CNN relishes in the deaths of New Mexicans after they reportedly took Ivermectin

CNN, the extreme far-left “news” media network known for spinning misinformation regarding Russian collusion, President Trump, and delivering fear about COVID-19, is now renewing is fear-driven media frenzy — this time targeting New Mexicans.

Recently, reports from Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s New Mexico Department of Health claim two New Mexicans passed away after they took Ivermectin, a drug that is traditionally used to treat livestock, but its human version may be a cure to COVID-19. 

After two New Mexicans were announced dead after taking the drug, CNN’s Erin Burnett interviewed New Mexico acting Health Secretary Dr. David Scrase, who nearly couldn’t hide her excitement with the deaths of these citizens due to the drug and Scrase happily going along with the CNN narrative.

“I mean, it’s tragic. And, you know, another Facebook post — another group about Ivermectin ‘The New York Times’ quoted this way. Ivermectin paste, do you take orally? Or rub into your skin? Read one recent post in a Facebook post. Another one put it in a cracker with a dab of peanut butter was a response,” Burnett said. 

“And I don’t say that to be funny. I say that just to prove how pervasive it is, and how powerful it is. You are talking about the poison control. In Texas, they say that poison control hotline calls from Ivermectin exposure have more than tripled. Just so far this year.” Burnett then asked Scrase how to clamp down on the alleged “misinformation” of using Ivermectin.

“We’ve seen 20 calls this year, 15 in the past two months. More than half of the folks ended up going into a hospital or urgent care to get treatment. Ten of them were using a veterinary type of medication, paste, tablets. One used an injection, but fortunately, they drank it, they did not inject themselves,” Scrase said.

Then, on CNN’s Don Lemon Tonight, far-left host Don Lemon relished in the deaths of two New Mexicans due to Ivermectin, saying, “Please pay attention, people, and spread this. Yes. Just put it everywhere so people see it. Take it. Two pandemics are killing people. Coronavirus and misinformation. New Mexico says that two people have died after using a drug that has been wrongly touted as a COVID treatment. Are you listening everybody out there?”

Lemon noted how “The liberal media watchdog group Media Matters is reporting that there are 60 Facebook groups dedicated to Ivermectin with tens of thousands of members” and that these groups were being shut down.

Lemon then played a few clips from Fox News with hosts, such as Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingrahm, saying how the drug may be an alternative cure for COVID. Lemon claimed, “I mean, people actually sit there and they watch that all day long. No one hates Ivermectin. That would be bizarre. You hate Ivermectin? I mean, it’s misinformation that is the problem. Like what is all over the Fox propaganda airwaves?” 

Lemon then closed out the segment by shaming people who are not vaccinated, saying, “Well, tonight roughly seven million eligible Americans are still not vaccinated. And the rate of a new — of new vaccinations is as low as it’s been since the CDC began tracking. So please, we know what we need to do to keep people safe. Doctors aren’t hiding it from you. In fact, they are begging you. Get vaccinated.” 

Many prominent people, such as podcaster Joe Rogan, have taken Ivermectin to cure COVID-19, however, CNN contributors continue to peddle misinformation and fraudulent studies to claim it does not work in the treatment of the virus:

8 thoughts on “CNN relishes in the deaths of New Mexicans after they reportedly took Ivermectin”

  1. CNN socialist communist TV

    First of all, who cares what CNN and LEMON say. He is an idiot, and a hypocrite. He hates white people, yet his partner is white. This is all part of the liberal power grab. CNN supports lies, nothing they say is truth. They are evil. Lemon is a sad excuse for a human being.

  2. these people are idiots. if you take the right dosage of ivermectin it will not kill you. don lemon should be off the air, along with all the other news idiots that don’t know s—. and mlg needs to go away asap. she is destroying our state.

  3. This is disgusting. The fact that they use something as awful as death to push pointless narratives is insane. No wonder their ratings are dropping faster than Biden on stairs, people are tired of their crap.

  4. Over 250 million Indians in Uttar Pradesh are cured with ivermectin which is an approved anti viral on the NIH website and worldwide used for decades. It is one of the safest drugs out there.

    I doubt this story is true. The hospitals have been killing people who are not injected on purpose to punish them for not obeying them, since they are the sorcerer priests of the false god government. Yes, they have, look it up.
    The medical industry is an evil for profit industry to manage you and suck every dime out of you they can till you are dead.

  5. and wuhan lujan is looking the other way..time to open your eyes WL and her Reich ministry of health…

    Now in August, Tokyo Medical Association chairman Haruo Ozaki reiterated that ivermectin should be widely used and said that his early recommendations have not been heeded in Japan. See Lifesite article August 30, 2021 Japanese medical chairman doubles down on ivermectin support after early calls went ignored.

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