Teacher fumes after NM school bans ‘Pride’ flags, other ‘political messages’

A New Mexico high school teacher is triggered about the Rio Rancho Public School District (RRPSD) decision to ban the display of the Pride flag on classroom safe space signs as part of a policy aimed at eliminating “political messages” from educational spaces and apparently cracking down on grooming children.

The policy came to light when the principal of Cleveland High School sent an email to all teachers instructing them to remove the Pride flag from safe space signs and display only the school logo. This directive aligns with the district’s new guidelines.

Safe space signs, often featuring the Pride flag, are supposedly intended to create “inclusive” and “supportive” environments for “LGBTQ+” students. The anonymous teacher from Cleveland High School expressed confusion and disappointment about the change, telling KOB 4, “I’m not sure where this is coming from. Why did signs have to change or what, like, why they have to be these new signs which completely are inadequate in signaling anything that’s meaningful for students.”

The teacher emphasized the supposed importance of these safe spaces, claiming, “LGBTQ students, the statistics are really clear, they experience more bullying, and as a result, are more likely to experience mental health issues or suicidal ideation. And so safe spaces are places where students feel they can just be themselves.”

In response to the policy change, RRPSD is reportedly instructing teachers to remove pronouns from their email signatures, allowing only their title and name.

Alexander Grey via Unsplash.

When questioned about the policy shift, RRPSD provided a statement emphasizing its commitment to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all students. The statement indicated that the district’s goal is to maintain unity and inclusivity without singling out specific groups.

“We believe that all buildings, classrooms, and playgrounds should be safe zones,” the statement reads. “We are all unified in this effort and chose not to represent one group of students individually from another but rather each school is unified in their support of ALL students regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, spousal affiliation, physical or cognitive disability or any other distinguishing characteristic; or on an association with a person, or group with any person, with one or more of the actual or perceived distinguishing characteristics.”

The RRPSD oversees 20 schools and serves approximately 16,000 students. The district’s decision has sparked debate about the balance between promoting inclusivity and preventing perceived political messaging within educational institutions.


75 thoughts on “Teacher fumes after NM school bans ‘Pride’ flags, other ‘political messages’”

  1. Disgusting!. I am tired of these far right creeps trying to take over New Mexico. These tyrants belong in Texas. The only “grooming” is them teaching kids to be ugly and biased humans. Oooh this makes me so mad!!!. All minority groups start moving to Rio Ranchi now!!. We cannot let these disgusting colonizers treat us like this anymore!!

    1. Your disgusting. We’re sick of the sodomite agenda being pushed on the children. Take your alphabet soup group agenda your masks and your vaccines and shove em up your own ass.

      1. Amen!!! Teachers and school administrators are here to teach and make sure our children get a quality education which includes math, science, and reading. Politics and personal views of a few has no place in our educational system. Parents have every right to see, evaluate and approve of what their children see and learn in school. The indoctrination of students of all ages and views of radical leftist groups should be stopped immediately. We don’t pay taxes to support the worthless teachers unions that coddle and keep bad teachers in service when they should be fired. Our children are America’s future and their education should be preparing them to be responsible, competent and intelligent members of society.

    2. You are so woke and totally misunderstanding on what inclusiveness should mean. Everyone should be treated equally, nor special privileges for some. And you don’t have to worry about the right wing taking over the state. You far left wingers are in firm control. That’s why we rate high on all of the bad statistical charts, unemployment, crime, income, etc., and low on all of the good statistical charts. I have lived here all my life and I am disgusted with how has happened to this once great state. Instead of me moving to Texas, I would suggest you and yours move to California, the need more liberals like you as so many are fed up and leaving,

    3. Let’s stick to educating our children and not fixating on the far left agenda of forced indoctrination of the PRIDE movement!!! Enough already!!!! Ms. Anonymous, we don’t want you trying to influence the children!!!! We want you to stick to the curriculum that is required of you!!!!! If not, go get a job in fast food!!!!

      1. Since when is inclusion and compassion just a far left agenda? It seems to me that Jesus was the one who asked us to love each other as he loved us. He lived and taught love, compassion, understanding and kindness. It’s sad that those who call themselves followers of Jesus are the ones who are most cruel to the LGBQT community. That’s a shame.

