Anti-gun bills to be heard in legislative committees Monday

On Monday, multiple anti-gun bills will be heard in New Mexico legislative committees, with Second Amendment-supportive groups urging the public to take action and testify in committee hearings. 

New Mexico Shooting Sports Association (NMSSA) writes, “First, HB9, the firearm owner liability and mandatory storage bill will be heard in the House Judiciary Committee starting at 1:30pm in Room 309 (Zoom Link). The bill will impose criminal penalties on gun owners if a third-party minor uses their firearm to commit a crime or injure someone.”

H.B. 9 previously passed the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee on a 4-2 vote, with Republican Reps. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) and John Block (Alamogordo) opposing the measure after a lengthy question and answer session with the sponsor, Rep. Pamelya Herndon (D-Bernalillo). 

“Second, SB116, the proposed ban on anyone under 21 from purchasing or owning a semiautomatic firearm will be heard in the Senate Health and Public Affairs Committee starting at 1:30pm in Room 311 (Zoom Link). Below is the contact info for members of both committees. NMSSA is opposed to both bills.” 

NMSSA adds, “Another bill we are watching was filed today. HB224 would make it illegal to carry a firearm while drunk or high in a city of more than 90,000 people – yes that is really in the bill. But more importantly, it would make it a crime to shoot a gun within 150 yards of a building without the permission of the building’s owner. The bill would shut down all indoor shooting ranges, and some outdoor ranges in our state as well. Acts of self-defense would not be exempt either.” 

The group urges New Mexicans to contact legislators, who can be reached below: 

House Judiciary Committee

Representative Christine Chandler – (D) 505-986-4411

Representative Andrea Romero – (D) 505-986-4243

Representative William “Bill” R. Rehm – (R) 505-986-4214

Representative Eliseo Lee Alcon – (D) 505-986-4416

Representative Gail Chasey – (D) 505-986-4777

Representative T. Ryan Lane – (R) RYAN@LANEFORLIBERTY.COM 505-986-4758

Representative Javier Martínez – (D) 505-986-4782

Representative Matthew McQueen – (D) 505-986-4423

Representative Greg Nibert – (R) 505-986-4211

Representative Andrea Reeb – (R) 505-986-4215

Representative Reena Szczepanski – (D) 505-986-4777

Senate Heath and Public Affairs Committee

Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino – (D) 505-986-4482

Senator Bill Tallman – (D) 505-986-4373

Senator Gregg Schmedes – (R) 505-986-4395

Senator David M. Gallegos – (R) 505-986-4278

Senator Martin Hickey – (D) 505-986-4513

Senator Stuart Ingle – (R) 505-986-4702

Senator Antonio Maestas – (D) 505-986-4726

Senator Brenda G. McKenna – (D)  505-986-4301
Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez – (D) 505-986-4389


9 thoughts on “Anti-gun bills to be heard in legislative committees Monday”

  1. “The bill would shut down all indoor shooting ranges, and some outdoor ranges in our state as well. Acts of self-defense would not be exempt either.”

    1. The definition of self-defense will be revised and the unquestioning who believe whatever their ‘leaders’ say will not object. It won’t matter if the new definition doesn’t make any sense. The Herd will believe anything as long as they feel ‘safe.’

  2. Other than the 90,000-population city part, it is already against the law to shoot a gun if drunk or within 150 yards of a dwelling.

  3. At the rate of ignorance and hatred of individual liberties of its residents of the New Communist Political Party of the Peoples Democratic State of New Mexico, (NCPP-PDSNM), every one of these ashine progressive far left ideals will pass into law on July 1, 2023.

    The take a-way you should see is simple:

    1. Your neighbors kids steal your firearm and shoot someone… You go to prison, the kid gets a free vacation until age 18, (17 with good time).
    2. You wont be able to stop any immediate threat so you must beg the criminal to wait until you unlock your firearm to defend yourself.
    3. You get the criminal to wait until you can shoot them, You go to prison for shooting them because your neighbors kid live less than 150 yards from you.
    4. Your neighbor snitches you off for possessing a gun magazine and you find yourself at 5:30am answering your door with black shirted armed agents demanding all of your weapons… and without your knowledge or consent of previous court actions, they will remove them by force… and it makes no difference if the original court action or reporting was false, misleading or outright lies to the judiciary officials who signed off on the warrants to seize your private property.

