Lujan Grisham declares ‘gun violence’ emergency, uses $750K for gun grabs

Far-left anti-gun Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham declared a public health emergency in New Mexico, cloaking it in the tragic murder of an 11-year-old boy on his way home from a baseball game. 

“The time for standard measures has passed,” she wrote. “Today, I am declaring gun violence a public health emergency in New Mexico.” Gov. Lujan Grisham emphasized what she perceived as the need for additional action to combat the escalating gun violence.

“I want to know that local officials are giving the epidemic of gun violence the attention it deserves. I want to know that every parent is making sure their guns are locked up. I want to know that district attorneys and judges are using every tool at their disposal to hold bad actors accountable. I want to know that every gun store is not allowing straw purchases. I want to know that every law enforcement agency is using our red flag law,” she added in the long-winded statement.

The governor called on citizens to demand change from their communities, friends, and elected leaders, urging them to get involved and speak out against “gun violence.” She pledged to provide more details on this public health emergency in collaboration with law enforcement and criminal justice leadership.

Governor Lujan Grisham has scheduled a meeting to determine immediate actions to snatch guns in New Mexico communities. She also made a plea to Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller and U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, urging them to take swift action to combat the illegal flow of drugs and guns into the state and provide additional federal resources. She even claimed she “begged” Garland for additional federal agents. 

The governor noted that the executive order “provides $750,000 to state agencies for the purposes of quickly reducing gun violence and encourages mayors, sheriffs and other officials… request additional emergency funding from the state as well.”

Lujan Grisham has been actively seeking federal assistance since June 2022, and she claims she recently sent her fourth letter to the U.S. Department of Justice, emphasizing the urgent need for immediate resources to combat violent crime in New Mexico.

The executive order and accompanying press release were light on solutions to help with New Mexico’s mental health crisis.


37 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham declares ‘gun violence’ emergency, uses $750K for gun grabs”

  1. What is “gun violence?” Is car violence, knife violence, rock violence, and hand/foot violence next? And how can you stop the illegal trafficking of guns and drugs with your border wide open? Just another dog whistle. The goal is to make us a soft target for a Chinese/Russian invasion. And she’s going to use her state police to do it.

    1. Isn’t funny the Pinon Post doesn’t mention Grisham’s remark about her constitutional responsibility as not being absolute. She has broken her oath to uphold the Constitution and should be impeached.

    1. Corruption your are an idiot look all around incent people are dying are kids as young as 10 years of age are dying because people don’t know how to have responsibility to make sure their guns are safely locked and put away like responsible aldut

      1. You presume that these murderers are following the law. By politicians looking the other way such as MLG dancing with a known gang leader, it’s ripe for the violence we are seeing. It’s a way to push the public to capitulate to more totalitarianism from the government.

        Responsible gun owners keep their firearms secure and only use them for sport, hunting and protection. Even in concealed carry training, you do everything you can to avoid pulling your gun and find a way to get out of the situation.

        Her ploy is to punish lawful people and take their guns away, making them defenseless while she has a full security detail.

        1. She must be running to be on Bides ticket again. Stop the guns & drugs but not illegal aliens?? Want to defund the police and take protection away from lawful gun owners but not hold murders in prison?? She’s just running for office.

      2. So you think the issue are legal permit holders? Wake up. This governor let everyone out of prison and has an open border for illegal guns and drugs to flow and then punishes legal firearm owners? And you’re calling people idiots? Come on. I know people can try to convince themselves of things but that level of ignorance is ridiculous. This crime wave was created by her own policies and now she’s pulling additional funds to fix a problem she created? Google her personal wealth before you start calling people idiots.

      3. “incent”, “how to have responsibility”, “aldut”? Hard to take someone seriously when their grammer and spelling is at the same level as 2nd grader. Who’s the idiot now?

      4. Most gun violence is caused by folks that believe there is no reason to follow decency and laws. It’s easier to get a gun off the street than it is to buy one legally. Oh wait we love criminals and hate citizens who obey the law.

  2. It’s not a gun problem it’s weak laws!!! Stop trying to go for our guns and fix the judges and punishment. But ya right why would MLG help New Mexico?? What a clown.

  3. There are enough laws AGAINST law-abiding gun owners, but not harsh enough laws against the “people” that use guns to hurt others.

    And this new “edict” from our illustrious “governor” is more proof that she is targeting law-abiding gun owners.

    She should have reacted more quickly and decisively to shut our border down and prevent illegals, the cartel and “who-knows-who-else” that want to do harm to citizens of NM and the USA.

    1. Whore for globalists wanting guns/freedom gone.
      All else hot air/ruse.

      Elections NOT. Couldn’t be that many idiots here.

      [Still have to fill out my info]

      1. Apparently there are that many idiots here. They keep voting in these Marxist whores who want nothing but power, at the expense of our freedom. Long past time to get rid of them all.

        1. You are absolutely right, but you will never get liberal/leftist/democrat sheep to comprehend anything that involves common sense or critical thinking as they have no ability to do anything except believe whatever they are told by their “leaders” and obey.

  4. Hmmm . . . Seems like the last time she declared a “Public Health Emergency” she used it to circumvent the Constitution and bypass the legislature to issue whatever Executive Order she wanted, regardless of the legality.

  5. Closing the southern border would be a great step toward halting gun violence, but MLG can’t be bothered…. Instead she’ll target legal gun owners when she should be forcing judges all across NM to impose the harshest penalties possible on the criminals who violate existing laws. It’s time to stop coddling criminals, lock them up and put a question on the ballot to restore the death penalty!

  6. First, Executive Orders are not laws, and if they violate the Constitution, they are null and void. Second, when New Mexico became a state it ratified the Constitution of the USA, including the Bill of Rights. Her rant is completely un-Constitutional and un-enforceable.

  7. What this country needs is another civil war. What the he’ll ever happened to ” we the people” you want to keep your shit? Fight for your fucking rights and stop whining. Oust the criminal government.

  8. I am happy to read the above comments. It tells me New Mexicans are on the right path. I ask that folks talk to their friends and neighbors as a New Mexican not as a person from any particular party. Most NMs do not believe in taking our guns away. They do not believe in a bigger gov, sexualizing our kids, cutting body parts off our kids, that the government is in charge of our kids. Maybe if we cut the political labels and start voting for ideas, NM will become a red state. I believe we really are. Red, but folks have been brainwashed by our schools that we are democrats.

  9. How about you and your thugs start looking at the REAL PROBLEM of open borders, NO MORALS lawyers, and no cajone~s judges who let these PUNKS run the streets instead of being held accountable! Loserjan -That childs blood is on your hands!!

  10. Attack legal citizens’ rights. Kill babies. Open borders. Remove the Constitution. Give illegals free everything. ABQ is turning into a worse shithole daily. Las Cruces is failing fast. Tax on labor charges Only in NM. New Mexicans will continue to vote D. A D. vote is a vote for high crime, high taxes, removal of Constitutional rights, open borders, free money for illegals, more welfare, less industry, less jobs. A small business owner is so overtaxed and overregulated by the state. Civil war is going to happen.

    1. It has been questionable that buyback guns were destroyed. A 15 second file film showing some guns being destroyed was enough to satiate the zealots. Right now we have an invading army,the IAA (
      Illegal alien army), 5 million strong. They are fed,clothed,sheltered,and cared for with our taxes; but what they lack are guns. With our tax dollars the governor is ready to do straw purchases for this army. Buyback guns are the real ghost guns

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