        1. Jesus Christ did not spend time with the marginalized people in society with the intention of affirming and celebrating their chosen lifestyles. He spent time with them to show them love and to tell them to “sin no more.” As His followers, we try to do the same. Since when does “inclusion” equal celebration and unbridled affirmation at this point? Inclusion means treating everyone the same. It does not mean that we “celebrate” them or shove a “pride” flag onto everything.

          1. Right on!!! Enough is enough es hora levantarse! What does promoting homosexuality have to do with the basics of education. It is you and your kind who have brought this pestilence to my state, with your attitude “everything goes” I applaud the efforts of the people of Rio Rancho

        2. I bet the only time you invoke Jesus God or spirituality is when you’re telling the other side I don’t care which side it is that they’re doing it wrong

        3. And if you are quoting Jesus, He also said, sin is a sin. and grooming children to think they are not who God created them to be is a sin. God created just two sexes, Male and Female. Read your Bible and learn what what God thought of sin. Read Romans 1 New Testament and learn what God thought of ungodly people who did worshiped other gods and not our living God Himself.

        4. Do you go to Church? Have you read the Bible? Have you attended Bible Study? I have gone to Church for over 20 yrs and a registered member and have attended Bible study. I’m ok with all genders. If you’re going to teach that in schools then maybe you should teach about religion also.

    4. Interesting how the FASCIST SOCIALIST (sorry, you probably call yourself a DAZI (DemocrAt Socialist)) cannot stand a different viewpoint – and then calls on minorities to colonize Rio Rancho.

      1. You do realize that fascism is a far right ideology. Initially the Nazis chose to try to incorporate socialism into the ideology, but their famous Night of the Lone Knives is when the Nazis purged their party of socialists and sent them to forced labor camps.

        1. There comes a point in every socialists life where they become intolerant of even their own drivel. Did the NAZI’s believe in private property? Did they believe in libertine debate? Did they promote arming their opposition? Did the instigate the race to the lowest common denominator? What part of their ideology was capitalist/traditional/conservative in any way? I would assume that you will make the conclusion that NAZI’s are a far left ideology too. They were progressive to the nines.

        2. Nazis were NOT far right. They idolized government and made it their god. Since when did you see a far right group that loves big all powerful government?

        3. There is no such thing as “far right.” That is a leftist.

          Conservatives are conservative. It’s in the name. Stop using their misleading terms that mean nothing.

          Good for rrps and I am pleasantly surprised.

    5. High school students need to be taught more than how to be a community activist. Rather than hanging a Pride flag, why not hang posters with tips on how to complete a job application, write a resume, financial investments for the future, how to pay for college without being in debt to the government.

      1. Gee what a brilliant idea. A school safe place that would actually be safe, informative to practical issues and leave all other brain washing outside the classroom!

      2. Add to that list the following:
        Bring back civics classes.
        Let them know that not everyone is college material and that the Trades are sorely needed and electricians, plumbers, pipefitters, heavy equipment operators make very good money without accumulating near the expense of a university. Teach them how to balance a check book and which monthly expenses come before a hot new car Stop giving out participation awards. Not everyone wins and they should be taught how to take defeat gracefully, and to keep trying.

    6. Renee, move to CA, NM is already is the on the bottom of everything and it’s because schools have stopped teaching, and started indoctrination classes instead. This is why this states academic status is in the toilet, Woke and wasteful being put into the schools.
      Good for Rio Rancho!

    7. I’m disgusted by far left creeps confusing our innocent children and exposing them to mentally disturbed people who think they can change genders. Leave your disgusting ideology at home where it belongs.

    8. Calm down, grab your “pride” flag wrap it around you and go sit down in your “safe place” ….in your house! Let kids go to school and learn without all the bs you want to bring. And if you hate us so much, go to California! I’m no colonizer….born and lived in NM my whole life, five generations back!!

