OSHA complaint filed against NM abortion business after staff member dies of COVID-19

On Wednesday, Abortion on Trial, a pro-life group, filed an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) complaint against a Sunland Park abortion facility, Women’s Reproductive Clinic of Sunland Park, alleging that the location did not alert the Department of Health that a member of facility’s staff had contracted COVID-19.

One staff member, Gloria Martinez, died of the virus, while the abortionist himself, Dr. Franz Theard, was previously in an intensive care unit recovering from the virus, alleges the organization.

“Women’s Reproductive Center of Sunland Park is engaging in dangerous practices which have left one employee dead and another one in the ICU due to the contraction of Covid-19. The clinic has failed to report this as required by law,” reads the group’s letter.

“[D]ue to the extreme infection at Women’s Reproductive Clinic of Sunland Park, the Department of Health should immediately implement protective measures for abortion clinics,” the complaint continues.

According to the group, Women’s Reproductive Clinic of Sunland Park is seeing patients despite its “extreme outbreak of Covid-19. Numerous women have been seen recently entering the facility for abortion services without masks, without social distancing, and without there having been any inspection or investigation by the Department of Health or OSHA.”

One other point made in the letter is that the vacuum aspirator machines used to kill children through abortions may “lead to aerosolization of droplets which contain the Covid-19 virus,” and as such, the abortion facility “could be the source of a super spreader event.”

Ethel Maharg of New Mexico Right to Life commented on the issue saying “No quarantine restrictions are adhered to, yet no police are being dispatched there to make certain they are not violating the health order. No citations are issued, and no one is going to jail. This is clearly hypocrisy as women are allowed to choose abortion, yet we are not allowed to live our lives as free citizens. Where is the right to choose here?”

Jamie Jeffries, executive director of Abortion On Trial, said, “The way this doctor dropped the ball on handling a Covid-19 outbreak in his clinic is simply unacceptable. When healthcare providers are the source of a public health crisis the state needs to step in and do something to protect their citizens.”

There has not been word back yet from Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s office on the complaint. If the Governor’s office does wish to comment, this article will be updated with their response.


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