pro-life group Susan B. Anthonly List with $5,000, the pro-gun National Rifle Association of America Victory Fund with $5,000, and $5,000 from conservative Republican Rep. Jim Jordan’s House Freedom Fund to name a few. 

The final FEC reports are not available to the public yet, but this article will be updated with the total numbers once they are accessible.


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