    9. As a sixth-generation native Texan living temporarily in your crime-ridden state to be near my daughter, her husband, and my grandson, I find it highly amusing to read your ignorant comment stating that “far-right creeps” and “disgusting colonizers” like me have any desire to “take over” your failing state when those who can are leaving in droves and/or making plans to do so as soon as possible. Your attitude guarantees that the destruction of your state will continue unabated. You reap what you sow.

      1. Incidentally, NM is a beautiful state and I have met some wonderful people here. It is a pity that those with attitudes like yours create hatred and division while promoting the very policies that are ruining what could be a great place to raise children and live.

    10. Texas has great people and is a great state. Do you want to see a biased and ugly person, look in the mirror. I guess selective bias is OK for you. Sounds like you don’t have a clue about much?

        1. Typical remark from a hypocrite referring to ignorance and hatred and then proceeds to make a juvenile attempt to insult Texas. Too bad.

    11. If your native American and believe in open borders you’ve done been colonized sweetheart. If you believe the bull crap that’s taught that we didn’t have border security and let just anybody onto Turtle Island, you obviously was educated by the Catholic Church.

    12. Wow! Some of you are too ignorant and pretend to be Christian or fir everyone, you’re full of s**t. Kids need safe spaces in school. They need to talk to someone, to be heard. Parents are failing this generation. Kids are often confused, unsure, or just don’t understand what their brain and feelings are telling them.
      Why are you glad about denying a child a place to be heard, to be helped, to get the assistance they ask for or require?
      Teachers are not indoctrinating anyone. Some of you all heard that phrase and are running with it. Spend one week in a school as a teacher and see the reality.

    13. far right creeps pray tell Renee?? I think just the total opposite. the far leftists demanding their way. Schools need and should not maybe only teach math, reading, science, and history that is not altered. I suggest you go find history books written closer to the time the “history” happened. My daughter when she was in elementary school brought home her history book. I was shocked and dismayed that the leftists were rewriting history. I went out and found two history books written in the late 1700s, and 1800s and compared the schoolbook and the history books written closer to the time the history happened, and sure enough what a shame these leftists are doing their best to change what America was, is and what it will be. I demand social issues be taught at home, not in school.

    14. Perhaps, you should stop hating so much and be more tolerant of disparate beliefs. Colonizers? Hmm… you sound like a #bigot & #racist.

    15. How is treating everyone equal hateful. It’s people like you who spread hate and intolerance. Be a better person. Our children’s education should be focused on traditional learning (math, English, reading, science etc.). Homosexuality and mental disorders have no business in our classroom.

    16. The flag itself is grooming and not part of the curriculum. Teachers need to learn to start teaching the basics again. The flag and a certain sexual orientation is not needed in the classroom.

  2. Common sense making a come back? This is great! Schools aren’t for propaganda just a neutral playing field meant for education not indoctrination. By the way NM is a state of Mestizo’s, Native Americans, Hispanos, etc. We approve.

  3. Neutrality. What an awesome concept. Not highlighting one group only and ignoring all others. LOVE this!! Way to go Rio Rancho! Stand strong.

  4. All a schools should be a safe place for all students all the time, equal for everyone. I am happy to say I live in Rio Rancho and that our schools treat everyone the same. It about time we they stop jamming the woke bull shut down everyone’s throats. School is for one reason to teach the basics ( reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, civics, and then in high school maybe something like a trade. )

  5. The “Rainbow Flag” is the new Swastika of the DAZI (democrat sociaist) party. RR Schools identified this for what it is – a symbol of political ideology. Anyone crying about its removal are DAZIs only interested in grooming and indoctrinating children.

    The only people who would feel “safe” in a “safe space” flying that flag are DAZIs — really just turning the “safe space” into an echo chamber for oppressive, fascist, marxist ideology.

    Note the anonymous teacher quoting anonymous statistics being put on the news, as news?

  6. As for you being gay-go ahead– I don’t have to celebrate your belief! Nor should anyone else. As for grooming children -maybe you and I should go out back and discuss what you are exposing CHILDREN to!

