Lawyer responds after Dems launch ‘egregious’ attacks against pro-life group

On Monday, following a rhetoric-filled press release from the Democrat Party of New Mexico (DPNM) attacking the pro-life group, Abortion Free New Mexico, the group’s founders, Bud and Tara Shaver, had their attorney write a letter to DPNM demanding a retraction.

The press release labeled the Shavers as “fanatical extremists” with “ties to domestic terrorism,” among other accusations to belittle the pro-life group, which had a fundraiser with Republican nominee for Congress in the Third Congressional District, Michelle Garcia Holmes.

DPNM also accused the group of sending out “ illegal mailers to Albuquerque voters” and promoting “doctored imagery on a large truck,” among other untruths. 

Democrat Party of New Mexico Chairwoman Jessica Velasquez claimed, “The New Mexican Republican Party has an open door policy for fanatical extremists, like Bud and Tara Shaver. Michelle Garcia Holmes consistently aligns herself with the most dangerous MAGA zealots in Republican Party and if elected, she promises to ban all abortions nationwide, without exception for rape or incest.” 

Abortion Free New Mexico wrote in a press release of its own, “Never in our pro-life missionary journey have we ever condoned violence of any kind, in fact, we are working to end the ultimate violent act that leads to the exploitation of women through abortion.”

“The Democratic Party of New Mexico (DPNM) are the extremists because they support abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, even when babies could survive outside the womb. According to a recent poll released by the Associated Press, 80% of Americans oppose late term abortions. The fact that New Mexico is the late term abortion capital, is a hard truth that New Mexicans must grasp when considering who to cast their vote for this November,” wrote the group.

The Shavers’ attorney, Angelo Artus, wrote in a statement, “By publishing false statements of fact either knowing them to be false or in reckless disregard for whether they are true or false, you have exposed yourself and New Mexico to potential legal action. On behalf of the Shavers, I demand that you and New Mexico print and publish an immediate retraction of these falsehoods.”

Artus also argued that the mailers accused of being “illegal” were “a constitutionally protected” act of free speech, while the claim of “doctored” imagery was shot down by explaining the true and undoctored images were “the very real consequences of abortion.” 

The Shavers added, “We love and value pregnant women from all walks of life and desire to protect them and their pre-born children. We will never waver from proclaiming the truth about the atrocity of abortion and will always stand up for the, ‘least of these’ among us. Our prayers go out to those who support abortion and we hope that those especially in Democrat Party of New Mexico would come to conversion and see how beautiful the gift of life truly is.” 


13 thoughts on “Lawyer responds after Dems launch ‘egregious’ attacks against pro-life group”

    1. Vitrolic: Filled with bitter criticism or malice. – def.
      You are confusing vitriol with statements of FACTS. It is a FACT that ‘pro Reproductive Rights’ groups publicly support what they call the ‘right’ to murder unborn children via abortion including infanticide also defined by them as a ‘reproductive right.’ Repeating their own public/published statement(s) is not ‘vitrolic’ in nature. However, intentionally and publicly lying re: pro-life individuals and groups IS authentically vitrolic and falls within the def. of slander. Just to be clear, of course –

  1. “Abortion Free New Mexico wrote in a press release of its own, “Never in our pro-life missionary journey have we ever condoned violence of any kind, in fact, we are working to end the ultimate violent act that leads to the exploitation of women through abortion.”

    Thank goodness for organizations like Abortion Free New Mexico who speak up for the lives of unborn babies and their mothers. Shame on the New Mexico Democrat Party!

  2. The message of pro life needs to be focused in this election. The DNC of NM advocates the execution of late term infants in the womb up to and INCLUDING the moment of birth.
    That is the real message and the truth that the DNC of NM is protecting, and that is a mental health sickness where I do not believe is curable, but only through removal from elected and appointed offices…STATEWIDE.

