MLG blasts Texas’ pro-life laws while touting abortion up-to-birth law she signed in NM

On Tuesday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham once again touted signing the most extreme abortion up-to-birth and infanticide law in the nation in the 2021 Legislature, as New Mexico’s neighboring state of Texas works to protect innocent life in the womb.

Ths wrote on Twitter, “On September 1st, Texas will have the MOST RESTRICTIVE abortion law in the country.” She is apparently referring to Texas’ S.B. 8, which restricts abortion as early as the sixth week of pregnancy and allows citizens to sue abortionists.

New Mexico is a haven for late-term abortion, with one clinic in Albuquerque, Southwestern Women’s Options, offering abortions up to and after the 32nd week of pregnancy. Women, such as Keisha Atkins, have died gruesome deaths following botched abortions in New Mexico.

Multiple children have also been found to be born alive in New Mexico following botched abortions and executed on the delivery room table 

But regardless of the barbarity of New Mexico’s unsafe and extreme abortion business, Lujan Grisham claims on Twitter, “Women and their families should be able to access affordable reproductive health care. That’s why we safeguarded New Mexicans’ right to choose and appealed the 50-year-old abortion ban.” 

Artificially ending the reproductive cycle via abortion is unnatural, unethical, and objectively not somethign that can be defined as “reproductive health care.” 

New Mexico now has the least protective abortion laws on the books and there is no clause protecting the conscience rights of health care providers, which opens up the door for medical workers to be forced into performing abortions.

After Lujan Grisham signed the inhumane bill into law, she was given an award by Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion business that makes millions of dollars off of killing babies in the womb. 

As we reported at the time she signed the bill:

In a condescending quote, Lujan Grisham said, “A woman has the right to make decisions about her own body,” adding, “Anyone who seeks to violate bodily integrity, or to criminalize womanhood, is in the business of dehumanization. New Mexico is not in that business – not any more. Our state statutes now reflect this inviolable recognition of humanity and dignity. I am incredibly grateful to the tireless advocates and legislators who fought through relentless misinformation and fear-mongering to make this day a reality. Equality for all, equal justice and equal treatment – that’s the standard. And I’m proud to lead a state that today moved one step closer to that standard.” 

Notice she claims pro-lifers are “violat[ing] bodily autonomy” (wrong), “criminaliz[ing] womanhood” (wrong), and are “in the business of dehumanization.” 

The false and ironic rhetoric from the Governor comes as she just signed a bill allowing late-term abortionists to rip infants limb from limb just moments before birth, not to mention infanticide–killing infants AFTER birth, which is already occurring in New Mexico. 

Now, as Texas looks to affirm the rights of children in the womb, Lujan Grisham appears to be running on a platform of making New Mexico a haven for extreme, unsafe, and late-term abortion up to the very moment of birth in the state.


11 thoughts on “MLG blasts Texas’ pro-life laws while touting abortion up-to-birth law she signed in NM”

  1. MLG is pure evil and soldier of satan. I wrote her several times and reminded her the will stand before God and answer for every baby murdered due to her signature. As we can see she does not care and she is acting like a dictator – more New Mexicans are against this .

  2. This terrible woman has absolutely NO redeeming qualities. She will continue her quest to destroy everything in her path to accomplish her agenda. Unless and until she is removed, one way or the other, nothing will alter this course.

  3. New Mexico has become the land of evil “enchantments” under this demon infested pig and her demonic Dims. She’ll stand in front of the one true GOD at judgment, and shortly thereafter will be burning for an eternity in the lake of fire.

  4. NM should be as lucky as Texas to have a Governor that cares about human life. MLG is a hypocrite of the Pharisee type who say a person has a right to what happens to our bodies then mandates you take an experimental “vaccine “ and mandates masks (for us) that have never been shown to reduce the flu. These demonic people are “ drunk with the blood of martyrs and innocents” ( the unborn) . This state continues its downward spiral under her evil administration. May God protect us all.

  5. When it comes to abortion the Dems say, “My Body My Choice” but when it comes to the spike protein, (Covid vaccine) the Dem’s force us to take it! They even threaten to lock you us up? If they value life, why are they for abortion up to the last second before birth? It’s called, s”hut your mouth wear mask” as we let terrorist through the US boarder.

  6. It’s to damn bad Missy Grisham didn’t ABORT her bastard children. Then she might not of stolen money to pay a daughter all that money to put BONDO one her face!!!

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