Riley Gaines slapped with huge bill for unsolicited security force at UNM speech

Activist and former University of Kentucky NCAA swimming athlete Riley Gaines spoke at the University of New Mexico on Wednesday at a talk put on by Turning Point USA. Gaines garnered notoriety for having to share a title with Lia Thomas, a biological man claiming to be transgender woman.

At the UNM event, Gaines claims she was billed $10,000 for police presence she did not request at the event.

She wrote that “they stationed 45 police officers with me & hit me with a 10k security charge.”

She added, “All for saying men are men and women are women… such a radical position to take. Onward!”

State Sen. Gregg Schmedes (R-Tijeras) wrote in response, “Ridiculous. Thank you for coming to speak and standing for truth.”

“I’m so embarrassed as a New Mexican right now. I’m sorry Riley. I hope someone makes this right,” one commenter wrote, tagging Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller, a Democrat.

Others noted how the crowd protesting Gaines’ speech was “embarrassing.”

At a 2022 event with conservative speaker Tomi Lahren at UNM, a violent Antifa mob interrupted the event and shut down the scheduled speech. 


15 thoughts on “Riley Gaines slapped with huge bill for unsolicited security force at UNM speech”

  1. Time for Democrats to stand up for the right of everyone to sppeak their mind and stop their support of dictatorship,

  2. Don’t pay it! Did you sign a contract requesting police presence? No, then you’re not responsible for the bill. Whoever requested the police (UNM? City of Albuquerque?, Mayor Keller?) is responsible.

  3. They are bullies and worse. She deserves an apology and hopefully will counter their “bill” with a letter from her attorney.

  4. As you were not advised of the charges ahead of time, or within a contract, just tell them no way.
    Let UNM cover the expense.

  5. Who the hell decided to charge this young lady for security she did not request? I am so embarrassed that NM public officials (I suspect it was UNM Police) treated Ms. Gaines in this manner. Don’t pay it!

  6. A sad and embarrassing socialist political stunt. A new tactic and a new low. This is effectively them penalizing free speech- from the same people who organized the fascist terrorist attack before, they just didnt want the same publicity about their true violent nature this time.
    “Higher learning” demonstrating that it has fully become “higher indoctrination”.
    UNM is a festering boil in the middle of a festering boil.
    Sad and disgusting times. History will judge these poor brainwashed socialists.

  7. I do not know of any NM higher education that is not woke and trying to gram perverted ways not normal people throats, and if you do not like it we will hurt you through brut force or by taking your money. I would think the school should cover it, it is their job to protect students and speakers they allow. I guess the good thing is they did allow her to speak. My family is very conservative, my sister sent her son to a public college, NM institute of Mining and technology, my nephew came back spouting some ridiculous leftest crap they pushed on him. Not sure why our tax dollars go to schools like this. If they have a leftest agenda they need to go private.

  8. Universities used to be a forum for differing ideas and opinions. Those in disagreement simply stood outside with protest signs, making it possible for those who wanted to listen to the speakers. I guess charging for unsolicited protection is the new leftist tactic. What’s next?

  9. It should be very obvious to the far right that Gen Z is going to be their nemesis. They were behind crushing 2022 Red Wave. 2024 will be even worse for Republicans.

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