Far-left lawmaker rammed into three parked cars, insists no alcohol, drugs involved

On Friday evening, far-left state Sen. Jacob Candelaria, a former Democrat-turned leftist independent, rammed his cars into three parked cars in Old Town, according to a KRQE 13 report

The lawmaker claimed the incident was due to a “truly freak traumatic accident.” He said, “. In which I am as much of a victim as these individuals. I did have a seizure condition when I was a child… I now have an appointment with my primary care provider for a follow-up next week to start seeing if there is an explanation.”

“Candelaria says he was on his way home from work, and the last thing he remembers was waking up upside down in his Chevy Equinox near Mountain and Rio Grande. He says police and paramedics evaluated him,” the report notes. Candelaria insists there were no alcohol or drugs involved.

The incident happened in front of the home of Felipe Tapia, where three vehicles were parked. 

“After the accident, when I talked to Jacob, Mr. Candelaria, he told me that he’s not going to leave any of us hanging without a vehicle. He said we’ll be fully compensated a hundred percent. Shaking my hands,” Tapia said. “You can’t just do that to people and walk off and say sorry and say you’re going to be compensated 100 percent.”

“Me missing work means lost wages, you know, having to find other rides for children, trying to move around town and get kids to school and back, get to the store and back, get to the gas station and back, and with this going on,” said Tapia to KOB 4. “We have to borrow vehicles.”

“It’s been a nightmare,” said Tapia. “It’s been a nightmare since I walked out that day.”

KRQE News 13 contacted police to confirm the details of this incident but has not received an answer.

Check out the damage to the vehicles:

KOB reports, “According to police, witnesses said Candelaria’s vehicle was speeding and ran a red light prior to colliding with the three parked vehicles. Candelaria reportedly told police he did not remember the initial cause of the crash, and he could have possibly fainted.”

“I was coming home and the last thing I remember is, I just coughed, and then everything went dark,” Candelaria said. “I honestly don’t know.”

A report showing lapel camera footage from the incident can be seen here:


18 thoughts on “Far-left lawmaker rammed into three parked cars, insists no alcohol, drugs involved”

    1. There is more than Alcohol availabel today, a TOX screen would need to be done! what people missed with the Recreational Pot law was NO Change to the NM state DUI Law, so Any THC is imparied.

      All those so happy to have pot people missed the fact, The Republicans tried to have the DUI law changed, so a SET Amount of miligrams per decaliter of blood ( LIKE BAC) AS in AZ LAW. But Dem. blocked that provisional change ! It’s all a money making scam!

      A friend of mine found out the same thing in CO. 8 months in jail

  1. Normally, one of the first things you would hear in these incidences is what the blood alcohol level was. I am with Cindy (above post) on this. Until we have this info, I cannot come to any conclusions. Maybe that’s how they want it? The corrupt do seem to take care of their own afterall.

    Will be waiting for future updates.

  2. He is a democrat, so the first thing out of their mouths will be a CYA lie. I wish they would have reported on his demeanor, but then again, the leftist news media are very selective on what they report.

  3. Remember who is mayor of Albuquerque so don’t hold your breaths for any truth about this accident. They do cover for each other.

  4. NM senator Candelario crashing into parked vehicles is symbolic of what he, and other leftists, are doing to New Mexico; they are crashing New Mexico’s economy and crushing New Mexico’s freedom.

  5. Imagine had this been a high profile Republican. For sure it would be plastered all over the media into his drinking habits or any derogatory info the media could clip him with, they wouldn’t stop digging for any dirt particle.. How much of the democrat corruption are we as a people going to tolerate? It is beyond comprehension.

  6. Poor little victim

    Typucal leftist “I’m a victim too” mentality. Hope he was tested for drugs and alcohol at the scene. Any other person would have been. Leftist victims do not deserve special treatment.

  7. Is chemical enhancement an “unforeseen medical incident”? yeah let’s see if a blood test was done, and what lies pretty boy Keller spews to protect Candelario.

  8. The Senator has spoken often about his medical marijuana usage on the Senate floor and was a BIG co-signer on recreational marijuana, quoting a phony San Francisco survey to justify its passage.

  9. All of these comments are right on, and if this small sampling is any indication of November election, I would say the left better watch out. I am not calling out parties, because both parties are corrupt. I am calling out left leaning, America hating people.

  10. LOL well he said he had seizures as a KID. Loss of Drivers license for ever !

    NO mention of BAC breath test, or Blood TOX Screen??? Sounds like laws are for the people not the Rulling class. Wecome to Socialism people!

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