One of MLG’s PRC commissioners recuses himself from PNM case

Under the newly restructured New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (PRC) that is now appointed by the governor, Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is already hitting a roadblock with one of her picks.

New PRC Commissioner Patrick O’Connell recused himself from merger talks between the global energy company Iberdrola’s subsidiary Avangrid and the Public Service Co. of New Mexico (PNM). 

In a Friday filing, O’Connell “cited the reason for his voluntary recusal as previous testimony he gave on behalf of a proposed settlement related to the merger while he worked for an environmental group. O’Connell also had previously served as a resource planner for Public Service Co. of New Mexico,” according to Fox News

The $8 billion merger is currently pending in the New Mexico Supreme Court after the previous pre-governor-appointed PRC rejected the acquisition. 

Now, only the two commissioners left on the PRC will consider the merger, “Gabriel Aguilera, who worked for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and James Ellison Jr., a principal analyst from Sandia National Laboratories,” as the report notes. 

It further notes, “Tamer Cetin, economics advisor to the Public Regulation Commission, noted in the report that the merger may create a monopolistic electricity market in New Mexico in which Avangrid could ‘dominate all the segments from generation to transmission, distribution, wholesale and retail.’” 

The new Public Regulation Commission would also be in charge of controversial rate hike cases from PNM, which could affect hundreds of thousands of customers statewide. 


8 thoughts on “One of MLG’s PRC commissioners recuses himself from PNM case”

    1. Dru V Tagliapietra

      Not necessarily replying to you, but the post in general. You can NEVER have 2 on a committee, it always must be an odd number, always! Already screwed up from the beginning!!

  1. This should not be an appointed commission. It should be an elected board. When your decisions double my energy bills, I want a day in who makes those decisions.

    1. Absolutely. But the 2020 election fraud took this from us when they made the change to our State Constitution.

  2. Like I said yesterday folks…. start prepping. The time is just around the corner when these cheating, wealthy global groups and government will decide who gets electric and who doesn’t. Proverbs 28: 12 ” When good men come to power everybody celebrates, but when bad men rule, people stay in hiding”. Proverbs 29: 2 “Show me a righteous ruler and I will show you a happy people. Show me a wicked ruler and I will show you a miserable people.” (Just look at the murder rates, all crimes, homelessness, and anarchy in the cities lately.) Can’t count on honest government anymore, so I will put my trust in God. He is our only hope.

  3. Can we just appoint Her Thighness, queen mlg? We can all move into the governesses’ mansion, she can feed us all weagu (¿sp?) beef, pay our electric bills, pour water on the crotches that are willing to play, zip up to Navajo Lake so her praetorian guard can clear the lake for fishing, fun, sun and “frolic” – her owner, georgi soros can foot the bill and we’ll see how the nwo b.s. “You will own nothing and be happy” works out. /s/

  4. A foreign-owned corporation being approved to control our NM power grid, or most of it, sounds just exactly what our dear governor is striving for, a one world government not controlled by the people. This is but one of the lunatic fantasies our dear governor wants. Will we wake up in time?

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