Rep. Herrell invites Kamala Harris to tour southern border, join Central American trip

On Monday, Republican Congresswoman for New Mexico’s Second District Yvette Herrell sent a letter to Kamala Harris inviting her to visit the southern border in New Mexico to see first-hand the humanitarian crisis happening on the border with Mexico. In the letter, she said if Harris does not plan to see the border herself, she should bring a bipartisan delegation of border-area lawmakers with her as she seeks to reach a solution with foreign leaders.

“I believe it is imperative that your discussions with the governments of Mexico and Central American countries include members of Congress, especially those members from border communities and those on both sides of the aisle,” Herrell wrote in her letter obtained by the Washington Examiner. “This crisis can only be solved with bipartisan input and perspective from those who represent areas along the southern border.”

“I would be pleased to host you in New Mexico’s Second District as well as join you on your trip to Mexico and Guatemala to bring firsthand knowledge of what the border crisis means for those who live there and are affected daily,” the congresswoman wrote.

She posted a video of her signing the letter, saying, “…we do have a crisis at the border, and that’s why I’m inviting you to come to New Mexico so you can see it for yourself firsthand.” 


1 thought on “Rep. Herrell invites Kamala Harris to tour southern border, join Central American trip”

  1. Jerry Fanning Jr.

    Nothing can replace the message that a firsthand visit makes.
    I truly hope that the Vice President shows her true commitment to resolving the border issue by accepting Congresswoman Harrell’s invitation.

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