DGA chair Lujan Grisham silent as McAuliffe makes anti-parent statement

This week, Democrat gubernatorial nominee in Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, claimed Virginia parents should have no say in their child’s education. 

When pressed at a debate by Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin on why McAuliffe vetoed a 2017 bill, H.B. 2191, that would create a procedure for handling sexually explicit reading material, McAuliffe said, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” 


As noted by the Republican Governors Association’s Will Reinert, scandal-ridden alleged serial groper New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has been silent on McAuliffe’s stance that parents deserve no seat at the table regarding their children’s education. Lujan Grisham, despite her countless scandals, serves as the chair of the Democrat Governors Association (DGA). 

“Democrats made it clear they want to remove any role a parent has in their child’s education, and instead, allow teachers unions to promote whatever agenda they deem appropriate,” said RGA Communications Director Jesse Hunt. “Democratic Governors Association Chair Lujan Grisham should condemn McAuliffe’s comments, unless she agrees with the notion that ‘parents should not be telling schools what they should teach.’”

The DGA has sent out multiple tweets and statements supporting McAuliffe, such as this one claiming women’s rights are being taken away if they cannot abort their full-term babies.

After McAuliffe won the primary, Lujan Grisham congratulated him and claimed he would create an economy that “works for all Virginians.”

Now, as McAuliffe has been exposed not only as an anti-child candidate but now as an openly anti-parent candidate, time will tell if Lujan Grisham and other Democrats finally rebuke his anti-American rhetoric. 

4 thoughts on “DGA chair Lujan Grisham silent as McAuliffe makes anti-parent statement”

  1. Another great example of why we home school. Make no mistake about it. The far left political leaders in this state and this country seek to indoctrinate your children with Marxist ideaology.

  2. They think they own you. What have you done to prove they do not? Let this be the question of the week, the month, the year, until people finally get that their “betters” think they are useful idiots, and they stop acting that way.

    When you sign your children up for school, you give the government custody over your children. Look it up its already been ruled in court.

    Property taxes and all tax are another way government owns the people, who are supposed to be masters of our republic and our own property. So do not be surprised they want to force inject you and lock you down. They think they own you. You already gave them permission to do so.

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