    The GIFT of LIFE resets with only one sex in our society. The gift of life is with a woman…and that is it. and the GOP and Independents and other moral and ethical conscious person’s feeling political persons needs focusing.

    Life given is precious. Women who grant the gift of life need everything a State Government can do to aid them in raising that child.

    There needs to be moderation as well, and every rule law or regulation has exceptions…and exceptions must be considered in our world for an abortion… Go to far to the right and you’ll loose those who can grant life to a child.

    You cannot take away the day after pill. You cannot restrict contraceptive devices either. You must allow it to be available and at no cost. Sorry, that’s the way it has to be to work in our world.

    But for the gift of life, what is missing in NM right now, is the absolute support of aiding and helping those women who desire to be a mother.

    Take the $10,000,000.00 this satanic Governor gave to murder innocent lives and designate it to those who GIVE LIFE. Reward our mothers… help them in every aspect.

    Just sayin’…

    1. “Women who grant the gift of life need everything a State Government can do to aid them in raising that child.”

      I agree with most of what you said, Clare, except for that.

      The Government should never be involved in the raising of a child.
      It will be the same trap we find ourselves in today which is a Welfare State, among other things we don’t want. This is probably a conversation for another time though, but I will say this:
      IMO, the problem is with a demoralized society, by design of course, from a Godless, tyrannical government. Churches remain silent (501C3) while family values and traditions have been deteriorating for sometime. Schools have become indoctrination camps for our kids who are being sexualized.

      I say all this because unless we as a society, do not take back our power from the government, which we DO have power over, per our Constitution, and get back to God’s principles for living, NOTHING will change, but only worsen. One can only see how demonic our government has become with its frantic need to kill babies. Add to that now, a Godless, lawless society where anything goes. Pot smoking, welfare checks, unemployment, promiscuity…….EXACTLY where our Government wants us…dependent on them so they can control us.

      And should Grisham be reelected in November, what on earth will we do? NOBODY is going to save us…
      Society needs to be shaken from it’s complacency, and slumber right now!

      1. Great post, you summed up most of our problems. I agree wholeheartedly that unfortunately “our” government is causing this downward spiral to humanity . We must remain vigilant and resist this evil. May God help us.

        1. Amen, Norteno. God is the only one who can deliver us from these criminals, and save the unborn.
          We are so divided, another accomplished tactic by our Government, and need to somehow come together.
          I honestly believe that there is a great shaking coming very soon. Things can’t continue much longer on this course we’re on.
          Stay safe, and God bless.

      2. Agree with you Ms. Maria, but there’s an idea I’m tying to instill with motherhood. Promoting the grace and good of life and granting it, rather than killing it.

        I have a different view that I would enjoy seeing put into practice by our elected… I don’t like the term “Providing” or the process of getting a birth mother “to become dependent upon the State”.

        My thought process is NOT to have the STATE control the aspects of raising a child either…far, far from that.

        Think of this for a moment…

        Punishment & Reward.

        Welfare sounds like its always been a form of punishment doesn’t it?

        Stop with the aspect of “WELFARE” and turn those principals into a “REWARD” for motherhood.

        We should be REWARDING mothers for birthing the next generations, not suppress them with “Your on Welfare”.

        Collège for all mothers at any age? Supportive baby sitting? Job Training? Child rearing? Shelter and food should never be an concern or option to a mother, either on a Reservation or in a city or a rural setting. Nether should total health care for the child until adulthood, (age 18) or emancipation to adulthood by the courts, (Can be age 15 or 16).

        In order to REWARD a family, why not encourage a FAMILY setting for a child? REWARD THE FAMILY every day, not just at tax refund time. How about no taxes for FAMILIES throughout the entire year? A monthly rebate on the gas tax? property tax? Road use tax rebates? All purchases that have a tax…including internet sales taxes?

