Parents in seven NM school districts left in the dark about kids being ‘transitioned’

Seven major New Mexico school districts, responsible for the education of thousands of children, have implemented policies that allow students to change their “gender identity” in school without notifying their parents, as revealed by the

The conservative group Parents Defending Education (PDE) uncovered these policies through public records requests. The documents show that teachers are instructed to help transgender students change their names, pronouns, clothing, and gender identity without parental knowledge.

Transgender advocates argue that these guidelines are essential for protecting students from unsupportive parents. However, many parents believe these policies are dangerous and deny them the opportunity to support their children through difficult times.

PDE’s outreach director, Erika Sanzi, criticized the schools for their “indefensible and likely illegal” policies, stating, “Any time a school participates in or facilitates a student’s transition, they are engaging in a psychosocial intervention that requires parental notification and consent. Federal law guarantees parents the right to view every record maintained by the district, and that includes gender support plans.”

The schools in question—Los Alamos Public Schools, Rio Rancho Public Schools, Las Cruces Public Schools, Gallup-McKinley County Schools, Moriarty-Edgewood School District, Santa Fe Public Schools, and Gadsden Independent School District—did not respond to inquiries from PDE plans to add these schools to its national database of institutions with secret transgender policies.

New Mexico is known for its progressive stance on transgender youth, offering protections from discrimination and bullying. Last year, Democratic Governor Michelle Grisham signed a law safeguarding sex-change procedures in the state.

Santa Fe Public Schools, comprising 28 institutions, has one of the most stringent confidentiality policies, instructing teachers to “MAINTAIN CONFIDENTIALITY — THIS IS CRITICAL.” The internal guide states, “Do NOT share the student’s transgender status with anyone else. This is HIGHLY confidential information.” Parents are only informed if a student wishes to change their name or gender marker in the school’s database.

In the Moriarty-Edgewood School District, teachers are instructed to determine if students “feel safe” and whether their “parents know” about their gender transition. When parents are unaware, only a counselor is involved.

The documents also include educational materials like the “Gender Unicorn,” which promotes the concept of gender as a fluid spectrum, and the ‘Genderbread Person,’ which educates about intersex and ‘genderqueer’ identities. These materials aim to challenge traditional notions of biological sex.

Parents’ concerns extend beyond New Mexico. In Wisconsin, a group of parents recently protested a gender support policy in the Eau Claire Area School District, appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court to rule on the matter. The group, Parents Protecting Our Children, argues that the district’s policy violates their constitutional rights by excluding them from their children’s gender transitions.

Nicholas Barry, a lawyer from America First Legal, asserted that the Supreme Court “should step in and protect parental rights,” emphasizing that parental exclusion from a child’s social transition is “simply disconnected from reality.”

Schools face pressure to support transgender students amidst a politically charged environment where gender identity has become a contentious issue. This debate includes whether “trans” teens should use restrooms and participate in sports that align with their gender identity. These matters often result in legal battles, with varying outcomes depending on the state.

Parents of transgender-identifying children express concerns about external influences, such as classmates, social media, and school staff. Some parents believe their children may not truly be transgender and advocate for delaying irreversible steps like puberty blockers or surgery, citing underlying mental health issues as a more significant factor.

The number of transgender children aged 13 to 17 has doubled, and insurance claims for puberty blockers and hormones have similarly increased. Supporters of “gender-affirming care” attribute this rise to greater awareness and acceptance, while concerned parents warn of a potential “social contagion.”


24 thoughts on “Parents in seven NM school districts left in the dark about kids being ‘transitioned’”

  1. Elizabeth Ortega

    Time to start homeschooling, if you haven’t already. It hits them in the funding they loose for each student!

    1. Homeschooling has been far better than public school for decades. It may be inconvenient for some parents, but it would definitely be worth the effort.

      1. Yes, Todd, we must starve the beast. If a parent can not go the extra mile, then we will have the exact deviant, violent society we have today. The parents must step up and go the extra mile, no excuses. It is an honor and a gift from God to have children. most have fallen short, cause they worship a false god, and do not fulfill their sacred duties and responsibilities.

  2. This is disgusting, and egregious. If any adult who committed to give a youngster any type of medication they would be arrest and convicted. This is basically what they are doing. They are getting them ready mentally to transition from one gender to the other gender even though they will physically always be the one they were born to. This is nothing more than peer pressure and bullying by adults to complete an agenda that the radical left is pushing. Any adult who pushes that surgery on any child should be forced to go through the same transition on them. They are lowest of low, right next to pedophiles.

  3. Public education in this country is becoming the modern-day version of Hitler Youth Camps. Time to take our government and schools back. They work for us, not the other way around.

