Dems kill slew of GOP bills to curb crime, hold fentanyl dealers accountable

On Tuesday, Democrats in the New Mexico House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee killed a slew of bills sponsored by Rep. Bill Rehm (R-Albuquerque) that would curb crime relating to fentanyl trafficking, illegal firearm trafficking, and retail theft.

Democrats, on party-line votes, killed all five of Rehm’s bills, even a bill that would have enhanced sentencing for those trafficking 29 fentanyl pills or greater. Rehm made clear he was open to changing the number of fentanyl pills a dealer was peddling, but despite reasonable efforts, the bill died on a 4-2 vote.

Bills that would penalize those who conducted illegal activity while trafficking firearms also died on 4-2 votes, with Democrats and far-left groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) claiming the incarceration of these hardened criminals would be bad for New Mexico.

Rehm said following the committee hearing, “Today the progressives made clear that they are unwilling to lock up felons with illegal firearms, but they are willing to make felons out of law-abiding gun owners.” 

He added, “Just days ago, we joined the Governor in her office, with statewide media, for productive talks about bipartisan action against crime and today’s disappointing votes reveal that House Democrats on the House Consumer & Public Affairs committee care little about improving public safety in meaningful ways. These political tactics are highly frustrating to the many victims of crime that spend their personal time advocating in Santa Fe for a safer New Mexico.”

Republican Reps. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) and John Block (R-Alamogordo) made extensive arguments to pass the bills, but even bills that had Democrat co-sponsors, such as H.B. 59 regarding firearms trafficking, were tabled by the Democrats on the committee. 

This development comes after Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham held a press conference with Republicans earlier this month, claiming to want to curb crime. Unfortunately, it appears such bipartisan talks about crime are now dead-on-arrival, at least in the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee. 


11 thoughts on “Dems kill slew of GOP bills to curb crime, hold fentanyl dealers accountable”

  1. Nancy H. Tannenbaum

    NM is a joke. It is a dangerous place. Albuquerque is one of the 11 most dangerous cities in the nation. Every one of these dangerous cities is ‘governed’ by democrats. I cannot believe how stupid these people are. Voters who keep voting them in are imbeciles. Disgusting.

  2. Highly disappointed. Soft on crime? I didn’t want to believe it. Bought a home here, thought it would be our forever home. Not…
    Quit playing games and work together to improve this state for your constituents!

  3. Its to bad, New Mexico, Keeps trying to make new laws, How about we just stop picking and choosing the laws to Inforce and inforce the ones we have, want to stop crime, Stop bringing in Bus loads of Illegals .. I plan on Selling my ranch and getting out, Going to South Dakota, One of the few states that doesent punish the Law abiding citizens.

    1. Smart man, but SD is not one of the few. There are a bunch of states that are for the people. I’m moving to redder pastures myself.

  4. I know hope is not a plan, but we are hoping NMs start to pull their heads out of their butts. Most are conservatives but seem to vote democratic, or our elections are just crooked. We will see how the Gun laws go, the NM constitution is firm on our right to bare arms. Only time will tell. It is also hard to find a free state that is warm and not too expensive.

    1. There are lots of free states. But most are colder than NM. I’ll trade cooler for hot and dry, I’ll trade a dry desert for lush green and lakes, rivers and streams. I’ll trade crime and corruption for decency and kindness. I’ll trade fear for freedom. NM is controlled by Lucifer and a lost cause. Get out while you still can.

  5. I have always known that the (new) in (New) Mexico is parenthetical… There are third world countries with more law and order (not mention paved roads) than this place…

  6. New Mexico has always had more cows then people. And we were ok with that. We have never been rich in cash , but we are richer then most states in wide open spaces , culture , the beauty of mother nature. This can all be proven by the number of ‘come here’s’ from the east coast and west coast. New Mexicans tried to welcome these come here’s right up until those folks from other places said they moved to our land of enchantment to get out of the crowded stinking crime ridden city’s. It didn’t take long for that line of bull dung to come out into the light. In no time those folks started pissing and moaning for change ,yup you guessed it they want to make New Mexico exactly like the places they left to come here. IMHO they could all pack up and go right back to those city’s and leave New Mexicans to live in peace.

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