Police raid Hobbs facility linked to disgraced abortionist

In Hobbs, a controversy has erupted surrounding an office space allegedly rented by abortionist Steven Brigham. The office was linked to the Freedom Care abortion facility on the 4th floor of the Turner Street Don Garey Tower office building. This facility was reportedly evicted in July due to unpaid rent, resulting in Brigham’s breach of contract lawsuit against the landlord.

The situation is complicated, with allegations of deceptive practices. According to the landlord’s counterclaim, Brigham misrepresented the purpose of the rented space, initially claiming it was for specialty medical doctors, including cardiologists, without disclosing his true intention of operating an abortion mill. Moreover, Brigham was accused of concealing substantial unpaid liens and judgments.

Steven Brigham has a history of association with multiple abortion facilities across the United States, including the American Women’s Services chain in Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia, the Capital Women’s Services in D.C., and the recently closed American Family Planning. His practices have faced scrutiny for various violations, including health and safety issues, abortion-related injuries, and lawsuits. Brigham has also encountered legal troubles, including murder charges related to discovering late-term aborted fetuses in a freezer at one of his facilities.

It is worth noting that Brigham has had his medical license revoked, suspended, or relinquished in multiple states, and he is not licensed to practice medicine in New Mexico.

The registration of the Hobbs facility, referred to as NM Medical Offices, LLC, doing business as Freedom Care, raised questions about its true purpose. According to court documents, the facility’s stated business purpose did not match its activities. The facility planned to offer first-trimester surgical abortions and dispense the abortion pill for pregnancies up to 12 weeks — two weeks longer than the FDA’s approved limit.

Additionally, the facility claimed that clients would meet with female healthcare providers. The controversy surrounding this facility intensified when it was revealed that Steven Brigham had signed the lease initially negotiated in October 2022.

Local pro-life advocates believe that Brigham chose Hobbs due to its proximity to an airport and states with stronger protections for children in the womb, namely Texas. Hobbs residents were working to pass a Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn ordinance when Brigham’s facility entered the community. Based on the federal Comstock Act, the ordinance aimed to prevent the shipping and receiving of abortion-inducing drugs and abortion paraphernalia. Although similar ordinances were passed in other cities and counties in New Mexico, legal challenges have emerged, raising questions about local autonomy and federal law compliance.

Concerns regarding the Hobbs facility arose when pro-life activists discovered its existence. The landlord, who resides in Texas, claimed to have been unaware of Brigham’s involvement and the abortion plans. The landlord took swift action to terminate the lease due to unpaid rent, locking the abortionist out of the property. This move also alleviated concerns about potential criminal liability under Texas’ Heartbeat Law, which allows civil enforcement against individuals aiding and abetting abortions.

Law enforcement is now investigating the situation, with a sealed search warrant executed at the Hobbs facility, according to Live Action. The controversy highlights the complex legal and ethical issues surrounding abortion facilities, deceptive practices, and local ordinances in the United States.


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  1. I am so pleased this baby-killing facility has been shut down. Hats off to the landlord and law enforcement authorities for taking such quick action.

  2. Ironic how the same hippies that called our soldiers baby killers in Vietnam are now libtard evil yuppies supporting the killing of unborn babies up to birth! Having said what the article said, how is this scumbag not already in prison? Makes you wonder!

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  3. How many more Steven Bringham’s are out there??? My guess more than we can ever imagine thanks to MLG sinister ways. I hold you MLG responsible for every abortion that has murdered every unborn child, and so will your Maker. There are no second chances in the second coming.

    1. Lazy humans leaving it up to a god. You know the reason why we have so much b******* in the world right now is too too many religious people shove their head up their ass and said like God handle it

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