  4. Marcello T Hinojosa

    Left in the dark! If you parents really cared about your children being exposed to this Immoral sickness you would turn on your lights!. Your to blame

    1. I’m sure it feels good to blame the parents, then you don’t have to face the fact that the government is tyrannical. You could look in the mirror, own up to some level of responsibility, stop wasting time pointing fingers and ask youself what you do to make the situation better?

      1. You should look in the mirror, J. Sounds like you feel guilty. This is about response ability, not blame. The bottom line is the parents are responsible. i am sure the person who are trying to slander is taking care of their due diligence and you obviously not. The government is we the people and as someone wise said the people get the government they deserve.

  5. A tyranny of epic proportions. This situation is being reported to you in such a way that the issue is the parents not being told — not that the child abuse is happening in the first place. Think about that. Are we this far gone?

  6. I know some communities tried to get signatures against these type practices but they ran short. I guess NMs want their children sexes changed without their knowledge, why else did people not sign on?

    1. Yes! This was the Referendum Prohect that Larry “Lead” Marker and many others were trying to get signatures for in order to stop these bills from becoming law and to get these issues on the ballot in November. We couldn’t get enough signatures so this became law in New Mexico! Our legislature passes a law that not only are parents to be kept in the dark about their own kids but school personnel are REQUIRED to aid them in finding medical personnel to give them sex change surgeries or to give them drugs to “transition” them…..all while keeping all of this from the parents! This is now LAW in New Mexico! Please!! Support the Referendum Project! We can still put a stop to this evil even though it might be delayed. We are living in Sodom and Gomorrah!

  7. Schools have no right to usurp the role of parents in this most personal and sometimes permanent decision. Parents should consider class action lawsuits.

    1. I absolutely agree with you, Terry. Perhaps even filing child abuse charges against these school officials might get their attention.

  8. This is what happens when males are taken out of society. In the past days the Dads would have taken care of the problem, or at least the belief the problem would be taken care of would see it never started. This is what you get in our sensitive kinder gentler world where men can’t act like men.

  9. NMConcerned Mom

    This is exactly one of the reasons we left NM with our kids. Way too much taxation without representation and oppressive policies that people seem to just accept. Wake up NM!!

  10. Beyond the transition, the parent should not be financially liable for the child as the state took parental authority from the parents. Hard cut off parental love though.

  11. And where pray tell was the outrage from Republicans in Sants Fe when these bills were passed in the 2023 session, John Block??? Where were you guys?? Larry ‘(Lead’) Marker drew up 4 Referendum petitions to deal with these bills and get enough signatures on them so we could get them on the ballot this fall for vote, but the Republican Party of New Mexico refused to help with this!!!! Now they want to act insulted?? Why? Why have they refused to try and stop the laws??? Ask them!! Bet they won’t answer you!!

  12. Public schools are becoming leftist/socialist indoctrination centers, we need to take back control thy work for us

  13. No one is to blame but the lame parents for allowing their children to be indoctrinated and brainwashed. Stop being outraged at what is “being done to them”. They are allowing it thru their lack of care. At this point, no one should allow their children to be in these cesspools. NO excuses, if you can not raise your children yourself then do not have them. YOU are part of the problem and destroying society and making things harder for everyone else thru lack of responsibility. There are so many resources and other choices…. But the lazy way is to allow someone else to raise your child. So do not blame them for doing what they choose. Disgraceful, yes. For all parties and the children again suffer. The same people who masked their children and continue to poison them. The schools are doing exactly what they were originally intended to do. Do your research.

  14. This is another way to rid the world of human population. Transgenders can never give birth. And teens are falling for it. Parents wake up!!! Do something!!! Or you will never be grandparents.

  15. No kids pre-puberty know what the Hell they are sexually…even during and after puberty there may be confusion. But these ghouls, groomers and pedophiles – including ‘medical and Mental Health providers’ – assume that a 6 yr old boy, because he may be sensitive, artistic, even ‘pretty’ – might have desires to ‘be a girl’, and proceed to influence, brainwash and implant the fantasy that he is able to change his sex and gender for some imagined fantasy. This will only stop when this is recognized as assault, rape, grooming and pedophilia, and the perpetrators made to pay for the damage they have done. In the future, the lawsuits filed by the victims against the perpetrators and their collaborators – including parents – will be massive and justified.

  16. As a grandmother, I helped my daughter homeschool her 4 children when we lived in AZ. Now so many teachers want to quit and if they do find a good one (if you need help schooling your children) that will teach like they used too. That teacher can teach several children in someone’s home or at a church building. The best curriculum in Freedom Project Academy.

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