  7. This is great! All this safe space bs is part if the reason New Mexico ranks 50th in education. These kids need to be taught basic math and reading comprehension, not about your woke political views. Great Job RRPS

  8. I agree with most, stop trying to brain wash children. I never understood a safe place, that should be the entire school. If a student violates the school bulling rules they need to be punished, regardless who they are or how they identify. I once let my folks off early for St. Patricks day, then they wanted all the other holidays off early as well even if I never heard of them. The fix was no early release days. as to not offend anyone. The same should be for public spaces, no signs to celebrate gays or straights, christians, or muslims or ??. Most folks do not care what flag you fly just do not shove it in their face. Good job Rio Rancho, I guess not all northern NM is not nuts-so like Las Cruces.

  9. A step in the correct direction. We do not need our kids being indoctrinated with a political ideology such as a LBGTQ plus in school by displaying that flag. Keep politics out of the classroom.

  10. Excellent decision by RRPS leadership! EVERY child deserves standardization in school and to be treated the same. The RRPS leadership said to replace the Pride paraphernalia with something aligned with the school. What a novel idea, school pride instead of catering to a bunch of leftists who don’t just want equal rights but superior rights. Safe space is a cop out for weak people and has no bearing on life after school. Try to find a safe space in your job for your little hurt feelings and they are few and far between and pulling that crap at most jobs will get you fired. Reality is, like a famous psychologist from Canada said, going to come, one way or another. The ability to withstand criticism, outrage, and the world not revolving around your your feelings is a must for any adult to be taken seriously. RRPS didn’t say LGBTQ etc. etc. can’t be what they are. They just don’t want your grooming and weakening of our kids. If I had a kid that was gay and he or she got picked on, there are recourses for that, just like for a weird kid, fat kid, skinny kid, etc. why do you activists think you are special? To me, a safe space is a breeding ground for adult teachers of the same mind to prey on kids that don’t know better, or in other words, pedophiles, the scum of the earth. Don’t think you are fooling the general populace. You are some evil scumbags! God bless RRPS for this enormous blast of common sense. A rarity in New Mexico with it’s Communist Democrat government! I stand with you!

  11. Knock off the BS. Get the American Flag and State Flag back in the classroom. Enough of this political BS being pushed onto the kids. Get back to reading, writing and math. Let the kids make up their own minds. Stop indoctrinating them into this immoral BS. Kudos to the school district.

  12. I am soooooooo glad to read the positive common sense replies and those standing up to oppose all the negativity. Congrats to the RRSD for putting education to the forefront of learning.

    1. Good on RRPS – “safe spaces” should be for all and not just related to LGBT+. There needs to be a standard for no political flags or signs across the board. I wish APS would take this advice and donthe same.

  13. Bravo to RRPS.
    Shame on KOB, for the statement……”KOB 4 reached out to the Rio Rancho Public School District to ask what the reason is behind this change in policy.”
    I don’t believe this is a “change” in policy, but rather a “first” policy taking effect to all this recent and woke indoctrination by the enemies of our children.

  14. Our institutions of learning, supported by tax dollars from all citizens and designed to furnish an education for those citizens, are obliged to do just that. Inclusion of programs and teaching materials as well as tactics that are extreme in their prejudice, politically influenced and immoral in their content have no place in the education of this state’s, or country’s children.

  15. This is so sad. Can’t they just have multiple flags up from different movements, except for the 9nes whom promote hate. K8ds that are coming out of the closet at an early age is because it is accepted they are born that way. Both my son anf daughter are lgbtq. They were never brained washed. I am from oregon and all the schools up there are able to have the pride flag. This should be allowed all over the country. It should never be banned. Alot of kids are going to take their own lives because of this. Because they probably don’t have support and home and then they go to school and feel they don’t have support their then they’ll feel alone. Very sad. We need to spread l9ve and acceptance Not hate.

  16. Wow, didn’t see that coming, good job RR waking up and putting a stop to this woke ideology. Can you please advise Albuquerque’s school board to do the same? I think all across this nation, we have finally had enough of this small minority dictating what we can and can’t do, and can and can’t say.

  17. What’s a safe space sign? Shouldn’t it be obvious that school is a safe space without a sign? Bad behavior should be punished, teach the golden rule and leave the politically-loaded symbols off campus.

  18. So encouraging that this article prompted so many people (majority of responses) to thoughtfully respond! Can I hear an “AMEN!”

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