Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin survives vicious Democrat recall attempt

The vicious Democrat recall against Republican Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin has officially failed, collecting only 1,229 signatures from voters, short of the amount needed to trigger a special election.

The Santa Fe New Mexican reports, “New Mexico requires a number of signatures equal to 33.3 percent of participation in the previous election. The recall petition fell shy, with about 28 percent participation as time ran out Wednesday.” 

“Since we didn’t meet the signature threshold, there is no next step,” said Fredrick, conceding defeat Tuesday night. Previously, Frederick and Democrats sat at a tent outside the Otero County Fair begging for signatures. 

Griffin told the Piñon Post,“Personally, I’m relieved it’s over and grateful to the good people of Otero County for their support. Generally, I believe it is a strong testament to the conservative fabric of our county. The People of Otero County want less government and more freedom. I am proud to live here and honored to represent those people.”

The failed partisan recall attempt was based on allegations that he failed to attend meetings and used his office inappropriately — all charges Griffin has denied.

Griffin was charged with a misdemeanor during his involvement in the January 6 incursion. He never entered the U.S. Capitol building. “I myself wear Jan. 6 as a badge of honor,” Griffin said. “I’m glad that I went on that day. … to stand with my fellow Americans in protest of what will one day be known as the biggest rigged election in American history.” 

This is a developing story…

4 thoughts on “Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin survives vicious Democrat recall attempt”

  1. Congratulations Couy, our state needs more men and women like you. Hope you become the new sheriff and one day a real New Mexico governor!!!

  2. Happy this patriot is still in office. We need conservative voices to rise up in New Mexico. We need to take our state back from all the insane liberals. Why is there no law to get our evil governor out? I am sure thousands would sign a petition for her removal.

    1. There is a law, The supreme law of the land. I have urged people to do this for two years but there are too many idiots in the land of enchantment or should I say curses.
      It is sections three and four of the fourteenth amendment. Any public official who violates their oath by denying citizens their God given rights guaranteed by our founding documents is automatically removed and forfeits all pensions and salaries. They are also liable for personal charges, since they no longer represent the government. She, the legislature, and the rest of the public servants have committed treason and insurrection and should be charged and prosecuted appropriately. Remind your sheriffs of their duties to do this, and file criminal complaints with them.

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