        A rebate on Social Security taxes (the employee match share only which is .0642% in my day). or even an option for STATE EMPLOYEES to delay STATE RETIREMENT EMPLOYEE CONTRIBUTIONS TAXES (NOT THE STATES OR EMPLOYERS SHARE) up until the time the children are considered adults? There’s up to like 23% of an employees match that goes right back immediately into their pockets..(Just ask a State Police Officer how much their share contribution rates are).

        A education refund for home schooling direct to the FAMILY instead of the school (About $10,000.00 (+)(-) per child enrolled per year) and the FAMILY determines which public school their CHILD goes too including stay at home.

        How to pay for it? that’s always the question. Expand business opportunity’s through already legalized practices, The Gaming (Gambling) Industry which was taking in over $160,000,000.00 per year before the Governor shut it down.

        Oil and Gas has proven to be the generator of wealth for 50-70% of the STATE for decades now, and there is still a lot of wealth on STATE LANDS in NM. Open it back up and permit new fracking that this Governor shut down.

        The forests provide a renewable resource, let timber sales commence on the burn areas right now, and reforest those areas at the same time. Open up other timber logging areas, use the timber and sell it, or build homes for the homeless with it and then reforest those areas as well.

        Right now, the burn areas in the Mescalero, Ruidoso, Cloudcroft & Captain areas are full of dead burnt standing timber that will rot away before its harvested and cut into usable timber. Wasting away and rotting, rather than put to use and reforested. A massive loss of potential revenues.

        Permit increased cattle grazing on leased lands and expand grazing on public lands for the ranchers which generates more grazing fees and reduces the underbrush thus reducing controlled burns to burn the underbrush which cattle can graze off providing an increase supply of food to the nation…and to the FAMILIES of NEW MEXICO.

        We have had a permanent trust fund that is well into the TRILLIONS of dollars and we have had it for decades. What does that mean? (In about July 2015 as I recall it was well over $1,500,000,000,000.00-Yes one point five TRILLION dollars)

        It means the elected could pass 8 billion dollar budgets for the next 100 years and still have billions of dollars left, if not a trillion. The State was at 7.1 billion or so, in 2015-2016 I’m thinking this years it was 8.1 billion dollars.

        If we permit the status quo to continue in our Education and everything depressing the citizenship right now what has the results been? What direction are we going?

        NM is a poor State because we continue to elect people who desire to keep its citizenship under it thumb of poverty…We are not a poor State…we are a hugely mismanaged State. We are a State run by greed, ignorance & incompetency.


        Simple concept I believe… different approach to calling it welfare, far different from encouraging death to infants at any stage of life…but it demands drawing from the permanent trust fund, and expanding opportunities. For at least…100 years.

  3. ‘egregious’ the new Democrat fun word. This is not a top election item but the Democrats are trying very hard to make it one. Gas prices, food prices, crime levels and our OPEN Boarder are much more important. Just saying. The Democrats have nothing to campaign on. All their CRAP has NOT worked. Socialism in plain view for all to see.

  4. You can't be Catholic and vote Dem

    Why do so many middle aged Democrats like Ms Velasquez (past child-bearing age) and with children of their own, advocate for abortion?
    For Planned Parenthood money, of course; but also because they do not care about other people’s families. They understand that the family unit is a threat to communism. It’s okay for them – Velasquez or Elgolf or Leger-Fernandez – to have children – but other people should pay money to the abortion industry which in turn pays money to the Dems. They are getting rich off the slaughter of innocent blood.

  5. I have met Jessica Velasquez when she was running for Senate District 19 a couple years back. After she shared her radical ideas about education for APS Albuquerque I knew she was not my candidate for my vote. We are still 50th in the nation for child hood education and she still wants more radical education ideas that don’t work for our kids.
    In addition, after her husband was caught removing campaign signs of her opponent Dr. Gregg Schmedes, how could anyone want to vote for her?

    It seems fitting to give her the position of Chairperson for the Democratic Party of New Mexico, no one wants her in our District.

    She is truly the “fanatical extremist “ of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

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