Rep. Yvette Herrell: ‘It’s about time’ Kamala Harris visited the border

On Wednesday, it was reported that Kamala Harris plans to finally visit the southern border between the United States and Mexico after dodging a trip for months. A border crisis has begun on the border after migrants saw Joe Biden’s weak immigration laws as an opportunity to skirt U.S. law and come to America illegally.

According to the Daily Caller, “Border patrol apprehended 180,000 migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border in May, following 178,000 in April and 173,000 in March. Meanwhile, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deported the fewest number of illegal immigrants in the agency’s history.” 

Border-district Congresswoman Yvette Herrell (R-NM-2), who has tried on multiple occasions to have Harris and a bipartisan delegation visit the border to assess the crisis, took to Twitter on Wednesday, writing, “It’s about time [Kamala Harris] visited the border. To understand the situation, she needs to bring a bipartisan delegation and listen to the ranchers, farmers, and residents who see the #BorderCrisis every day.” 

She said in a statement published later Wednesday:

It’s about time Kamala Harris visited the border. This should have happened three months ago when President Biden named her as his Border Czar.

More importantly though, her visit to the border needs to be more than just checking a box. To truly understand the crisis, she needs to hear from the ranchers, farmers, and residents who live with the effects of this administration’s open borders policy every day. I am more than willing to introduce her to my constituents so she can actually understand why this administration’s policies are not working.

On Tuesday, Herrell sent a letter to Harris telling her, “While I was disappointed you chose not to respond to me, I want to reiterate my offer for you to visit the border with me and hear directly from hardworking New Mexicans about how your border policies are harming them and threatening their families and livelihoods.” 

She added, “May I also suggest that you visit the border with… President Donald J. Trump and Governor Greg Abbott during their planned trip in late June. President Trump can provide you an in-depth briefing on the programs that led to the most secure border in decades.”

“Such a discussion with President Trump is even more pressing given the unprecedented crisis that your administration’s policies have created at our southern border,” Herrell concluded in her Tuesday letter.

Now, Harris will visit the border, but it is unclear if she will welcome Republicans like Herrell, who represent border districts, on the trip.


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  1. She is going because President Trump and Governor Abbott are going to the border June 30. Her visit will be staged. If they really cared about the US Citizens they would enforce the immigration laws. President Trump had the border under control

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