    The tolerance of the left…is not tolerable. It is not equal in the eyes of justice… it is…simply… tyrannical.

    IN MY HUMBLE OPINION WITH 38 YEARS AS A PEACE OFFICER… 30 of them right here in New Mexico.

    The DNC of New Mexico has reached the tip of the spear of “Tyrannical Leadership”. If these laws are passed… they will BREACH the threshold into a communistic state, using FEAR of firearms and the improper use of them by…CRIMINALS and “DIMINISHED CAPACITY INDIVIDUALS”.

    The time to overcome by the former law abiding will reach a point when this Governor sends in her new black shirted Gestapo agents to your door to check your storage of your private property without a warrant is very, very close at hand.

    IN MY PROFESSIONAL OPINION… The discussion needs to be re-phrased to address the PRIMARY ISSUE WITH GUNS and that is:


    A diminished capacity individual is:

    1. Felons without pardons, Violent convicted felons should never be permitted to be lawfully armed again,
    2. Parolees with incomplete agreements,
    3. Uneducated children in firearms safety and use,
    4. The” in·sti·tu·tion·al·ized”, insane or mentally unfit, who have not been adjudicated by a competent court,
    5. A person under the influence of a drug or alcohol, (except in the privacy of their home or residence and if a weapons is used- it must be adjudicated as being lawfully justified),
    6. A person who has been determined to be mentally unfit to possess a firearm,
    7. Any member of a any group of people determined to use force or violence as justification for any criminal action. (bank robbers, thieves, illicit drugs distribution manufacturing etc…, forced coercion etc…) BUT NOT THOSE GROUPS ENGAUGED IN SELF DEFENSE.


    1. Permanent.
    2. Temporary.

    Reinstatement must be done through a court system if a permanent diminished capacity issue is at hand.

    Temporary diminished capacity cannot and should not, be used as a means of justified improper use of a firearm.

    I.E. A designated driver can be armed, (open or concealed carry should be permitted) if that person elects to participate in consumption of alcohol or lawful drug consumption, then they must immediately temporarily surrender that firearm or weapon while in public.

    Education of firearms safety is the cornerstone of reduction of improper firearms use.

    Enforcement of possession of firearms by felons and the diminished capacity persons is the issue at hand… NOT PROHIBITING THE WEAPONS OR ITS ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT.

    Mr. Block, I submit this is the argument that needs to be put forth… DIMINISHED CAPACITY PERSONS. Every time the elected gets into a frenzy in Santa Fe about gun control…and not people control; that is, people who need controlling, you all mess it up.

    We need more prison space to keep felons and the violent convicted in prison longer upon conviction.
    We need to recognize that some diminished capacity persons will continue to murder-rape-rob-steal even if they are (re educated or completed time served).
    We need to either make more prison bed space to keep them longer, removing credits for “GOOD TIME SERVED” and as a final resort, reinstitute the death penalty for those who are not capable of returning to society…

    …but… good luck with that in this new…Peoples Democratic Republic of the State of New Mexico currently in session in Sante Fe.

  4. Dictators always want the populace disarmed and they begin the process by first implementing increasing rules and regulations. The last three years have been an experiment to determine how compliant Americans are when their govt. imposes ‘mandates’ in the guise of ‘safety.’ Unfortunately the majority of people were duped and they failed the critical thinking test, particularly in blue states like NM. The ‘leaders’ will make it harder to exercise 2nd Amendment rights until they ultimately achieve what they wanted all along: Full control of an unarmed citizenry incapable of fighting back.

  5. The legislators’ focus should be on supporting stable two-parent families, helping boys from single parent homes, building mental healthcare facilities to prevent domestic violence and on closing the border to stop existing and incoming gang violence and crime.

  6. I am just speechless anymore regarding the stupidity, complacence, and ill regard of the liberal and/or NO voters in this state that think these commies are doing their job. They will not rest until our cities are full of nothing but anarchy, filth, poverty, and demonic lies. We’re very close to that now . Start prepping people. They want everyone to rely on the government .

  7. Every Law and Regulation on firearms is an INFRINGEMENT… every one is an attempt to disarm and control the Citizen. These buffoons in state and federal office don’t know or understand the meaning and intent of the 2nd Amendment.

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