Republican jumps into 2022 BernCo sheriff race

On Monday, Republican Joshua James Ryan Lawrence posted that he had announced over the weekend that he will be running for sheriff in Bernalillo County in 2022.

“As a Constitutionally Bonded Sheriff, I will be Constitutionally putting the Constitutional authority back in the hands of ‘We The People’,” he declared.

“Under my supervision, Bernalillo County will have a forensic audit of our votes, we will be auditing the financial books, and will be cleaning house of all unnecessary spending in the BCSO. There will be no more corruption in Bernalillo County so long as the people put me Constitutionally in charge.”

From Joshua James’ announcement:

From the time I take my constitutional oath, and then bond that oath per the constitution of New Mexico Article 22 Section 19, we will have a 30-day countdown from the time every elected candidate takes their Oath of Office, any candidate that fails to bond their oath, they will be forfeiting their elected office, and the Bernalillo Sheriff’s department will be escorting those people out of that office, and we will hold a protected special election to Constitutionally fill those seats. Also, we will have paper [ballots], and no DOMINION cheating machines.

All Vets/LEOS will be constitutionally guaranteed a job with the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s department per the Constitution, and I highly suggest all constitutional Americans here in Bernalillo County come get vetted and deputized as a Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputy in order to protect your neighborhoods. All deputies/police will be designated to the neighborhoods/vicinity where they live. It’s vital LEOS know their neighbors, fore they are the jury of your peers.

Sheriff is also the head officer of the Courts, so no more games.

ALL Covid mandates and restrictions will be eliminated completely. There will be no more violations of our Bill of Rights, and we will only Enforce The Constitution.

I will work with all Bonded Sheriff’s in the State to make Constitutional corrections collectively.

Note to APD, the Mayor will no longer be your Police Chief, fore your authority comes from the County Sheriff, and we will hire a Constitutionally Bonded Police/Patrol Chief. We will make the Constitution precedent again. May God bless us all through this journey, we will bring God back to New Mexico, and our Local Government.

Lawrence, who goes just by“Joshua James,” has long been an advocate for Constitutional rights and has shown up at many pro-freedom rallies across New Mexico, including at the Roundhouse against the Governor’s Green New Deal, in Alamogordo for a“33 Counties” rally, among other places. With his conservative credentials, he will be a frontrunner in the Republican primary.

The announcement comes as Bernalillo County Sheriff Manny Gonzales failed in his run for mayor against socialist Mayor Tim Keller. His seat appears to be open unless Gonzales once again seeks the Democrat nomination for the seat.


6 thoughts on “Republican jumps into 2022 BernCo sheriff race”

  1. Thank God he is running.

    I emailed Manny and asked him if he considered himself a constitutional sheriff and no response.

  2. Thank God he is running.

    I emailed Manny and asked him if he considered himself a constitutional sheriff and no response.

  3. When a man like this shows up the People can not be silent about their position and their stance behind him. Make your voice known now and support him.

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